Chapter 3696 - The Situation Turning Bad

Chapter 3696 - The Situation Turning Bad

“That’s naturally real. Lingxi, are you really unable to sense the change?”

Chu Xuanzhengfa felt very surprised to hear Chu Lingxi say that she could not sense any changes.

“I really can’t sense any changes,” said Chu Lingxi.

Confused, Chu Lingxi and Chu Xuanzhengfa, this pair of father and daughter, both turned to Chu Feng.

“Lingxi, your comprehensive ability is already very high. Thus, you do not need to use that method.”

“This method of mine combines the power of one’s bloodline. While it might be ineffective elsewhere, it will increase one’s comprehensive ability inside this Bloodline Cultivation Formation,” said Chu Feng.

“So that’s the case?”

“Oh, I get it now. I know why some people trained slower than others even though they’re training in the same manner. Turns out, it’s because some people are unable to sense the same sort of power from the very start.”

“Turns out, this is what a disparity in talent is.”

“That said, Chu Feng, how did you know that you’d be able to increase my father’s comprehensive ability using that method?” asked Chu Lingxi.

As for Chu Xuanzhengfa, he stared at Chu Feng with a curious look on his face.

“Truth be told, I only just thought about it earlier. After all, this place is only beneficial to those who have reached the Exalted realm. Thus, I only realized the method after reaching the Exalted realm.”

“Truth be told, I was uncertain earlier, and had only wanted to have senior test it out.”

“However, since it was capable of helping senior, it was naturally for the best,” said Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you’ve more than helped me. Our clansmen could all benefit from your method. With this, Lord Clan Chief might even be able to become an Utmost Exalted-level expert.”

“Chu Feng, you are simply too amazing. You are simply the hero of our Chu Heavenly Clan.”

Chu Xuanzhengfa’s excitement did not decrease in the slightest. Instead, he became even more excited.

His excitement was an emotional one.

Firstly, it was due to Chu Feng’s contribution that the Bloodline Cultivation Formation was able to remain forever open.

And now, Chu Feng had taught them this special training method that could greatly increase their cultivation speed. This was not something that would benefit only him.

Instead, what Chu Feng had done would be beneficial to all the descendants of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Chu Xuanzhengfa even felt that if this were to continue, their Chu Heavenly Clan would become as powerful as the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

All of this was thanks to Chu Feng.

“Father, you’re exaggerating, no?”

“If you act like this, you’ll be giving Chu Feng enormous pressure.”

Seeing her father acting in such a manner, Chu Lingxi frowned.

It was the first time she saw her father this excited.

This was completely different from the father that she knew.

She was even worried for her father, afraid that her father would go insane from being overly excited.

“Lingxi, you don’t understand. To our Chu Heavenly Clan, this is simply enormously important.”

“It will change the fate of our Chu Heavenly Clan. It is capable of changing the fate of our clan, do you understand?”

“All of this is thanks to Chu Feng. Shouldn’t I address him as a hero?” said Chu Xuanzhengfa.

“Senior, I am also a member of the Chu Heavenly Clan. These are merely things that I should do.”

“Besides, I also feel that these are not anything major,” said Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you don’t have to act modest. You are the hero of our Chu Heavenly Clan, the person who changed the fate of our clan.”

In excitement, Chu Xuanzhengfa grabbed Chu Feng’s shoulders.

“Father, please calm yourself and begin training. Chu Feng and I need to train too,” said Chu Lingxi.

“Very well. Go and train. Training is more important.”

“I will go and report this joyous news to Lord Hanpeng and have him experience the natural energies of this place too.”

Chu Xuanzhengfa was laughing loudly as he said those words. Even though he had walked far away, his laughter was still echoing.

“Say, Chu Feng, you seemed to have shocked my father.”

“That said, you are truly very powerful. Never did it come to my mind that my father and the others’ comprehension method might be incorrect. Furthermore, I am unable to think of a way to increase their comprehension ability either.”

“Even though I do not know exactly how enormous of a change my father had after using your method, I guess it should be pretty enormous after seeing how he reacted. It would appear that you will really become our Chu Heavenly Clan’s hero,” Chu Lingxi said to Chu Feng.

“The powerful one isn’t me. Instead, it’s the person who constructed this place. That person is truly extraordinary. That person was also the benefactor to our Chu Heavenly Clan.”

Chu Feng grew increasingly curious as to who the person that created this Bloodline Cultivation Formation was.

“Indeed, that person is very amazing. However, let’s not think about these things anymore. Instead, we should rush to train.”

“Remember, you must focus on your training. Do not get distracted,” said Chu Lingxi.

“Girl, to urge me to train like this, could it be that you know something?” asked Chu Feng.

Chu Feng kept feeling that Chu Lingxi had some sort of reason to urge Chu Feng to train like so.

“Did you not know that Linghu Hongfei has exited his closed-door training?” asked Chu Lingxi.

“Closed-door training? I don’t even know when he entered closed-door training,” said Chu Feng.

“It’s no wonder you’re not rushing in the slightest.”

“Do you know that the Linghu Heavenly Clan has a very amazing formation called the Lightning-fire Bloodline Formation?”

“Should one be able to exit that Lightning-fire Bloodline Formation, one’s cultivation will definitely increase. Even one’s talent will increase.”

“Reportedly, after Linghu Hongfei fought you in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm, he entered the Lightning-fire Bloodline Formation.”

“And now, he has exited that Lightning-fire Bloodline Formation. Although I do not know what sort of change has occurred to him, his cultivation is most definitely different from before. Furthermore, he will definitely come to seek you out to cause trouble for you. Thus, you cannot afford to slack off,” said Chu Lingxi.

“So that’s the case. It’s no wonder your mom handed me that Fire Qilin Talisman,” said Chu Feng.

“That Fire Qilin Talisman belonged to you to begin with. That said, it is indeed because of Linghu Hongfei that my mother was in such a rush to hand it to you,” said Chu Lingxi.

Then, Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi both sat down cross-legged and began to sense the natural energies and martial comprehension of this place.

The two of them were both hoping to increase their cultivation, even if it was only by a single level.

However, this place was different from a fortuitous encounter. Should one obtain a fortuitous encounter, one’s cultivation would be able to increase in a short period of time.

This place, on the other hand, was different. One must spend time and slowly comprehend things here.

However, the two of them only trained for less than half a day before they were interrupted.

The person who interrupted them was Chu Xuanzhengfa.

“Chu Feng, the situation is bad!” When Chu Xuanzhengfa arrived, his voice was even trembling.

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