Chapter 3704 - Terrifying Forbidden Area

Chapter 3704 - Terrifying Forbidden Area

While Chu Feng and Gu Mingyuan were inside the Forbidden Sea, trying their best to obtain the Deepsea Pupils...

In another region in the Ancestral Martial Starfield, a different scene was occuring...

There was a forbidden area in the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

This forbidden area was sealed off year-round. Apart from the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, no one was allowed to enter it.

Even the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders were not qualified to enter the forbidden area.

However, At that moment, the forbidden area was open.

This time, five people entered the forbidden area.

Two of them were old men and one was an old lady. They were respectively...

Supreme Elder Linghu Wentai.

Supreme Elder Linghu Yuhua.

And Supreme Elder Linghu Boyuan.

The Linghu Heavenly Clan had a total of eight Supreme Elders.

Among them, five were peak Exalted. Only three had reached the Utmost Exalted realm.

Thus, those three individuals had a special status within the Linghu Heavenly Clan. They were the strongest battle power of the Linghu Heavenly Clan apart from their Lord Clan Chief.

Furthermore, those three Utmost Exalted-level experts were precisely the three Supreme Elders present.

Apart from the three Supreme Elders, there was a middle-aged man.

That middle-aged man had extraordinary airs. Even though he had the look of a middle-aged man, his handsomeness was not at all glossed over.

That said, he had a head of long white hair. His long hair scattered across his back and all the way down to his feet. Combined with his white clothes, he appeared extremely graceful.

Although the three Supreme Elders were present, he was standing there without any fear.

Instead, it was the three Supreme Elders that stood orderly behind him.

The reason for that was because that middle-aged man was the strongest expert of the Linghu Heavenly Clan...

The current Clan Chief of the Linghu Heavenly Clan, Linghu Zhishi.

Apart from the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and the three Supreme Elders, there was also a person of the younger generation.

That person of the younger generation was the strongest genius of the Linghu Heavenly Clan, Linghu Hongfei.

“Lord Clan Chief, Hongfei did not intend to offend you.”

“Merely, I was clearly about to eliminate that Chu Feng when you suddenly called me back. I had originally thought that something major had happened in the clan.”

“However, upon returning, it’s turns out to be all because this formation has opened?”

Linghu Hongfei felt extremely displeased.

In the Chu Heavenly Clan that day, he had held absolute confidence in being able to defeat Chu Feng.

However, their Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had suddenly issued an urgent recall order.

The urgent recall order not only demanded his immediate return to the Linghu Heavenly Clan, but it also ordered him to make an appointment to fight Chu Feng again in three months.

Because of that, Linghu Hongfei thought that something major had happened in their clan, and immediately rushed back.

However, upon rushing back, he discovered that it was only the opening of a formation that their Lord Clan Chief wanted him to enter.

“Hongfei, you need to understand that I’ve prepared this formation for your sake.”

“This formation can only be opened for a limited amount of time. Thus, how could you allow yourself to miss out on this golden opportunity?” said the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Lord Clan Chief, Hongfei knows that you’ve prepared this all for my sake. Merely, that Chu Feng has brought humiliation upon me. I simply cannot tolerate it," said Linghu Hongfei.

“As long as you possess sufficient strength, why be so eager to take care of him?”

“Unless you’re afraid that as time passes, you will no longer be Chu Feng’s match,” the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“I fear him? I am merely itching to teach him a lesson,” said Linghu Hongfei.

“Since you don’t fear him, you can very well teach him a lesson in three months’ time. As for now… you should enter the formation,” said the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

At that moment, Linghu Hongfei turned his gaze to that grand formation.

The grand formation was the entrance to a cave. The opened entrance was emitting a crimson radiance.

In fact, one could faintly hear terrifying, anguished wailing from the cave. It was truly horrifying. Furthermore, one could not see what the inside of the cave was like.

Faced with such a formation, even Linghu Hongfei felt somewhat scared.

“Lord Clan Chief, exactly what is inside this grand formation?”

“You only said that it’s beneficial to me, you’ve never mention what sort of benefit it will give me,” said Linghu Hongfei.

The three Supreme Elders also looked at their Lord Clan Chief with curiosity.

Like Linghu Hongfei, they also wanted to know exactly what was inside that tightly regulated forbidden area.

That said, facing Linghu Hongfei’s curious gaze, the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief only let out a faint smile. He said, “Don’t ask too much. You will thank me when you come out.”

Hearing those words, Linghu Hongfei felt rather helpless. It was the first time he had encountered their Lord Clan Chief beating around the bush like that

“Linghu Hongfei!”

Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. Then, three figures flew over.

The person leading them was Linghu Yueyue. The other two were elders of the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

“Lord Clan Chief, Lord Supreme Elders, we are truly sorry in failing to stop Princess Yueyue.”

Upon landing, those two elders immediately knelt on the ground and began apologizing with fear filled faces.

They knew very well that they were not allowed to enter the forbidden area.

“You two can dismiss yourselves,” the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief waved his hand.

Seeing that, the two elders immediately bowed and rushed out with their fastest speed, like they were fleeing the tiger’s den.

“Yueyue, you need something?” Linghu Hongfei flew toward her and asked.

“Linghu Hongfei, you’ve truly become more capable. Although I’m unable to witness you going to take care of Chu Feng, why must you dig out Chu Lingxi’s eyes?”

“I’ve heard that Chu Lingxi is a young woman. To publicly dig out the eyes of a young woman, are your actions not too excessive?” Linghu Yueyue spoke with great resentment.

“Yueyue, you need to know that that servant girl insulted our Linghu Heavenly Clan. I am already extremely merciful to not kill her,” said Linghu Hongfei.

“Even if that is the case, you shouldn’t dig out her eyes. What you’ve done will make the people of the world ridicule you. They will say that you, Linghu Hongfei, are rude and unreasonable.”

“You weren’t like this before. The you from before would not possibly do this sort of thing,” Linghu Yueyue added.


Right at that moment, an extremely ear-piercing roar sounded from within the formation.

That roar was very terrifying. Hearing that roar, Linghu Yueyue’s expression changed greatly. She was terrified by it, and immediately hid behind the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Hongfei, you don’t have to pay attention to Yueyue. Go on in. Don’t miss this great opportunity,” said the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

Hearing that roar, Linghu Hongfei was also slightly scared. However, he still summoned up his courage and walked into the formation.


After Linghu Hongfei entered the formation, the entrance of the cave immediately sealed up.

“Father, what is in there?”

Linghu Yueyue asked the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

The Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had a look of excitement.

He said, “It is a place that can once again transform your big brother Hongfei.”

“When he exits that place, he will become the strongest genius in the history of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.”

“Not to mention that Chu Feng, even Chu Xuanyuan and Chu Hanxian will become people of the past.”

The Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was filled with confidence when he said those words.

Hearing those words, the three Supreme Elders and Linghu Yueyue, although still having no idea as to what was inside the formation, realized that it was no small matter.

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