Chapter 3708 - A Chance To Live

Chapter 3708 - A Chance To Live

“Brother Zhu, you might have experienced greater things. That’s why you feel that Chu Feng’s life and death doesn’t matter.”

“However, that child’s talent is the strongest that this old man has ever witnessed. At least, his talent is the strongest in the Ancestral Martial Starfield.”

“I feel that as long as he continues to mature, he will not only be able to shine brightly in the Ancestral Martial Starfield, but he might even be able to allow the Ancestral Martial Starfield to shine in the entire Holy Light Galaxy.”

“You should know how low and petty our Ancestral Martial Starfield’s status is in the Holy Light Galaxy.”

“For many grand occasions of the Holy Light Galaxy, the people of our Ancestral Martial Starfield are not even qualified to participate.”

“If we are to encounter others outside, we will not even dare say that we’re from the Ancestral Martial Starfield, for we will be looked down upon should we say so.”

“Most sorrowful of all, many people in the Ancestral Martial Starfield do not recognize that.”

“This is especially true for those people of the younger generation. Just because they’re somewhat talented, they believe themselves to be extraordinarily amazing. However, they have no idea that the wider world has people that are more talented than them.”

“While they are indeed dragons among fish in the Ancestral Martial Starfield, if they are to be placed in the entire Holy Light Galaxy…”

Grandmaster Liangqiu stopped upon saying those words. He let out a sigh before continuing, “Chu Hanxian, Chu Xuanyuan, and Chu Feng. The three of them are all capable of bringing light upon our Ancestral Martial Starfield. They were even able to make the Holy Light Galaxy take note of and respect the people of our Ancestral Martial Starfield.”

“Unfortunately, both Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan are no longer with us. Chu Feng is our final hope.”

“I truly hope that one day a youngster can exit the Ancestral Martial Starfield and make it so that the people of the Holy Light Galaxy will no longer show contempt when mentioning us in the future. As for this change, it will all be because of that youngster…” said Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“A single person to change the opinion of everyone? You truly place high hopes on that boy.”

Hearing Grandmaster Liangqiu’s hopes, old man Zhu only laughed mockingly.

“Chu Feng is capable of it. I firmly believe that he is capable. He is capable of making the people from the Holy Light Galaxy have a whole new level of respect for our Ancestral Martial Starfield.”

“It is just like how the Ancestral Martial Starfield has a whole new level of respect for the Chu Heavenly Clan now.”

“Unfortunately, it is truly a pity.”

As he said those words, Grandmaster Liangqiu’s eyes were not only filled with regret, but they were also filled with grief.

“Never would I have imagined that you, old codger, would concern yourself with the greater good so much.”

“I might as well tell you this. Although the Gate of Death is dangerous, it does not mean absolute death.”

“If that boy is truly as extraordinary as you stated, he might be able to return alive,” said old man Zhu.

“There’s a chance to return alive?” Hearing those words, Grandmaster Liangqiu’s expression changed.

“That’s right. It’s just that the chance is very small,” said old man Zhu.

“In that case, do you know if there’s anyone that ever managed to exit the Gate of Death alive?” Grandmaster Liangqiu hurriedly asked.

“There is. He’s standing before you,” old man Zhu pointed to himself.

“You entered it and returned alive?” asked Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“If I didn’t return alive, how could I be standing here?” said old man Zhu.

“In that case, if one wanted to return from the Gate of Death, does one’s cultivation matter?” asked Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“Cultivation doesn’t matter much. Rather, it’s still one’s perception and willpower that matters,” said old man Zhu.

“If that’s the case, it would truly be great!”

At that moment, Grandmaster Liangqiu’s worry not only decreased greatly, but he also had a look of expectation in his eyes.

“Old codger, how come your face changed so quickly? Are you not worried about him already?” asked old man Zhu.

“Didn’t you say that there’s a chance that he’ll live?” said Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“There is indeed a chance to live. However, that chance is not something that everyone can grasp,” said old man Zhu.

“You managed to exit the Gate of Death alive. This means that Chu Feng will definitely be capable of it too,” said Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“What do you mean by that? How come I’m feeling that you’re utterly looking down on me?” said old man Zhu.

“Haha. No, I’m not looking down on you. Rather, this old man knows how powerful that boy is,” said Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“You’re that confident in him?” asked old man Zhu.

“While I am not confident in others, I am confident in him,” said Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“Very well, since you said it like this, I will break my rules this time around.”

“As long as that boy is able to last for four hours inside the Gate of Death, I will help him,” said old man Zhu.

“Very well,” Grandmaster Liangqiu immediately agreed to it. However, he soon realized that something was amiss. He hurriedly asked, “In that case, how do you know whether or not he’ll be alive after four hours?”

“Don’t underestimate this old man. Practically everything in the Mirror Sea is within my grasp.”

“This old man has even entered the Mirror Sea’s Mirror Core,” said old man Zhu.

Thus, you’re able to see what sort of situation Chu Feng is in right now?” asked Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“Of course,” said old man Zhu.

“In that case, how’s their current situation?” asked Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“The mysteriousness of heaven must not be revealed," said old man Zhu.

“You old bastard,” Grandmaster Liangqiu laughed.

After their conversation, he grew less worried about Chu Feng.

He had learned from old man Zhu’s words that Chu Feng and Chu Xuanzhengfa were still alive.

Furthermore, even though old man Zhu didn’t act to save them, there was still a possibility that Chu Feng would be able to survive.

Furthermore, old man Zhu said that if Chu Feng could last for four hours, he would act to help them.

Grandmaster Liangqiu already felt that Chu Feng would likely be able to survive with a very slim possibility. As for lasting four mere hours, it would be an extremely easy task.

Thus, when Grandmaster Liangqiu looked to the Mirror Sea again, there was no longer worry in his eyes. Instead, he had a look of expectation.

He was hoping that Chu Feng would be able to accomplish something that would make old man Zhu have a whole new level of respect for him.

He wanted to Chu Feng to prove himself, and prove to old man Zhu that his high hopes in him were correct.

That said, compared to Grandmaster Liangqiu, old man Zhu’s expression was rather complicated.

His gaze was moving around repeatedly. It seemed like he was truly capable of seeing Chu Feng’s every action.


After being sucked into the Gate of Death, Chu Feng entered a chaotic world. He could only blindly drift with the flow in that place.

It took him a long time to break out of the chaotic world. Upon breaking out from the chaotic world, he entered a sea.

That sea was surging violently with undercurrents. The feeling was exactly the same as the Mirror Sea.

“Could it be that I’ve returned to the Mirror Sea?”

This question was present in Chu Feng’s heart when a figure suddenly appeared in Chu Feng’s gaze. It was Chu Xuanzhengfa.

“Chu Feng, why are you so foolish? Why did you follow me in here?”

Although Chu Xuanzhengfa appeared to be in some difficulty, he was still alive. More than anything, he had a look of anger and grief.

He was angry that Chu Feng had followed him in. He also felt grief because Chu Feng had followed him in.

“Senior, don’t criticize me anymore since I’m already here,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. Then, he began to carefully inspect his surroundings.

“I truly don’t know what to do with you,” Chu Xuanzhengfa sighed with a helpless look. Soon afterward, he asked, “Chu Feng, are you able to tell if this is the Mirror Sea?”

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