Chapter 3740 - The Confused Crowd (Teaser)

Chapter 3740 - The Confused Crowd

“Chu Feng! It’s Chu Feng!!!”

“His cultivation is actually that of a rank five Exalted?!”

After a brief moment of tranquility, the surroundings burst into a complete uproar.

After confirming that it was truly Chu Feng, many people became so excited that their hair stood erect.

After all, Chu Feng was the other main character of this battle appointment

If he didn't appear, the appointment would have become meaningless.

And suddenly, the two main characters were both present. With this, the show would finally begin.

That was precisely the reason why the crowd felt so excited.

Most importantly, Chu Feng had also released his cultivation when he blocked Linghu Hongfei’s attack.

Everyone was able to sense that his cultivation was that of a rank five Exalted.

Even though there had been rumors regarding Chu Feng the entire time, even though it was known that his cultivation continued...

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