Chapter 3669 - Exchanging Invitations

Chapter 3669 - Exchanging Invitations

Due to the enormous pain caused by the protective formation, Chu Feng had ended up losing consciousness.

He only gradually managed to regain consciousness after a long period of time had passed.

When he regained his consciousness, he felt unbearable pain throughout his entire body, and especially his head. He felt like his head was about to explode.

The pain lasted for a very long while before finally ebbing. Chu Feng gradually managed to become clear-headed.

When Chu Feng discovered that the Death God’s Edge was in his hand, even he was very surprised.

“I actually managed to obtain it?”

Chu Feng carefully examined the weapon in his hand, and discovered that it was indeed the Death God’s Edge.

With that, he became overjoyed. He remembered that he had lost consciousness before he reached the Death God’s Edge. Because of that, he'd thought he'd failed to obtain it.

Never had he imagined that he would be able to hold the Death God’s Edge in his hand at that moment.

Although he was unable to use it, unable to unleash its power, Chu Feng was able to sense how powerful it was as he held it in his hand.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind Chu Feng, “You must be planning to give it to someone very important to you, right?”

Chu Feng turned around, and discovered that it was Yin Zhuanghong.

Yin Zhuanghong had an extremely pale complexion, and her aura was very weak. It could be seen that she was seriously injured.

However, she was holding a golden sword in her hand. It was none other than the Emperor Netherworld Sword.

“You’ve also succeeded?” said Chu Feng.

“You’ve managed to obtain the Death God’s Edge. If I fail to obtain this Emperor Netherworld Sword, wouldn’t I have come here in vain?” The corners of Yin Zhuanghong’s mouth rose into a faint smile as she said those words.

Chu Feng was surprised. This was the first time he had seen her smile.

“So you’re actually capable of smiling?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

It was only after hearing those words that Yin Zhuanghong realized that she had actually smiled at Chu Feng. Immediately, she stopped smiling, and returned to being incomparably cold.

“What’s with this? That smile of yours is very beautiful, why must you insist on putting on such a cold face?” Chu Feng asked.

“Come on, it’s time to get up. You’ve been unconscious for ten days already. It’s about time for us to leave,” said Yin Zhuanghong.

“Ten days? I’ve been unconscious for that long?” Chu feng felt very surprised.

Yin Zhuanghong ignored Chu Feng’s question. She turned around and walked over to the stairs.

“Wait, did I really manage to obtain this Death God’s Edge by myself?” asked Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was feeling somewhat dubious. He was unable to be certain if the Death God’s Edge was truly obtained by him.

“Of course you obtained it yourself. Otherwise, why would it be in your hand?”

“Speaking of it, I am truly curious as to how you were able to continue to move forward in that protective formation even after you’d lost consciousness. Furthermore, you even managed to obtain the Death God’s Edge,” Yin Zhuanghong looked at Chu Feng with a stern expression.

“You’re saying that I obtained this Death God’s Edge after losing consciousness?” Chu Feng was overwhelmed with shock upon hearing those words.

“That’s why that world spirit of yours must possess an extraordinary relationship with you, no?” asked Yin Zhuanghong.

She was truly curious as to what sort of world spirit it might be that could make Chu Feng do that sort of thing.

“I don’t know how to describe it. In short, she is very important to me,” said Chu Feng.

“I understand.”

“Let’s go.”

After saying those words, Yin Zhuanghong began to proceed towards the exit.

Chu Feng stood up and followed Yin Zhuanghong down the stairs.

On the way down, Chu Feng discovered that the other weapons were all protected by a powerful formation.

It was simply impossible to breach those protective formations.

Likely, this change was brought about by Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong having each obtained a weapon that they fancied. The protective formations were there to prevent them from attempting to take another weapon from the pagoda.

This fully verified that the warning on the first floor was not a scam.

Once entered, one could only obtain a single weapon.

