Chapter 3691 - Going Easy?

Chapter 3691 - Going Easy?

“That… seems to be an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill.”

At that moment, the crowd realized that the blood-colored lighting that filled the sky was an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill used by Chu Feng.

“Could it be, Chu Feng is planning to use an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill to take on that overwhelmingly powerful rank nine Immortal Technique?”

“That’s simply nonsense! Even though Chu Feng’s Immortal Taboo Martial Skill is very powerful, how could it possibly take on a rank nine Immortal Technique?”

“Besides, what Chu Lingxi used is the Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo, one of the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan’s strongest Immortal Techniques.”

Even though the sky was filled with mighty blood-colored lightning, the crowd were confused by Chu Feng’s actions the moment they discovered that the blood-colored lightning was an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill.

After all, the knowledge of the crowd was that no matter how powerful Immortal Taboo Martial Skills might be, their power was still limited.

No matter how powerful an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill might be, there would still be an enormous disparity against a rank nine Immortal Technique. This was even more so for a rank nine Immortal Technique as fierce and powerful as Chu Lingxi’s Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo.

“Big brother Chu Feng, I don’t wish to cause you harm.”

“How about we use the center of the distance between us as the spot and fight with our respective techniques. The person whose techniques first passes the middle distance shall be the victor. What say you?” Chu Lingxi asked Chu Feng.

Even though she said those words arrogantly, she, compared to the other people, did not look down on Chu Feng at all.

She knew that Chu Feng’s Immortal Taboo Martial Skill was no ordinary Immortal Taboo Martial Skill. Thus, she did not lower her guard.

“Very well. We’ll do as you suggest.”

Chu Feng agreed to Chu Lingxi’s proposal.

After all, both of their abilities were extremely destructive. Even if they held back, they would still inflict serious damage to each other.

Chu Lingxi’s proposal would allow them to compare their techniques without actually causing harm to either of them.

“Let’s begin then.”


Right after Chu Lingxi finished saying those words, the light above her head shot forth a pillar of light.

That pillar of light did not rush straight for Chu Feng. Instead, it rushed toward the region between them.


At practically the same time, thunder exploded in the sky. Countless bolts of blood lightning criss-crossed together and formed an enormous blood-colored dragon.

That enormous blood dragon also rushed towards the central region between the two.


Light shone all over as blood lightning soared into the sky. Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi’s strongest techniques had collided.

The battle between the two attacks lasted for a long time. They seemed like two armies trying to seize the other’s territory. The first side to cross over into the other side’s territory would come out victorious.

However, the power of the two armies were on par with one another. Even after they confronted one another for a long time, they were still unable to determine an outcome.

In the end, Chu Feng’s Immortal Taboo Martial Skill and Chu Lingxi’s rank nine Immortal Technique both ended up exhausting all their power. However, neither side won against the other.

“Tie. It’s actually a tie.”

“Amazing. Chu Feng actually managed to use an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill to contend against the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan’s strongest Immortal Taboo Technique.”

“That said, with how young Chu Lingxi is, to be able to obtain such an accomplishment is truly astonishing.”

“Likely, the Chu Heavenly Clan will soon rise in power. No, they will definitely rise in power.”

“The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief has the strength of a peak Exalted. He is only a step away from becoming an Utmost Exalted. That is also extremely exceptional.”

“And now, there’s Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi, two demon-level geniuses. This is simply even more amazing than when Chu Xuanyuan was still alive and with the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“Truly the heavens want the Chu Heavenly Clan to rise.”

At that moment, the crowd were exclaiming in admiration repeatedly.

Even though the crowd were able to tell that both Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi held back in the match, and were sparring instead of fighting with their all, their performances still, undoubtedly, conquered the crowd present.

It was so much so that the crowd saw a future where the Chu Heavenly Clan would flourish based on their confrontation.

The Chu Heavenly Clan would reach a height they’d never reached before.

The crowd all felt that that day would soon come.


After the match was over, the Chu Heavenly Clan once again activated the formation and sealed off their borders.

However, the crowd did not leave. They were still remembering all the things that had happened in the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Due to the fact that he was unable to assist in treating the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s injuries, Chu Feng decided to participate in the interrogation of the nine captives from the Blood-devouring Hall.

Chu Lingxi accompanied him.

En route, Chu Lingxi suddenly said, “Big brother Chu Feng, it seems like you didn’t go all-out earlier.”

“Of course not,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“You don’t have to lie to me. That Immortal Taboo Martial Skill of yours is very powerful. I could tell that if you were to go all-out, likely not even my Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo would be a match for it,” said Chu Lingxi.

“I truly didn’t hold back,” said Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was actually lying. As Chu Lingxi had said, he had held back.

Even though her Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo was very powerful, Chu Feng’s Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique was indeed a cut above it.

If Chu Feng had went all-out, he would indeed have been able to score a victory.

However, as they were sparring in public, he had not wished to leave Chu Lingxi in an awkward situation.

A tie would be the best result.

“You’re still lying. Do you really think I’m stupid?”

“That said, big brother Chu Feng, even if you held back, the one that would've won would still be me. Do you know why?”

Suddenly, Chu Lingxi revealed a mischievous smile.

“Tell me about it,” Chu Feng was curious.


Right at that moment, dazzling lightning appeared before Chu Feng.

It was Chu Lingxi. Nine-colored lightning was being emitted from Chu Lingxi’s body. The lightning took the form of armor and covered her

At that moment, Chu Lingxi’s cultivation had increased again.

“Girl, you?”

Seeing that, Chu Feng's expression turned into one of surprise.

It turned out that he was not the only one that had held back. That girl Chu Lingxi had held back even more than him.

It turned out that she had also managed to unseal the power of the Lightning Armor. Merely, she hadn’t used it earlier.

If she had used it, she would be able to increase her cultivation even further.

At that time, Chu Feng would truly not have been a match for her.

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