Chapter 3702 - Exchange Using One’s Life

Chapter 3702 - Exchange Using One’s Life

Gu Mingyuan’s action greatly stunned Chu Feng.

Whilst kneeling might seem to be a simple action, it would depend on who the person kneeling was.

Gu Mingyuan was a person filled with pride. How could she possibly kneel to others, much less someone who dared to show such contempt towards her?

However, at that moment, she had made her decision and decided to kneel.

Chu Feng and the others knew that the only reason Gu Mingyuan would make such a decision was Chu Lingxi.

“Senior, I apologize for my offensive words earlier. If senior is angry, please punish me however you wish.”

“However, I beg of you. Please inform us of the location of the Deepsea Pupils.”

Not only did Gu Mingyuan kneel, but she was even speaking with a petty and lowly tone as she apologized and begged the person inside the hut.

Seeing Gu Mingyuan like that, Chu Xuanzhengfa and Grandmaster Liangqiu’s eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

It was the first time they had seen Gu Mingyuan begging someone.

"Present to this old man ten loud kowtows and I will consider it," sounded the voice from the hut.

When that voice was heard, Chu Feng, Chu Xuanzhengfa and even Grandmaster Liangqiu felt their hearts tremble.

Even Grandmaster Liangqiu felt that this friend was being too excessive.

Even a kitten would have a temper. Thus, how could Gu Mingyuan, a fierce tiger even amongst tigers, not be furious?

To treat her like this was simply akin to inviting a disaster upon oneself.

However, to everyone's surprise, Gu Mingyuan was not only not enraged, but she instead actually began to kowtow without any hesitation.


However, right when Gu Mingyuan’s head was about to touch the ground, a hand appeared before her forehead and stopped her.

That hand did not belong to Chu Feng, Grandmaster Liangqiu or Chu Xuanzhengfa.

Instead, it belonged to an old man...

That old man was as thin as a match. He had the deathly pale complexion of someone seriously ill.

Not only was that old man ugly, but he also had the face of a very cunning and ruthless individual.

That old man was naturally the friend of Grandmaster Liangqiu.

After helping Gu Mingyuan back up, the old man looked towards the unconscious Chu Lingxi on her back.

Seeing the current Chu Lingxi, even the old man revealed an emotional look.

“If I didn’t witness it myself, this old man wouldn’t have believed that someone was actually capable of making Gu Mingyuan kneel.”

“Little girl, you are truly quite capable," that old man said with a faint smile.

“Senior, I beg of you, please tell me where the Deepsea Pupils are. I am willing to use anything in exchange for that information.”

Suddenly, Chu Xuanzhengfa also knelt. Impatient to cure Chu Lingxi, he began to beg that old man too.

However, faced with Chu Xuanzhengfa’s plea, that old man laughed coldly. “Anything in exchange for that information? Someone as poor as you does not possess even an Incomplete Exalted Armament. What could you possibly use to exchange for the priceless Deepsea Pupils?”

Once he said those words, Chu Xuanzhengfa had a look of embarrassment. It was as the old man had said, he did not have anything worthy of exchanging for the Deepsea Pupils.

He was simply too anxious in wanting to save Chu Lingxi that he subconsciously said those things. However, he knew that he had misspoken.

“Senior, this junior did not intend to offend you. Merely, senior, you can also tell that Lingxi’s condition is extremely serious.”

“If there are other methods, this junior wouldn’t have come to trouble senior.”

“Senior, please give us a demand. Even if it’s something that we cannot honor right now, we will definitely honor your demand in the future.”

“Senior, please tell us where the Deepsea Pupils are,” said Chu Feng.

“Child, you know how to speak well. This old man is quite fond of your words,” the old man looked to Chu Feng. Then, he said, “That said, brat, you said that you will honor any demand I make? In that case, hand over your life in exchange for the Deepsea Pupils. Are you willing to do that?”

“I am," Chu Feng said without hesitation.

“Chu Feng, you must not!!!”

