Chapter 3674 - Dangerous Circumstances (Teaser)

Chapter 3674 - Dangerous Circumstances

“Brother Chu Feng, the dead cannot be brought back to life. You should restrain your grief and accept fate.”

Seeing the sudden pained look on Chu Feng’s face, Kong Tianhui, who did not know what was actually going on, thought that Chu Feng was feeling sad because of Chu Xuanyuan’s death. Thus, Kong Tianhui immediately went up to Chu Feng to comfort him.

“Big brother Chu Feng, don’t feel too sad. If uncle Chu Xuanyuan were still alive, he would not want to see you like this.”

“Chu Feng, you must be strong.”

Long Ning and Kong Ci also stepped forward to comfort Chu Feng.

Being comforted like that, Chu Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The reason why he revealed such a pained look on his face was because he felt that he had let down his father.


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