Chapter 3706 - Determination To Confront Death (Teaser)

Chapter 3706 - Determination To Confront Death

“Damn it!”

Seeing that the situation had turned bad, Chu Feng also began to think of a way to help Gu Mingyuan.

Unfortunately, even though he was a Saint-cloak World Spiritist, he was still helpless against the situation.

Seeing Gu Mingyuan about to be sucked into that spirit formation gate, Chu Feng was burning with anxiety.

However, he was unable to move. He had to use all of his strength to seal off the spirit formation gate before him. If he didn’t, it would send out waves again.

The waves would push from all directions, and Gu Mingyuan was now also within range.

If things weren’t lucky, the wave might directly push Gu Mingyuan into that spirit formation gate emitting...

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