Chapter 3713 - Chu Feng’s Shadow? (Teaser)

Chapter 3713 - Chu Feng’s Shadow?

Chu Feng simply had too much of a desire to fuse with the Four Symbols Divine Power.

Even the legendary Battle God’s Halberd did not entice Chu Feng much when compared to the opportunity to fuse with the Four Symbols Divine Power.

Thus, even though Chu Feng knew that things were fishy, he ultimately nodded and agreed to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s condition.

“Boy, since you’ve agreed to it, this old man will draw those guardian spirits away at once. Once they’re drawn away, you are to immediately retrieve the Battle God’s Halberd.”

Sure enough, after the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said those words, he immediately began to work. He dived straight down and emitted great power, creating enormous ripples in the water.


Soon, roars began to sound from ...

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