Chapter 3740 - The Confused Crowd

Chapter 3740 - The Confused Crowd

“Chu Feng! It’s Chu Feng!!!”

“His cultivation is actually that of a rank five Exalted?!”

After a brief moment of tranquility, the surroundings burst into a complete uproar.

After confirming that it was truly Chu Feng, many people became so excited that their hair stood erect.

After all, Chu Feng was the other main character of this battle appointment

If he didn't appear, the appointment would have become meaningless.

And suddenly, the two main characters were both present. With this, the show would finally begin.

That was precisely the reason why the crowd felt so excited.

Most importantly, Chu Feng had also released his cultivation when he blocked Linghu Hongfei’s attack.

Everyone was able to sense that his cultivation was that of a rank five Exalted.

Even though there had been rumors regarding Chu Feng the entire time, even though it was known that his cultivation continued to advance by leaps and bounds, it remained that his cultivation was known to only be that of a rank three Exalted three months before.

At that time, Chu Feng was still in the Chu Heavenly Clan, and had sparred against Chu Lingxi.

The sparring match between them was witnessed by many people.

However, in a mere three months, Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased by two levels.

It would only be natural for the crowd to feel astonished by how quickly his cultivation increased.

“Never would I have imagined that Chu Feng would actually come.”

“Could it be, he hasn’t heard of Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecy?”

“Or could it be that he’s really so fearless that he decided to come fight knowing full well that he will die?”

Although the crowd were feeling very excited upon seeing Chu Feng, they still felt that he would not be Linghu Hongfei’s match.

It was not only because they were confident in Linghu Hongfei; it was mainly because of that prophecy.

After all, throughout so many years, Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecies had never been wrong.

Everything that he had prophesied would come to fruition.

Thus, Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecies were seen as the will of the heavens by the crowd. No one ever doubted them.

That being said, regardless of what the crowd was thinking, their eyes were still fixed on Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei.

They knew that Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei could begin fighting at any moment. None of them wanted to miss out on witnessing the battle.

“Lingxi, step back first,” Chu Feng said to Chu Lingxi behind him.


Worry filled Chu Lingxi’s eyes. After all, she had just personally experienced how powerful Linghu Hongfei was.

Her current cultivation was that of a rank four Exalted. Yet, there was still an enormous difference akin to heaven and earth between her and Linghu Hongfei, so much so that Linghu Hongfei did not even have to attack her, as his oppressive might alone was sufficient to utterly suppress her.

Although Chu Feng’s cultivation was stronger than hers, she was still uncertain as to whether he could win against Linghu Hongfei.

She kept having a feeling that Linghu Hongfei had yet to show his full strength.

Seemingly sensing Chu Lingxi’s worry, Chu Feng smiled and said, “Rest assured.”

Even though Chu Lingxi had no idea exactly what sort of hidden trump card Chu Feng possessed, the worry in her heart eased greatly upon seeing his smile.

There was nothing she could do about it. After all, that man was always capable of easing her mind.

No matter how dangerous the situation might be, a smile from Chu Feng would be able to ease Chu Lingxi’s heart. This was the sense of security he brought her.

“Be careful, that Linghu Hongfei is strange.”

“His oppressive might is capable of binding me. Thus, you must not hold back. You must use all your abilities from the very start. Otherwise… if you’re restricted by his oppressive might, the situation will become very bad for you,” Chu Lingxi said to Chu Feng through voice transmission.

At the same time as she said those words, Chu Lingxi was already walking toward the Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Clan Chief Linghu, is this showdown going to be fair?” At that moment, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Linghu Zhishi.

“Of course it needs to be fair," said Linghu Zhishi.

“In that case, Clan Chief Linghu, can you withdraw your oppressive might?”

“With your oppressive might enveloping the surrounding region, I’m afraid that it will affect me," said Chu Feng.

Linghu Zhishi smiled lightly upon hearing Chu Feng’s words.

He naturally understood what he was trying to do. He knew that it was not that Chu Feng was afraid of his oppressive might.

Instead, he was trying to use this excuse to set Gu Mingyuan free.

