Chapter 3715 - First Slash, Heavenly Lightning Appearance

Chapter 3715 - First Slash, Heavenly Lightning Appearance

Even though the Battle God’s Halberd had duplicated Chu Feng’s cultivation, all of his abilities and even his weapons, it had an identical battle power to him.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng’s Five Elements Secret Skill was capable of unleashing it's power, granting him an undying and indestructible body.

Thus, even an ability as powerful as the Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique was unable to kill Chu Feng.

This was the powerful effect of the Five Elements Secret Skill.

Although Chu Feng might not be unparalleled among those of the same cultivation and battle power, no one could kill him.

The reason for that was purely due to the fact that he had the Five Elements Secret Skills.

His opponent would only be able to kill him should he possess the battle power of a cultivation higher than his.

Otherwise, the Five Elements Secret Skills would give Chu Feng an undying and indestructible body.

“Did you decide to deliberately insult me because you possess that ability that can protect your life?”

“If that’s the case, you are gravely mistaken.”

At that moment, the Battle God’s Halberd stopped its attacks on Chu Feng. He sat down cross-legged and began to observe him.

Chu Feng knew why the Battle God’s Halberd was so confident.

After all, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had already informed him that he only had an incense stick’s worth of time.

If Chu Feng could not defeat the Battle God’s Halberd within an incense stick’s worth of time, the Battle God’s Halberd would no longer remain as Chu Feng’s shadow. Instead, it would regain its own power.

At that time, Chu Feng would not be able to contend against it.

The battle would be firmly in the Battle God’s Halberd’s grasp.

“If I hadn’t experienced it myself just now, I would truly have had no idea how powerful my Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique is. So it’s actually that powerful. Being struck by that lightning is somewhat painful.”

Even though Chu Feng knew that an incense stick’s worth of time was about to arrive, he was not at all flustered. Instead, a faint smile rose from the corners of his mouth.

Seeing the smile on Chu Feng’s face, the Battle God’s Halberd let out a cold laugh.

His cold laughter was filled with mockery.

Chu Feng knew why the Battle God’s Halberd was sneering at him. He was ridiculing his ignorance.

After all, an incense stick’s worth of time was soon to arrive. Thus, the Battle God’s Halberd felt that Chu Feng would soon die.

It was precisely because Chu Feng understood all of this that he did not panic. Instead, he said to the Battle God’s Halberd, “Battle God’s Halberd, have you ever heard of this phrase?”

“You know that I’m the Battle God’s Halberd?” The Battle God’s Halberd was slightly surprised. However, he soon realized something. He asked, “It must be that ox-nosed old man who told you that, right?”

Not only did the Battle God’s Halberd know of the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, but it also managed to guess that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist might’ve told Chu Feng about it.

“Since he has already told you, you should know that once an incense stick’s worth of time passes, it will be the time of your death,” the Battle God’s Halberd said.

“I know. Once an incense stick’s worth of time passes, you will regain your own power.”

“At that time, I will likely be unable to contend against you," said Chu Feng.

“Because of that, you’ve given up?” asked the Battle God’s Halberd.

“No, I actually want to thank you,” said Chu Feng.

“Thank me?”

The Battle God’s Halberd’s expression changed slightly upon hearing those words. A confused look appeared in it's eyes.

He did not understand why Chu Feng would say that.

“I naturally need to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I would not have been forced into a corner. If I wasn’t forced into a corner, I wouldn’t have managed to grasp this ability so quickly.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he once again held the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword with both hands and raised it up high.

There was still a faint smile on Chu Feng’s face. However, he had an extremely determined look in his eyes. In fact, lightning was flickering in his eyes.


Soon, the lightning filled his entire body, and even covered the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword he held in his hand.

“What sort of move is that?”

The Battle God’s Halberd let out a shocked voice upon seeing Chu Feng covered in lightning.

“You’ve copied all of my abilities, how could you not know what this is?” asked Chu Feng.

“Bastard, you’ve kept a hidden trump card?” asked the Battle God’s Halberd.

“No, that’s not it. I’ve just grasped this ability.”

“Speaking of it, I must thank you. If you didn’t force me into desperate straits, I might not have been able to comprehend this ability so quickly.”

“This is a move that I’ve looked forward to for a very long time. Now… I will test its might on you.”

“Let’s see exactly how powerful this move is.”


After he finished saying those words, the sword in Chu Feng’s hand slashed down. A ray of lightning took the shape of a crescent and swept towards the Battle God’s Halberd.

“This aura?!”

Seeing the lightning slash that was sent forth, the Battle God’s Halberd panicked. He immediately shifted his body aside and wind grew under his feet. He had unleashed a movement ability, and was moving to dodge the incoming attack.

As the distance between Chu Feng and the Battle God’s Halberd was rather far, even though the speed of the lightning slash was very fast, the Battle God’s Halberd escaped from the range of the attack with his quick reaction.


However, when the lightning slash was about to reach the Battle God’s Halberd, a transformation occurred.

From the original crescent shaped slash that only had an attack radius of over a dozen meters, it turned into lightning that filled the entire sea above.

Like a massive wave, the lightning filled everything above, and covered an area of several million meters. The Battle God’s Halberd was unable to avoid it.


Lightning surged. No seawater could still be seen by the naked eye. Only lightning was present everywhere.

After the lightning dissipated, the Battle God’s Halberd still had the form of a shadowy figure.

Merely, at that moment, he was not only lying on the ground, but his body was also completely tattered. Even his aura was extremely weak. He seemed like a dying man.

Using an extremely weak voice, the Battle God’s Halberd asked Chu Feng, “That is no ordinary technique. Exactly what is it that you used just then?”

Having experienced the might of the attack, he grew even more curious about it.


However, after the Battle God’s Halberd said those words, Chu Feng half-knelt onto the ground.

Even though the Battle God’s Halberd was extremely weak at that moment, Chu Feng was also extremely weak.

That said, although he was extremely weak, Chu Feng had a look of unconcealable excitement on his face.

Chu Feng raised his head and said to the Battle God’s Halberd, “By pure chance, I had obtained a technique.”

“This technique is extremely difficult to learn. Even though I’ve studied it meticulously for a long time, I still did not manage to grasp it.”

“As for the attack I used earlier, it is the first attack of that technique.”

“It is called, First Slash, Heavenly Lightning Appearance!!!”

“First Slash, Heavenly Lightning Appearance?!!”

The Battle God’s Halberd’s gaze grew stern. Evidently, he had firmly remembered that name.

“That move is truly extraordinary.”

“However, although that move is very powerful, it seems like you’ve paid considerably to use it,” said the Battle God’s Halberd.

“Indeed, I have to pay a price. However, it is worth the price to defeat you,” said Chu Feng.

“Defeat me?”

“Humph. Brat, don’t be so careless just yet. I am still alive.”

As the Battle God’s Halberd spoke, he stood back up.

Even though the Battle God’s Halberd was already badly wounded and near-death, a strange scene began to appear as he stood back up.

His aura was actually recovering.

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