Chapter 3682 - Surpassing Chu Xuanyuan (Teaser)

Chapter 3682 - Surpassing Chu Xuanyuan

“No matter what, you people are somewhat reputed. Are you all planning to bully a person of the younger generation like myself with numbers and strength?” asked Chu Feng.

“What do you want?” asked that Blood-devouring Hall’s expert.

“Even if I am to die, I should be allowed a death that I can accept. Is there anyone of the same cultivation that is willing to come and fight me?” asked Chu Feng.


The crowd were all startled upon hearing those words. No one had expected Chu Feng to put forth such a request when faced with enemies that he could not defeat.

“What’s this? Do you all not dare?”

“Do you all only know how to bully the weak with numbers and stronger cultivations?”

Seeing that no one responded to his calls, Chu Feng’s tone grew even...

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