Chapter 3720 - Chu Lingxi Awaken

Chapter 3720 - Chu Lingxi Awakens

“Interesting. Gu Mingyuan, did you really think that you’d be able to stop me if I wanted to leave?” mocked the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

“Ox-nose, I am not going to argue with you because of Chu Feng,” After Gu Mingyuan finished saying these words to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, she looked to Chu Feng. “Chu Feng, I will warn you again. This Ox-nose is a scammer.”

“Senior, I thank you for your kind intentions. However, I feel what senior Daoist said to be rather reasonable too.”

“Fusing with Divine Power is an act that goes against nature. I have already prepared myself, and know that it is not something easily achievable.”

“If I fail, I can only say that my talent is insufficient. I will not harbor any resentment toward senior Daoist.”

“As for helping him obtain the Battle God’s Halberd, it is something that I was perfectly willing to do. I was truly not deceived." Chu Feng said to Gu Mingyuan.

“Look, Chu Xuanyuan’s son is much more sensible than you.”

“Gu Mingyuan, it’s no wonder that you’re unable to compare to him. The way I see it, you’re inferior to even Chu Xuanyuan’s son.”

“You’re only able to strut around in the Ancestral Martial Starfield for the rest of your life. If you were to leave the Ancestral Martial Starfield, who would possibly know who you are?”

“Back in your youth, you were equally as famous as Chu Xuanyuan. However… there’s likely more than light-years between the two of you now.”

“Not to mention Chu Xuanyuan, Chu Xuanyuan’s son will soon surpass you too.”

After Chu Feng spoke out for him, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist felt extremely pleased, and actually began to make cutting remarks at Gu Mingyuan.

Different from others, who usually had looks of anger or mockery when they made cutting remarks, Ox-nosed Old Daoist had a beaming smile on his face. He looked like he was joking. At the same time, his appearance made him look like he needed a major beating.

“Senior Daoist, please don’t say anymore,” urged Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was truly left in a rather difficult situation. On one side was Gu Mingyuan and Grandmaster Liangqiu. It was needless to explain the relationship the two of them had with him. Although they had not known one another for a very long time, Gu Mingyuan and Grandmaster Liangqiu were seniors that he greatly respected, seniors that had treated him extremely well.

On the other side was the Ox-nosed Old Daoist that Chu Feng had sought for a very long time, and finally found after great difficulty.

Chu Feng wanted them to be able to get along peacefully. He did not wish for them to treat each other like enemies.

“Very well. Chu Feng, I will not make things difficult for you. I’ll stop arguing with this Ox-nose.”

“However, I will tell you the same thing. If you ever regret your decision, tell me. I will stand up for you.” Gu Mingyuan said to Chu Feng.

“Thank you, senior.” Chu Feng clasped his fist to express his thanks.

Gu Mingyuan was truly good to Chu Feng.

Even though he had decided to stand opposite her, she was still willing to stand up for him.


Suddenly, Chu Lingxi, who Gu Mingyuan was carrying behind her, let out a soft moan.

At the same time, a slight look of pain appeared on her face.

Furthermore, the painful expression grew stronger and stronger. Her originally beautiful little face was distorted by the pain. Even her body began to struggle.

It seemed like she was suffering from some sort of unbearable pain.

“Grandmaster, what’s happening to Lingxi?”

Gu Mingyuan was terrified to see Chu Lingxi behaving like that all of a sudden. She immediately turned to ask Grandmaster Liangqiu.


However, before Grandmaster Liangqiu could say anything, two blue rays of light shot out from Chu Lingxi’s eyes.

The lights shot straight into the sky and pierced through even the sky itself.

After the lights appeared, the torrential rain in the sky became even more intense. The surging waves also become much more ferocious.

It was as if all the power within heaven and earth was being affected by Chu Lingxi’s gaze.

However, one must know that Chu Lingxi’s eyes were still closed...

With the situation like that, in addition to Gu Mingyuan, even Chu Feng and Grandmaster Liangqiu were greatly alarmed.

However, when they approached Chu Lingxi with the intent to examine her, Chu Lingxi suddenly calmed down. Even the blue light emitting from her eyes dissipated.

The weather that had intensified because of her waking had also returned to its previous condition.


Suddenly, Chu Lingxi opened her eyes.

Chu Feng was right before her. Thus, he was able to clearly see how beautiful her current eyes were.

After all, those were the Deepsea Pupils. That said, compared to the Deepsea Pupils Chu Feng had seen earlier when retrieving them, the current Deepsea Pupils were not only spirited, but they were also emitting Chu Lingxi’s aura.

In short, her current eyes were much brighter and more spirited than her previous eyes.

This was normal.

No matter how beautiful Chu Lingxi’s eyes might've been, they were only ordinary human eyes.

However, her eyes had been replaced with the Deepsea Pupils!

The Deepsea Pupils were a pair of Natural Oddities that had formed through absorbing boundless martial power over tens of thousands of years!!!

“Chu Feng?!”

Chu Lingxi’s eyes immediately moved upon seeing Chu Feng. She immediately noticed the people beside him.

“Father? Mother?”

“I… where am I?”

Chu Lingxi had woken up. She was visibly confused.

After all, based on her last memory, she was still in the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Yet, she was suddenly at a place with howling winds and torrential rain.

Soon, Chu Lingxi seemed to have recalled something, as she suddenly revealed a stern and alarmed look.

“Didn’t I go blind?”

“Mother, I… I was blinded by Linghu Hongfei!!!”

At that moment, Chu Lingxi had a look of fear all over her face as she tightly grabbed onto Gu Mingyuan.

“Lingxi, don’t be afraid, your eyes are already cured.”

Gu Mingyuan hurriedly put Chu Lingxi down from her back and hugged her tightly. She began to gently stroke Chu Lingxi’s hair as she comforted her.

“No, that’s impossible. My eyes couldn’t be cured. I felt that he had not only blinded my eyes, but he had even blinded my soul. I couldn’t be cured.”

“Everything that I’m seeing right now is false, right? I’m already blind. I’m already blind!!!”

Chu Lingxi began to cry. She was feeling truly sad, truly wronged.

Because of that, she was crying her heart out!!!

Her reaction was understandable. After all, no one would want to become blind for the rest of their life. This was even more so for Chu Lingxi, as she was a martial cultivator with great future prospects.

“Foolish child, that’s all in the past. Aren’t you able to see now? You’re already cured.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Grandmaster Liangqiu. Grandmaster, please tell her if she’s cured or not,” Gu Mingyuan looked to Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“Lingxi, your eyes are indeed cured,” said Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“Lingxi, aren’t you able to see us?”

“What you’re seeing is not a lie. We are real. If you don’t believe me, you can try seeing us again.”

Chu Feng and Chu Xuanzhengfa also began to persuade Chu Lingxi.

Being comforted by the crowd, Chu Lingxi gradually calmed down.

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