Chapter 3737 - Re-challenge

Chapter 3737 - Re-challenge

“Say, do you all think Chu Feng will come?”

“Who knows? If it were me, I would definitely not come. After all, Exalted Heavenly Fate has already made his prophecy.”

“But you’re not Chu Feng. That kid is renowned for being tough. Perhaps he might really show up.”

“And what if he does show up? He’ll only be throwing his life away. His courage will only be that of an ignorant fool.”

“But, if he doesn’t come, he will be deemed a coward and have to live like a dog for the rest of his life. Could someone like Chu Feng really bear such infamy?”



At that moment, the gathered crowd were all discussing the match, either openly or through voice transmission.

Their discussions were all about whether or not Chu Feng would come.

The reason why they were discussing this was because there were already rumors that he was not in the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Adding Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecy into consideration, many people felt that Chu Feng had fled in fear.

In a short three months’ time, rumors had sprung up everywhere...


Suddenly, rumbles sounded from the distant sky.

People were able to see several enormous warships descending from the sky, escorted by tens of thousands of experts.

The appearance of the warships appeared so very imposing that they swept everything else beneath them.

On those warships were drifting banners. On those banners were the words ‘Linghu Heavenly Clan.’

“They’ve come. The overlord of our Ancestral Martial Starfield has arrived.”

Seeing the warships of the Linghu Heavenly Clan, many people immediately started feeling deep veneration for them, and began to cheer.

Their boot-licking appearances resembled a bunch of pekinese dogs.

That said, those dogs were no ordinary dogs. Instead, they were all grand characters from the various major powers of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Yet, those grand individuals were doing something unbefitting of their status.

“Truly lamentable. In the past, they were all wagging their tails at the Starfield Master Realm. Yet, in the blink of an eye, they've already started displaying their devotion to their new master.”

“Perhaps this is life. No matter how powerful someone might be, they’re still human, and still possess human nature.”

Many people sighed in their hearts upon seeing this scene.

That said, although they were disappointed, none of them dared to voice their displeasure openly. There was no other alternative. After all, as the saying went, 'Under eaves, one will have no choice but to lower one’s head.'

“The pressure the Chu Heavenly Clan is under is truly enormous.”

Seeing the majestic and mighty Linghu Heavenly Clan, many people turned their gazes to the Chu Heavenly Clan.

The Chu Heavenly Clan, the power that many major powers did not place in their eyes, was facing the Linghu Heavenly Clan, the overlord of the Ancestral Martial Starfield at that moment.

Some people took joy in the calamity of the Chu Heavenly Clan, while others felt sympathy for them.

After all, the disparity in strength between the two of them was simply too vast.

“Look! Who is that?”

After the Linghu Heavenly Clan approached, a figure walked out from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

That person was a young woman.

Facing the Linghu Heavenly Clan, many of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were already shivering in fear.

In fact, many Chu Heavenly Clansmen had already fled.

Yet, in such a situation, there was actually someone that dared to stand forth to confront the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

Furthermore, that person was a person of the younger generation. Naturally, that person would catch the crowd’s attention.

“It’s her.”

“I recognize her, she’s Chu Lingxi.”

“Chu Lingxi? You mean the daughter of the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan’s Princess, Gu Mingyuan?”

“That’s right, it’s her. She’s also a demon-level genius. She was none other than the person who challenged Linghu Hongfei three months ago.”

“So it was her? But, I heard that her eyes were dug out by Linghu Hongfei three months ago? How come her eyes are completely fine?”

After Chu Lingxi appeared, the crowd immediately started to discuss her spiritedly.

“Linghu Hongfei, come out. We still have a debt to settle.”

Chu Lingxi held an Incomplete Exalted Armament in her hand as she pointed at the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s warships.

She was actually issuing a challenge!!!

“Chu Lingxi, it would appear that you’ve still not learned your lesson.”

A voice sounded. At the same time, a figure walked out from a warship of the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

Upon seeing who it was that had appeared, the surrounding crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

It was impossible for the crowd not to recognize who that person was...

After all, that person was the publicly accepted number one genius of the Linghu Heavenly Clan, Linghu Hongfei.

Linghu Hongfei was also the fully-deserving main character of the upcoming match!!!

“What is this feeling? There seems to be some sort of change to Linghu Hongfei?”

“Indeed, there’s something different about him. He seems like he’s no longer as humble and courteous as before.”

Upon seeing Linghu Hongfei, the great majority of the crowd were extremely excited. However, a small portion of them started frowning.

The Linghu Hongfei from the past was someone who possessed both integrity and talent. Not only was his strength acknowledged by everyone, but his modest and courteous character was also acknowledged by everyone.

However, the Linghu Hongfei before them was like a completely different person.

There was no longer the cultured and refined air from the past. Instead, he appeared extremely conceited, haughty and disregarding of others.

Before the crowd’s attentive gazes, Linghu Hongfei walked out of the warship and arrived before Chu Lingxi. A mocking smile appeared on his face.

“You’ve actually managed to recover your eyes?”

“However, instead of hiding like you should’ve done, you actually have the nerve to seek me out after recovering your eyes? Do you want me to blind you again?” Linghu Hongfei said to Chu Lingxi.

“It is true that someone will be blinded today. However, that won't be me. Instead, it will be you.”

As Chu Lingxi spoke, she brandished her Incomplete Exalted Armament and rushed toward Linghu Hongfei.

The instant she rushed to attack him, everyone present was able to sense her aura.

“That girl is actually a rank four Exalted!!!”

“When she fought Linghu Hongfei previously, she seemed to only be a rank three Exalted.”

“How could she increase her cultivation so quickly?”

“Amazing! As expected of Gu Mingyuan’s daughter. It is no wonder… that she dared to challenge Linghu Hongfei!!!”

Many people felt astonished by Chu Lingxi’s aura.

At the same time, they seemed to have arrived at an understanding of why Chu Lingxi dared to challenge Linghu Hongfei again after suffering from her previous crushing defeat.

It was all because her cultivation had increased!!!

That said, although they were astonished, the crowd did not feel that Linghu Hongfei would be defeated.

The reason for that was because Linghu Hongfei’s current aura was also that of a rank four Exalted.

Chu Lingxi was holding an Incomplete Exalted Armament that greatly increased her battle power and offensive attacks. She was launching a tempest of attacks at Linghu Hongfei.

However, facing the tempest of attacks, Linghu Hongfei not only had an easy-going and undisturbed look, but he was not even fighting back. Like taking a stroll in a courtyard, he effortlessly dodged all of Chu Lingxi’s attacks.

Most importantly of all, Linghu Hongfei did not even utilize the power of an Incomplete Exalted Armament.

With a smile on his face, he looked to the seemingly crazed and murderous Chu Lingxi.

“Amazing! Linghu Hongfei’s battle power seems to have increased a lot yet again!”

“Increased a lot? That’s more than a lot, that’s simply too much.”

“Chu Lingxi is no ordinary person. Her battle power is extremely powerful to begin with.”

“Yet, before Linghu Hongfei, she is simply like a toddler. The disparity between them is simply too vast…”

In merely a short exchange, the crowd had turned from exclaiming in admiration toward Chu Lingxi’s cultivation to exclaiming in admiration toward Linghu Hongfei’s overwhelming power.

Even though the two of them both had the cultivation of rank four Exalted, even though Chu Lingxi was a peak existence even among rank four Exalted, the disparity between her and Linghu Hongfei was simply too obvious.

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