Chapter 3714 - Relying On Oneself In Desperate Straits

Chapter 3714 - Relying On Oneself In Desperate Straits

“Your shadow?”

“You’re simply thinking too highly of yourself.”

That shadow disagreed with Chu Feng’s claim, and his attitude turned very vile.


As he spoke, the shadowy figure once again rushed to attack Chu Feng.

This time around, Chu Feng was already holding the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword.

Thus, Chu Feng did not cower. Instead, he brandished the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword he held in his hand and moved to confront the incoming shadowy figure.

The more he fought, the more certain Chu Feng was that this opponent was his shadow.

The reason for that was because his opponent had only used abilities that he himself possessed, and nothing else.

Furthermore, even his opponent’s manner of attacks and the way he fought were identical to his own.

If he wasn’t his shadow, what could he possibly be?

“Shadow of mine, does this mean that I will be able to obtain the Battle God’s Halberd should I defeat you?” Chu Feng asked while fighting.

“Let me emphasize this again. I am not your shadow. My status is much more noble than yours.”

“Furthermore, it is impossible for you to defeat me.”

“Even your life is in my grasp,” said that shadowy figure.

“Although I am incapable of defeating you, you are also incapable of defeating me. Since you’re my shadow, how about we talk things over and you let me win?” Chu Feng asked.


Chu Feng’s words were met with loud laughter.

“You’re trying to play tricks with me? Foolishness.”

“A fool like you should die here.”

After he finished saying those words, that shadowy figure’s attacks grew fiercer and fiercer. This time around, he was no longer swapping mere pointers with Chu Feng. Instead, he was attacking him with the intention to kill.

“Damn it.”

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng no longer dared to be careless.

His opponent’s attacks were very fierce. If Chu Feng was careless in the slightest, he would end up being defeated by his opponent.

It would be one thing if he were defeated by others. However, if he was defeated by his own shadow, it would truly be dreadful.

“Chu Feng, you must get things done quickly. The longer you take, the more danger you’ll be in.”

Right at that moment, a voice entered Chu Feng’s ears. It was that Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s voice.


Chu Feng looked all around upon hearing the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s voice in an attempt to find him.

However, upon searching, Chu Feng discovered that there was no trace of the Ox-nosed Old Daoist to be found at all.

“Don’t bother searching. I am not in your world.”

“You are trapped in an illusion created by the Battle God’s Halberd.”

“You only have an incense stick’s worth of time. If you’re unable to defeat your shadow, the Battle God’s Halberd will unleash its true power. At that time, you will truly be unable to contend against it anymore.”

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears again.

His tone was extremely serious. This made Chu Feng realize that he was not joking around.

“Thus, the person before me is not my shadow? Instead, it’s the Battle God’s Halberd?” asked Chu Feng.

“You can say that.”

“After entering that illusory world, the Battle God’s Halberd is capable of duplicating all of your abilities, including all the treasures and weapons you possess. In short, it is capable of everything that you’re capable of.”

“However, it will have only duplicated the abilities and powers that you possessed when you entered.”

“Thus, if you want to defeat it, you will have to defeat the you from the past. You should know what to do, no?”

Once the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said those words, his clear voice became fuzzy.

“Chu Feng, remember this. You only have an incense stick’s worth of time. Furthermore, you only have one chance. You must defeat it. Otherwise, you will be in fatal danger.”

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist said those words with great effort.

After he finished saying those words, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s voice disappeared completely.

It seemed that not even the Ox-nosed Old Daoist could communicate with the current Chu Feng.

“Defeat the me from the past?”

Chu Feng knew how to defeat himself from the past.

If he wanted to defeat himself from the past, he must immediately gain an ability even stronger than what he possessed in the past.

However, his opponent was attacking him nonstop. Chu Feng simply did not dare to be careless. Thus, how could he distract himself by attempting to increase his strength?

Besides, Chu Feng did not possess any methods to strengthen himself.

“Got it! A secret skill!”

Suddenly, Chu Feng recalled the secret skill that the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted had given him.

“Senior, could you lend this junior your power?”

Chu Feng attempted to communicate with that secret skill. However, that secret skill completely ignored him. Regardless of how Chu Feng tried to communicate with it, it did not answer him.

It did not answer Chu Feng even when he cursed it out.

This made Chu Feng feel very helpless.

“Damn it. Sure enough, at a time like this, I can only rely on myself.”

After being refused by the secret skill, Chu Feng did not feel discouraged. Instead, a determined look appeared in his eyes.


Suddenly, Chu Feng began to move backwards. He did not stop until he had put a vast distance between himself and his shadow.

After stabilizing himself, Chu Feng tightly held the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword with both hands and raised it up. Then, he slashed down abruptly. He hacked his sword toward the Battle God’s Halberd.

Chu Feng’s movement was extremely smooth and extremely fierce. The Battle God’s Halberd didn’t know what sort of ability he was unleashing against it. Thus, not only did it not dare to rush to attack Chu Feng, but it instead moved backwards.


However, when Chu Feng’s slash came down, no special offensive ability was shot forth. He did not even use his martial power. It was as if Chu Feng’s slash was merely a movement, and not an attack at all.

However, after slashing, Chu Feng stood there in a distracted manner momentarily. Then, he raised his hand and slashed his sword down at the Battle God’s Halberd in the same movement as he did before.

Once again.

Twice again.

Three times.

Five times.

Ten times.


In merely a short moment, Chu Feng had repeated the same slash over twenty times.

Without any exception, Chu Feng’s movement did not possess any destructive power in the slightest.

“You’re toying with me?” the Battle God’s Halberd asked coldly. From his voice, one could tell that Chu Feng’s movement had infuriated him.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored the Battle God’s Halberd, and continued with the same movement.

Chu Feng was not only extremely serious as he made the movement, but he would even stop and ponder momentarily every now and then before attempting the same movement again...

Chu Feng’s actions made the Battle God’s Halberd even more furious.

“You dare toy with me like this? You’re simply courting death!!!”

Suddenly, the Battle God’s Halberd let out a furious shout.


Following that, thunderous roars sounded nonstop.

Countless bolts of black lightning appeared in the sea.

The black lightning galloped through the sea like enormous dragons.

That was Chu Feng’s strongest offensive ability, Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique!!!

How could Chu Feng not know how mighty the Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique was?

However, he did not attempt to evade it. Instead, he continued to make the same slashing movement facing the Battle God’s Halberd.


Soon, the black lightning that filled the sea above began to bombard Chu Feng’s location.

The Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique was extremely powerful to begin with. Adding on the fact that Chu Feng was not evading and did not show any signs of trying to block it, he was soon bombarded to shreds by the black lightning.

However, after the attack from the Blood Lightning Technique stopped, the power of five elements appeared. The five elements soon gathered and reformed Chu Feng’s body.

It was the power of the Five Elements Secret Skills!!!

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