Chapter 3683 - The Aura Of An Utmost Exalted

Chapter 3683 - The Aura Of An Utmost Exalted

“What’s wrong? Have you all become afraid so quickly?”

The experts from the Blood-devouring Hall detected the crowd behind them cowering away and raised the mocking question.


The people behind the Blood-devouring Hall revealed embarrassed looks. Indeed, they were afraid.

The person who'd fought against Chu Feng earlier was a rank five Exalted. Yet, he was immediately killed by Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had fully revealed his overwhelming battle power. If they decided to confront him, wouldn’t they be courting death?

“Milord, the Chu Heavenly Clan is a despicable clan to begin with. There’s no need for us to uphold justice and righteousness for people as despicable as them.”

“It’s better to directly kill that Chu Feng. If possible I am willing to kill him myself,” said a man from the crowd.

His cultivation was that of a rank six Exalted. He did indeed possess the ability to kill Chu Feng.

“Our Blood-devouring Hall’s business is in taking care of others’ business. Thus, there is no such thing as reputation for us.”

“As such, we are not trying to stop you. Instead, we are thinking for your sake. If you decide to bully the weak, it will be you all who will be seen to have had an unfair advantage. Should the matter be spread, it would be rather unpleasant to hear." said an expert from the Blood-devouring Hall.

“This…” The crowd’s expressions became complicated. None of them were righteous people with principle. Otherwise, they would not have attacked the Chu Heavenly Clan again with the intention to kill after the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had spared their lives.

Merely, as experts from the Blood-devouring Hall were present, even if they wanted to directly kill Chu Feng, they did not dare to do so.

They could only listen to the experts of the Blood-devouring Hall.

“In that case, I will suppress my cultivation to fight him.”

As that man spoke, he suppressed his rank six Exalted cultivation to that of a rank five Exalted.

“Me too.”

Following him, other cultivators also decided to suppress their cultivations to that of rank five Exalted.

“Chu Feng, I’ll face you.”

In no time, ten people flew out and straight towards Chu Feng.


Facing the ten martial cultivation experts, Chu Feng showed no fear. With the Incomplete Exalted Armament Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword in hand, he rushed forth to confront them.

Suddenly, a sword aura swept forth and wreaked havoc everywhere, leaving spatial cracks all over the sky.

Even though the ten were all holding Immortal Armaments, they were not at all disadvantaged.

“What shamelessness. So much for suppressing their cultivation, aren’t they still rank six Exalted?”

The crowd had anticipated this. Not to mention the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, even the hidden bystanders voiced their complaints.

Rank six Exalted were, in the end, rank six Exalted. While they could suppress their cultivations to that of rank five Exalted, they were no ordinary rank five Exalted, as their battle power would still be astonishingly strong.

Furthermore, the current situation was that they were fighting Chu Feng ten against one.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, did not place those ten people in his eyes.

Even though their battle power was very strong, it was not a difficult task for him to defeat them should he want to.

However, Chu Feng didn’t want to defeat them.

The reason why he had asked for those of the same cultivation as him to fight him was so that he could stall for time.

This was done because he had no other choice.

Although Chu Feng had never entrusted his life to others, he had no other choice.

Chu Feng could only pray that someone would come to his rescue. This was the only thing he could do.

No matter what, it would be better than accepting fate.

Thus, not only did Chu Feng deliberately not win, but he even purposely allowed himself to sustain injuries. Chu Feng knew that those people would take delight in seeing his weakened state. If they were capable of suppressing him, they would be more delighted to continue fighting him.

This was even more so should Chu Feng be defeated by their hands even after he unleashed his full power.

Thus, Chu Feng was deliberately putting on a show. He had deliberately killed that rank five Exalted with a single strike, and was deliberately throwing the battle away now.


A sword swept past, and a cut was left on Chu Feng’s left arm.

Even though the cut was not deep, Chu Feng was still injured.

“Haha. Demon level genius? You’re only this powerful.”

The person who had managed to wound Chu Feng became extremely excited.

That scene also excited the others.

Earlier, they had thought that Chu Feng was someone that could not be defeated. However, they now discovered that Chu Feng was not an unequalled existence.

Back then, either they or their relatives were defeated by Chu Xuanyuan.

The defeat had left humiliation upon their hearts.

Now that Chu Xuanyuan had died, they were no longer able to seek him out for revenge.