Right after Chu Feng said those words, Chu Xuanzhengfa, Grandmaster Liangqiu and even Gu Mingyuan’s expressions changed enormously. At practically the same time, the three of them all urged Chu Feng against it.

Even though they all wanted to cure Chu Lingxi, none of them wanted to use his life in exchange for her vision.

If they were to truly regain Chu Lingxi’s vision using his life, they would not only feel guilty, but Chu Lingxi would not forgive herself either.

“Senior, if you really need my life, I will give it to you.”

Chu Feng had a look of determination.

Even though it was Chu Lingxi who had decided to take on Linghu Hongfei, it remained that Linghu Hongfei’s intention in coming to the Chu Heavenly Clan was to challenge him.

Thus, Chu Feng felt extremely guilty about what had happened to her.

Although he did not wish to die, as there were still a lot of things he needed to do, and he had not met his mother and grandfather yet, not saved Su Rou and Su Mei yet, not found Zi Ling yet and not bid his farewell to Eggy yet...

…he was still willing to die should that be required of him. He was truly willing to use his life to give Chu Lingxi the chance to restore her eyesight.

“There’s no grievance between this old man and you, why would I want your life?” That old man smiled. Then, he said, “However, you all need to know this. Every year, there are seven days when the tide of the Mirror Sea is the most violent.”

“These seven days could be said to be the most dangerous period of the Mirror Sea. No one will enter the Mirror Sea during these seven days.”

“These seven days are known as the Forbidden Seven Days. No one will dare to enter the Mirror Sea during the Forbidden Seven Days,” said the old man.

Hearing those words, Gu Mingyuan, Chu Xuanzhengfa and Grandmaster Liangqiu all revealed ugly expressions.

They had all heard about the so-called Forbidden Seven Days.

“Brother Zhu, could it possibly be that it’s the Forbidden Seven Days now?” asked Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“The timing of things is truly unlucky. It is indeed the Forbidden Seven Days right now.”

“Furthermore, the Forbidden Seven Days begins from today. In other words, if you want to wait for the most dangerous period to pass, it will take seven days.”

“However, this old man is able to tell that this little girl seems to only have two more days. Thus, you all cannot afford to wait.”

“If you all want to help her obtain the chance to regain her eyesight, you will have to risk your lives.”

“Are you all truly willing to do so?” asked the old man.

“I’m willing.”

Three voices sounded in unison.

They were Chu Feng, Gu Mingyuan and Chu Xuanzhengfa. They all voiced their determination without any hesitation.

“Very well, you have courage. Actually, the Deepsea Pupils do not belong to this old man. Instead, they belong to the Mirror Sea.”

“If you all are truly capable of obtaining it, they will naturally belong to you.”

“Since you all possess the courage to take on this challenge, this old man is quite interested in seeing whether or not you will succeed.”

“Follow me.”

After saying those words, the old man soared into the sky.

Chu Feng and the others immediately followed after him.

Guided by the old man, they arrived at an extraordinary region.

Although the undercurrents of the Mirror Sea were extremely violent, its surface appeared extremely tranquil. It could even be said to be very beautiful, unrealistically beautiful.

However, the water beneath Chu Feng and the others was different from the other regions of the Mirror Sea.

Even though that region of water was also mirror-like, the water was pitch-black.

Like the mouth of a vicious Evil Spirit, one could not see the bottom. Danger lurked from all around. Seeing this sea, one would feel uneasy.

“The Deepsea Pupils are located below. However, I must remind you, the Deepsea Pupils are not so easily obtained.”

“You shouldn't bother entering. If you are to enter, you will only be throwing away your life,” the old man said as he pointed at Chu Xuanzhengfa.

After he finished saying those words, he turned to Chu Feng and Gu Mingyuan, “Even for the two of you, you might not necessarily be able to return alive.”



Right after that old man finished saying those words, two splashes of water appeared below.

Chu Feng and Gu Mingyuan had disappeared.

The two of them had dived into the Mirror Sea.

Only Chu Feng’s voice was still echoing in the torrential rain.

“Thank you for your guidance, senior.”

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