Chapter 3690 - The Strongest Immortal Technique

Chapter 3690 - The Strongest Immortal Technique


Suddenly, Chu Lingxi’s body began to emit a faint white light.

The faint white light turned into very thin armor on top of Chu Lingxi’s clothes.

After the armor of light appeared, Chu Lingxi’s cultivation increased again to rank five Exalted.

Seeing that, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and immediately released his Lightning Armor to increase his cultivation.

After all, only by increasing his cultivation would he be able to contend against Chu Lingxi.

That said, Chu Feng was shaken.

The armor on Chu Lingxi was very strange. Although it contained the power of a treasure, that was not all the armor was made of. There was also a bloodline power present in that armor.

That bloodline power was not a Heavenly Bloodline. It was a bloodline’s power that Chu Feng had never felt before.

“Girl, what is that on your body?” Chu Feng asked.

“Haha. Big brother Chu Feng, are you surprised?”

“What I’m wearing is my Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan’s treasure, the Ancient Clan’s Inner Armor.”

“This Ancient Clan’s Inner Armor can only be activated through our Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan’s bloodline power. After it is activated, it will increase one’s battle power.”

“As for me, I am more amazing than ordinary people. Instead of only increasing my battle power, I am able to increase my cultivation by an entire level.”

“Do you know how I managed to increase my cultivation by leaps and bounds in such a short period of time?”

“That’s because my Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan’s bloodline was suppressed by my mother using a secret technique the moment I was born.”

“Upon my return to the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan, my bloodline was released through a special formation.”

“Thus, the reason why my cultivation increased so much was not due to my talent. Instead, it is because of my Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan’s bloodline,” said Chu Lingxi.

“So, girl, you possess the powers of two bloodlines?” Chu Feng came to a sudden realization.

It turned out that it wasn’t that Chu Lingxi’s talent was insufficient, it was instead that her talent was suppressed.

This was not a transformation. Instead, it was an awakening. She had finally awakened the power that belonged to her.

It was no wonder her cultivation would increase in such a dazzling manner.

Speaking of it, even Chu Feng felt slightly envious.

It was indeed extremely fortunate to possess the power of two bloodlines at birth.

“Hehe. I know that I am definitely no match for you should I fight you using just my Heavenly Bloodline. After all, you are trained in the strongest mysterious technique for Heavenly Bloodlines, the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“However, a Heavenly Bloodline is not all that I possess.”

“Thus, big brother Chu Feng, you must not be careless.”

“Woosh, woosh~~~”

After her words left her mouth, Chu Lingxi unleashed her attack. This time around, her attacks grew particularly fierce.

Her legs gave birth to wind and created countless clones in the sky, which all rushed to attack Chu Feng at the same time.

She was no longer fighting Chu Feng using purely her sword techniques. Instead, she had used an Immortal Technique.

Seeing that, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and also used an Immortal Technique in response.

The two of them fought back and forth, and their attacks grew stronger and stronger.

However, in the end, they were still at a stalemate...

“Big brother Chu Feng, if you cannot withstand my following attack, say so quickly.”

Suddenly, Chu Lingxi stopped attacking Chu Feng and moved backwards.

“This girl?”

Seeing that Chu Feng’s gaze changed.

After Chu Lingxi activated the bloodline power of her Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan, she had been emitting a faint white light the entire time.

However, the faint light light on her body had now changed. It became even more sacred-looking.

Then, a bright light appeared atop Chu Lingxi’s head.

The light shone brightly, illuminating her surroundings in a sacred radiance.

From that sacred light, Chu Feng was able to sense an enormous power.

“Could it be, is this the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan’s rank nine Immortal Technique, Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo?”

“There’s no mistake, this is the Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo!”

“My goodness, that’s one of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s strongest rank nine Immortal Techniques!”

“However, it’s said that the Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo is extremely difficult to master, so much so that many of the elders of the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan still haven’t mastered it.”

“Chu Lingxi, with how young she is, actually managed to grasp such a powerful Immortal Technique?”

Many people began to exclaim in admiration. The Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo was simply too renowned.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Suddenly, thunder exploded in the sky as crimson, blood-red clouds gathered.

Half of the surroundings that were originally fully covered by the sacred light were dyed bloody red.

It was Chu Feng’s Immortal Taboo Martial Skill: Blood Lightning Technique.

Chu Feng was able to tell how powerful Chu Lingxi’s rank nine Immortal Technique was.

He felt a much greater threat from Chu Lingxi’s Ancient Clan’s Holy Halo than Nangong Yifan’s rank nine Immortal Technique, so much so that Chu Feng did not even possess certainty of victory when using the strongest technique he currently had, the Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique.

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