However, Chu Feng, Chu Xuanyuan’s son, had reached the heights that his father had reached in the past.

If they were able to defeat Chu Feng, it would be equal to having defeated Chu Xuanyuan. Defeating Chu Feng would give them an enormous sense of accomplishment.

Chu Feng just so happened to know what they were thinking. Thus, he decided to satisfy their desires.

Chu Feng began to sustain injuries repeatedly. He was allowing himself to be struck by them repeatedly. As time passed, Chu Feng was covered in cuts and bruises, and even appeared to be in a very difficult state.

Although he looked to be in a very difficult state, he was still fighting on. Everything was done on purpose.

However, the people fighting him were not thinking about any of that.

Seeing that he was covered in cuts and bruises from their attacks, seeing that their weapons were leaving traces on his body repeatedly, they became more and more excited.

In fact, more and more people joined the battle, and began to besiege Chu Feng.

“Damn it, this is simply bullying.”

Seeing Chu Feng drenched in blood yet still struggling, whilst being insulted by those despicable people, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen felt extreme grief.

This was especially true for the people that had close relationships with Chu Feng. Even though they did not sustain any injuries, they were feeling deep pain.

Just like that, Chu Feng forcibly resisted the attackers for twenty-four hours.

Twenty-four hours was an entire day.

The day of fighting left Chu Feng with countless wounds, and a body that was completely mutilated beyond recognition.

However, the attackers seemed to not be tired in the slightest. In fact, they were becoming more and more excited.

They were taking enormous delight in Chu Feng’s pain. Even the people that were too weak to fight him, and could only stand to watch from the side, felt extremely excited.

However, there were also people that possessed intelligence...

“Milords, there’s more nightmares as the night looms. I think it is better to quickly extinguish the Chu Heavenly Clan,” an old man arrived behind the Blood-devouring Hall’s experts and spoke humbly.

“No one that our Blood-devouring Hall wants to kill will be able to escape from us,” said an expert from the Blood-devouring Hall.


There’s no but. Scram.”

That old man had wanted to say more. However, he was angrily denounced by another expert from the Blood-devouring Hall.

Helpless, he retreated.

After what had happened to that old man, no one dared to say anything.

That said, none of them knew that there were three grand existences watching all of this unfold from high above.

“They are simply too excessive. To bully the weak and young with numbers is very disgraceful to begin with. Yet, they actually have the shame to insult Chu Feng?”

“Not even I can watch this anymore. This bunch of trash is simply too abominable.”

“Say, are we to continue watching this?”

“Should we secretly act and kill this shameless trash?” said the Monstrous Holy City’s City Master.

“There’s no need,” said the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master.

“What’s with you? Didn’t you say that Chu Feng holds great importance? If this is to continue, he will die.”

“Are you planning to wait till he's about to die before actually acting?” asked the Monstrous Holy City’s City Master.

She was actually a very cold and detached individual. However, even she was unable to continue watching. From this, one could imagine how miserable the current situation was for Chu Feng.

However, the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master still showed no intention of acting. Not only that, but he was also very calm and composed. It was like he was not at all worried about Chu Feng.

“Brother Long, didn’t you want to see the battle between Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei? If Chu Feng is killed by that trash, it would truly be uninteresting,” even the Divine Body Royal City’s City Master was unable to contain himself.

“Say, exactly what are you thinking?” the Monstrous Holy City’s City Master asked with annoyance.

“What I’m trying to imply is that you all need not do anything,” said the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master.


Hearing those words, even the Monstrous Holy City’s City Master and the Divine Body Royal City’s City Master revealed a change in their expressions.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sound was heard.

Following that, the people fighting Chu Feng all lost their ability to fly at the same time.

Then, screams began to sound as they fell toward the ground.

Due to the fact that the impact was so strong, those people were thrust deep into the ground, completely covered in blood, and seriously injured.

Screams of pain began to be heard from those people.

“Crap! This aura!!!”

At that moment, the people that were hiding behind the Blood-devouring Hall’s experts all turned pale and shivered in fear.

They were able to sense the aura that filled their surroundings. That aura was very powerful.

With a single thought from the owner of that aura, all of them would explode and die. They simply did not have any ability to resist.

The reason for that was because that aura belonged to the highest cultivation in the Ancestral Martial Starfield. It was the aura of an Utmost Exalted!!!

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