“For you,” when Yin Zhuanghong and Chu Feng arrived at the first floor, Yin Zhuanghong suddenly lifted her hand and tossed a title plate to Chu Feng.

The title plate said ‘Red-dress Holy Sect.’

“Are you inviting me over?” asked Chu Feng.

“My master has said that this is an expression of courtesy," said Yin Zhuanghong.

“You’re this courteous?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“If you don’t want it, you can forget about it,” as Yin Zhuanghong spoke, she planned to take the title plate back.

“I want it. How could I refuse this title plate? I am a very courteous person,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

At the same time as he accepted Yin Zhuanghong’s title plate, he also took out a title plate of the Chu Heavenly Clan from his Cosmos Sack and handed it to her.

Yin Zhuanghong was originally slightly hesitant to receive his title plate. However, ultimately, she accepted it.

After receiving the title plate, Yin Zhuanghong walked out. Seeing that, Chu Feng also walked out of the pagoda.

Even though they were met with that grand slaughtering formation when they attempted to enter the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda, their exit was completely tranquil.

When Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong exited the range of the pagoda’s grand slaughtering formation, Kong Tianhui and the other people of the younger generation immediately swarmed them, surrounding the two of them in multiple layers.

“Brother Chu Feng, Miss Yin, how come the two of you have such ugly complexions?”

“Strange, your auras, why are they so weak? Are you two injured?”

What the crowd was concerned with the most was the state of Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong’s health.

The two of them were both in extremely poor health. Especially Chu Feng; he was so pale that he looked like a dying man.

The two of them were not suffering from simple superficial wounds. Instead, both of them had received injuries to their soul. Otherwise, they would not look like that.

“I’m fine,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“How could you say you’re fine when you’re looking like this?”

“Young friends, take this medicinal pellet. It will bring relief to your injuries.”

Lord Shoujian took out two medicinal pellets and handed them to Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong. At the same time, Kong Ci, Long Ning, Xian Yun and even Wuming Yuanzhi also took out healing medicinal pellets and handed them to Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong.

The medicinal pellets that they took out were all very precious.

“Beiyang Luo, give me your Soulcast Pellet,” Nangong Yifan said to Beiyang Luo.

“Ah?” Beiyang Luo’s expression turned ugly upon hearing those words.

The Soulcast Pellet was a very precious medicinal pellet. It was something that his grandfather had spent a great amount of wealth to buy. His grandfather told him to only use it at a crucial time to save his life.

“Give it to me,” Nangong Yifan’s gaze turned cold.

He simply did not look like someone who was asking for a favor. Instead, he looked more like he was giving an absolute order.

It just so happened that Beiyang Luo did not dare to disobey Nangong Yifan. He took out his precious Soulcast Pellet and handed it to him.

After receiving the Soulcast Pellet, Nangong Yifan walked over to Yin Zhuanghong. He wanted to give her the Soulcast Pellet to help her treat her injuries.

“Brother Chu Feng, did you manage to obtain any weapons from the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda?”

“Oh? How come the two of you are respectively holding the other powers’ title plates in your hand?”

Kong Tianhui had originally wanted to see what sort of weapons Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong had managed to obtain from the pagoda. However, when he looked at their hands, he discovered that they were not holding any weapons but were instead each holding a title plate.

They were each holding the other’s invitation title plate. This greatly surprised Kong Tianhui.

“Shoot! That really is the case!”

In the next moment, the other people present also discovered the title plates. At that moment, cries of alarm sounded nonstop.

At that moment, both Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong were surprised.

It was only now that they reacted to what was happening.

It turned out that after Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong exchanged title plates, they were in such a hurry to leave the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda that they completely forgot to put their title plates away.

Upon reacting to what was happening, Yin Zhuanghong immediately put her title plate away. Chu Feng did the same.

However, it was already too late, as everyone present had already seen them.

This was especially true for Nangong Yifan. The instant he saw this, the joy on his face immediately disappeared as he stood there, petrified.

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