Chapter 3730 - Strange Power

Chapter 3730 - Strange Power

“Senior, perhaps… you should return to the surface,” Chu Feng said to Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“I am ashamed. It would appear that young friend Chu Feng has discovered that this old man is having difficulty staying here.” Grandmaster Liangqiu revealed an embarrassed smile.

He was indeed ashamed. Chu Feng’s cultivation was clearly far inferior to his own, yet he was having a much easier time compared to him.

Even though Chu Feng was also gritting his teeth in pain to endure the pressure of that place, the amount of pain he was enduring was much less.

Because of that, Grandmaster Liangqiu knew that even though his cultivation surpassed Chu Feng's, his willpower was inferior to Chu Feng’s.

“Chu… Chu Feng, actually, even if you do not go down, no one will blame you for it.”

“I believe that not even brother Zhu would want you to throw your life away.” Grandmaster Liangqiu said to Chu Feng.

The more valiant he realized Chu Feng was, the less he wanted him to throw his life away like that.

After all, Grandmaster Liangqiu had high hopes for Chu Feng.

Grandmaster Liangqiu hoped that one day, Chu Feng would be able to demonstrate his extraordinary talent and skills in the Holy Light Galaxy.

Chu Feng would be representing their Ancestral Martial Starfield.

“Senior, please rest assured, I will definitely return alive.”

“After all, I need to quickly return to the Chu Heavenly Clan to fight Linghu Hongfei.” said Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you…”

Hearing those words, Grandmaster Liangqiu’s expression became complicated.

He had originally thought that they had managed to successfully deceive Chu Feng.

However, what Chu Feng had said, had made him realize that he had seen through their lies.

“In the end, we were unable to keep it hidden from you?”

Grandmaster Liangqiu became uneasy. After all, there was that prophecy from Exalted Heavenly Fate.

“Chu Feng, Exalted Heavenly Fate made the prophecy. If you are to fight Linghu Hongfei…”

“Senior, I already know that.”

“You don’t have to try to persuade me against it. It is my life, I will make my own choice.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Grandmaster Liangqiu knew that Chu Feng was very stubborn. He also understood that Chu Feng had made his decision, and nothing he said would be able to change his mind.

“Senior, please wait for me outside. I will quickly bring senior Zhu back.”


After saying those words, a wave of water bloomed. Chu Feng had turned into a flash of light, and was shooting straight for the Mirror Core.

It was as Chu Feng had expected, when he approached the Mirror Core, an enormous suction immediately locked him in place.

At this moment, even if Chu Feng wanted to flee, he would not be able to do so.

After passing through the Mirror Core’s gate, Chu Feng arrived at an enormous vortex.

The vortex was sinking downwards nonstop. Although its speed was not very fast, Chu Feng was unable to oppose it. In that place, Chu Feng could only allow the vortex to carry him downward.

The Mirror Core was supposed to be the Mirror Sea’s formation core. The destination of the vortex should lead to an enormous spirit formation.

However, at that moment, Chu Feng felt slightly uneasy.

Chu Feng was able to hear strange sounds coming from the bottomless abyss below him.

That seemed like the sound of fighting, the sound of roars, the sound of people, the sound of beasts, and even the sound of wind.

Chu Feng was simply unable to make out what the sound was. In fact, the sound was so faint that Chu Feng was uncertain if it was an illusion, or if it was real.

That being said, there was one thing that was certain. Chu Feng was feeling panicky, uneasy, jittery and even afraid.

Chu Feng was trying very hard to restrain his feelings. However, it seemed like his state of mind was being affected, as he was unable to control it.

As the sense of fear grew stronger and stronger, the complicated sound began to sound in his ears nonstop.

Chu Feng was no longer able to make out what that sound was. He was only feeling that things were very clamorous. When the sound entered his ears, he felt his head becoming chaotic as his emotions were repressed. He felt like he was on the verge of being driven insane. Even his consciousness was turning fuzzy.

“Damn it, what the hell is that sound?”

Chu Feng had realized that that place was much more dangerous than he had imagined.

The danger of that place was not out in the open. Instead, it was entering his body formlessly, catching him completely off-guard.

Chu Feng began to try his hardest to adjust his state of mind. He even went as far as to seal off his ears so that he would not be affected by the sound.

Unfortunately, it was useless. No matter what Chu Feng tried, it was all useless. The sound was still entering through his ears. Chu Feng’s condition was growing worse and worse.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng cried out ‘oh no’ in his heart.

He felt that his entire body was being affected by some sort of special power. If this were to continue, he had no idea what would happen. He felt that he might even be driven insane and become a madman.

With the situation like that, not to mention saving senior Zhu, he would not even be able to save himself.


However, at the moment when Chu Feng was starting to despair, a hand suddenly grabbed his shoulder.

In the next moment, Chu Feng was able to clearly feel his sinking body starting to move upward.

As Chu Feng’s body was not listening to him, he was only able to barely open his eyes through great effort. When he turned around, he was finally able to see things clearly.

It turned out that someone was currently dragging him and bringing him toward the entrance of the Mirror Core.

That was a very small-built figure...

As for that person, he was someone that Chu Feng knew. He was… the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

With the help from the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, Chu Feng quickly escaped from the Mirror Core.

After escaping from the Mirror Core, Chu Feng was extremely weak. The current Chu Feng was unable to even control his own body, and unable to even speak.

It seemed like he was completely paralyzed.


Suddenly, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist placed his palm on Chu Feng’s forehead.

The next instant, Chu Feng was able to sense a warm current entering his body through his forehead.

Soon, Chu Feng’s repressed state of mind, and confused state of mind, began to recover.

“Sense carefully. Inside your body is a stream of power. Do not allow this stream of power to escape. Refine it. It will benefit you.”

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s voice was heard.

As Chu Feng’s body continued to recover, he began to do as the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had said, and began to carefully examine his body.

To his surprise, there was actually really a stream of power inside him.

That power was very hidden, and extremely strange.

Ordinary power usually took the form of a body of gas.

However, this power was split into countless pieces.

It seemed like countless little bugs that covered Chu Feng’s body.

They were extremely well hidden, like parasites. If he didn’t search for them carefully, he would not have noticed them.

“Is it these things that were affecting my mind?”

Even though Chu Feng was recovering, he still felt lingering fear.

If it wasn’t for the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, Chu Feng might not have noticed those parasites.

At that moment, those bug-like parasites had noticed that something was amiss.

After the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s power entered Chu Feng’s body, they were no longer able to disturb Chu Feng’s psyche. Thus, at that moment, they were trying to escape from his body.

However, they were blocked by a power, and unable to escape.

As for the power sealing them inside Chu Feng, it was naturally the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s power.

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