Chapter 3671 - Bullying The Young

Chapter 3671 - Bullying The Young

Upon seeing that old man, Lord Shoujian started to frown.

He immediately recognized who that old man was.

That old man was Beiyang Luo’s grandfather, Beiyang Duchuan.

He was a Supreme Elder of the All-heaven Sect.

Without a doubt, he was an Utmost Exalted-level expert.

“Beiyang Duchuan, this is a conflict between those of the younger generation. As a person of the older generation, if you decide to involve yourself in this matter, do you not fear that you will be ridiculed by others?” asked Lord Shoujian.

“Ridiculed? That brat used despicable means to defeat my sect’s Nangong Yifan. When he doesn’t fear being ridiculed, why would this old man fear being ridiculed?” Beiyang Duchuan sneered.

“Despicable means? Young friend Chu Feng defeated Nangong Yifan honestly and straightforwardly. All of us present witnessed it. How could you say he used despicable means?” said Lord Shoujian.

“You all are jackals of the same tribe. How could this old man believe your words?” Beiyang Duchuan had a look of contempt on his face. He was acting as if Lord Shoujian was lying.

“You!!!” Hearing those words, Lord Shoujian grew speechless from anger.

He knew very well that Beiyang Duchuan was there precisely to cause trouble for Chu Feng. They would be able to put forth all sorts of excuses. No matter how he tried to explain things, it would all be useless.

“That said, you don’t have to worry. As I am, after all, a senior, I will not be too excessive with this brat,” after saying those words, Beiyang Duchuan looked to Chu Feng. In a very casual manner, he said, “Brat, this old man is not an unreasonable person, and will definitely not copy your despicableness and shamelessness.”

“How’s this, if you apologize to Nangong Yifan and my All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations, and then cripple your cultivation, I will drop this matter.”

Hearing those words, the expressions of the people from the Ancestral Martial Starfield all changed enormously. When they looked at Chu Feng, worry filled their eyes.

To demand that Chu Feng cripple his cultivation, how could this not be called making things difficult and being excessive? This was simply an act to ruin Chu Feng’s future. It was even more ruthless than killing him.

“You wish to touch my brother Chu Feng? You’ll have to go through me first.”

At that moment, Kong Tianhui actually arrived before Chu Feng and opened his arms to shield him.

“The All-heaven Sect is truly arrogant. You people actually demand to cripple another’s cultivation without reason.”

“Very well. Since you are all so determined to cripple the cultivations of others, why don’t you try crippling my cultivation first?”

Following Kong Tianhui, Kong Ci, Long Ning, Xian Yun and many others also stood forth to shield Chu Feng.

Seeing that scene, Chu Feng felt moved.

As they say, in times of crisis, one will realize the truth.

Although Chu Feng had gotten along very well with Kong Ci and the others during the past couple days, he had not anticipated that they would be willing to stand up for him and shield him during this life and death crisis.

“Since you all have come for me, then allow me to settle this matter myself.”

Although he was moved, Chu Feng wouldn’t possibly allow himself to hide behind Kong Ci and the others, and have them shoulder the dangers.

Thus, he wanted to stand forth.

Unfortunately, Kong Ci and the others had completely blocked his path. For the sake of preventing him from stepping forward, they even used their abilities to increase their cultivation to forcibly stop him, refusing to allow him to go out.

They were not just putting on a show. Instead, they were truly planning to protect Chu Feng.


Seeing that, Beiyang Duchuan burst into laughter. Then, his expression turned ice-cold. “A bunch of brats dare to go against this old man?”


In the next moment, the oppressive might that covered heaven and earth suddenly grew even stronger. It turned into a strong wind and swept all the people blocking Chu Feng away like a bunch of fallen leaves.

Only Chu Feng was left standing there.

At that moment, the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations all frowned.

Although they were all from renowned powers, they were different from the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s Wuming Yuanzhi and and the All-heaven Sect’s younger generations.

Wuming Yuanzhi, Wuming Xiongmo and the All-heaven Sect’s younger generations were all people protected by Utmost Exalted-level experts.

They, on the other hand, did not have such experts protecting them. Normally, no one would be willing to provoke people from the Three Cities. Thus, they had always been able to do whatever they wanted, and had grown accustomed to being mavericks.

As such, the current situation brought them great displeasure.

It was the first time that they wished that their powers would also have assigned an Utmost Exalted-level expert to protect them.

If they were protected by an Utmost Exalted-level expert, they would not have ended up in their current situation.

They truly wanted to protect Chu Feng. Unfortunately, although they had the heart, they were powerless to do anything.

Under Beiyang Duchuang’s overwhelming oppressive might, they were unable to even move. Like pillars, they were fixed in mid-air by Beiyang Duchuan’s oppressive might.

Like that, they were completely helpless. Thus, how could they possibly protect Chu Feng?

“Brat, are you going to do it yourself, or do you want this old man to do it for you?”

Beiyang Duchuan looked towards Chu Feng.

His attitude was very aggressive. He was speaking to Chu Feng as if he were giving orders, as if Chu Feng simply did not have the means to choose.

“Why don’t you do it yourself?”

Right at that moment, a voice was heard.

When that voice was heard, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

The reason for that was because that voice did not belong to any of them.

Most importantly, after that voice was heard, three bursts of oppressive might appeared out of thin air.

Each and every one of those oppressive mights were at the Utmost Exalted level.

After those three oppressive mights appeared, Beiyang Duchuan’s overwhelming oppressive might was forcibly suppressed.

“Who is it?!”

At that moment, even the previously overwhelmingly arrogant Beiyang Duchuan took several steps backward as a trace of panic appeared in his eyes.

“Do you still not understand who protects this place?”

That voice was heard again. Then, three figures appeared at the same time and stood before Chu Feng.

The person standing on the left was a woman.

Although she had a middle-aged look, she was very beautiful. She was a seductive beauty.

Especially her figure, which was simply perfect. Seeing that figure, any man would feel one’s heartbeat accelerate.

The long purple skirt she wore seemed to be perfectly created for her. Not only did it perfectly outline her curves, but it also exposed her long legs.

If Kong Ci, Long Ning and Xian Yun were devastating beauties capable of causing the downfall of a city or state, then that woman’s beauty was capable of bringing chaos upon the entire world.

That said, that woman was not only beautiful, but her aura was also extremely powerful. She was emitting the aura of an Utmost Exalted.

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