Although Linghu Zhishi’s oppressive might did not pose any threat to anyone else, it was different for Gu Mingyuan.

Gu Mingyuan had been suppressed by Linghu Zhishi’s oppressive might the entire time. Naturally, she would be feeling very unwell.

One could tell that just by Gu Mingyuan’s current appearance.

“Chu Feng, you are mistaken. The reason why I’ve released my oppressive might is precisely for the sake of fairness.”

“If I don’t release my oppressive might, I’m afraid that someone will try to kill my clansmen.”

Linghu Zhishi looked to Gu Mingyuan as he said those words.

Gu Mingyuan’s current appearance was very scary. Even though her freedom and power were both suppressed, her killing intent was not.

She resembled a raging tigress. If she were to escape from her shackles, she would definitely unleash a massacre.

“Senior, please set your mind at ease and go rest. Allow me to take care of the rest," Chu Feng said to Gu Mingyuan.

After Chu Feng said those words, many people revealed mocking smiles.

This was especially true for the people that knew Gu Mingyuan’s personality. They all felt his words to be ridiculous.

Who was Gu Mingyuan? She was truly a person of explosive temper. When she exploded in rage, she would refuse to give anyone face.

Ignoring the matters of the past, just a short while before, Gu Mingyuan had injured a Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder in her rage.

And at this moment, she had completely erupted with anger. With Gu Mingyuan like that, she had completely lost her sense of reason.

Likely, no one in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield would be able to urge her to stop.

Thus, how could a mere person of the younger generation possibly be able to?

“Very well.”

To everyone’s surprise. Gu Mingyuan actually voiced her agreement.

“Very well? Am I mishearing things? Gu Mingyuan seems to have agreed to Chu Feng’s persuasion?”

The crowd simply did not dare to believe their ears after hearing Gu Mingyuan’s ‘very well.’

Thus, they all turned their gazes to her in the hopes of confirming this matter.

Upon doing so, the crowd were astonished to discover that Gu Mingyuan had not only withdrawn her killing intent, but her fierce appearance had also grown much calmer.

Gu Mingyuan had calmed down. She was reacting like nothing had happened.

“This is simply unbelievable.”

“Exactly what sort of relationship do they possess?”

Seeing that Gu Mingyuan actually really listened to Chu Feng, the crowd’s gazes became complicated as they looked back at him.

They suddenly recalled that it was not only Gu Mingyuan that listened to Chu Feng, but Chu Lingxi had also listened to Chu Feng earlier.

This pair of mother and daughter were both people with explosive tempers. Furthermore, both of them were fearless of death.

Just earlier, the crowd had all witnessed how fearless Gu Mingyuan and Chu Lingxi were.

Yet, such a fearless mother and daughter actually ended up listening to Chu Feng like that. At the same time as the crowd were astonished, they were also feeling very confused.

Feeling confused, the crowd began to ponder. The more they pondered, the more the crowd felt that the relationship between Chu Feng and Gu Mingyuan and her daughter Chu Lingxi was extraordinary.

“Gu Mingyuan, you’d best know your place. If you decide to interfere without permission again, I will not be simply restricting you," Linghu Zhishi said to Gu Mingyuan. He removed his oppressive might after saying those words.

As for Gu Mingyuan, she directly returned to the Chu Heavenly Clan’s camp without saying anything.

“Chu Feng, do you feel the situation to be fair now?” Linghu Hongfei asked Chu Feng. Both his tone and his expression were taunting.

“It’s fair now,” said Chu Feng.

“Can we begin then?” asked Linghu Hongfei.

“What’s there to rush? Judging from the timing of things, there’s still some time before the three month appointment arrives," said Chu Feng.

“What? Are you trying to stall for time?”

“It’s useless. No matter how you try to stall for time, the outcome is already determined," said Linghu Hongfei.

“Stall for time? I’m already here, what use is there in stalling for time?” Chu Feng chuckled. Then, he waved his sleeve, and an item flew into the air.

It was a scroll. After flying out from Chu Feng’s sleeve, the scroll immediately opened.

Once the scroll opened, the crowd were able to clearly see the words written on it.

The first line of words that came into their view were ‘Life And Death Contract.’

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