Chapter 3665 - Holy Daughter Yin Zhuanghong

Chapter 3665 - Holy Daughter Yin Zhuanghong

“Do as you say? Who do you think you are? Chu Feng is a Saint-cloak World Spiritist, shouldn’t it be you who listens to him instead?”

Kong Ci and the others were very disapproving of Yin Zhuanghong’s words.

They felt that she merely wanted to benefit from Chu Feng.

Thus, when she said such a thing so confidently, Kong Ci and the others felt very displeased with her.

That said, Yin Zhuanghong completely ignored Kong Ci and the others. and directly entered that spirit formation gate.

Chu Feng immediately followed after her.

Surprisingly, after the two of them passed through the spirit formation gate and entered the forbidden area, another figure followed after them.

It was Nangong Yifan.

“Why did you follow us in here?” Yin Zhuanghong asked Nangong Yifan. Her tone was very cold. One could even feel annoyance in her voice.

“Miss Yin, I, Nangong Yifan, am definitely not afraid of death. Since you’re planning to enter the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda, I, Nangong Yifan, will accompany you.”

“I’m not afraid that you will die. I only fear that you will become a hindrance. Do not follow me.”

Yin Zhuanghong’s attitude became even colder, and her tone became very vile. She even arrived beside Chu Feng and began to talk to him.

At that moment, Nangong Yifan’s expression became even uglier.

To be publicly denounced in such a manner by Yin Zhuanghong would make anyone feel displeased.

Furthermore, at the same time as she denounced Nangong Yifan, she was even acting so intimately with Chu Feng. Naturally, this would cause Nangong Yifan to feel very displeased.

Right at that moment, Lord Shoujian’s voice was heard, “Young friend Nangong Yifan, it’s better that you return. That place is not a place you can challenge.”

When such a situation occurred, Nangong Yifan became extremely embarrassed. However, it seemed like he had grown accustomed to this sort of embarrassment. After all, compared to the humiliation brought upon him by Chu Feng in the chess formation and during their fight, this was nothing at all.

Thus, looking gloomy, Nangong Yifan walked back.

“That woman is truly depraved. Since she refuses to listen to advice, might as well let her die in there.”

Right at that moment, a man from the All-heaven Starfield spoke fiercely.

He was crying out for justice for Nangong Yifan.



However, right after his words were spoken, he was sent flying. When he landed, his bones were all broken, and his body was covered in blood. He had been seriously injured.

It was Nangong Yifan.

Nangong Yifan had sent forth a palm strike that left him seriously injured.

“I do not wish to hear anyone speaking ill of miss Yin. If I am to hear that sort of thing again, even if you are someone from the same sect as myself, I will still not show any mercy.”

Nangong Yifan was not joking around. Everyone was able to sense his killing intent.

Seeing Nangong Yifan like that, even Kong Tianhui, who was originally sneering at him, stopped his laughter.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of Nangong Yifan attacking him. Instead, he was simply surprised to discover that Nangong Yifan was actually so infatuated with Yin Zhuanghong.

This had shattered his impression of him.


Right at that moment, rolling thunder sounded from the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda.

Lightning appeared from the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda, and soon covered a vast area.

In addition to the lightning were sharp winds and fiery flames. Each and every one of those powers were extremely strong.

Those powers were gathered at one place, and had completely engulfed Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong.

“Heavens! That’s no spirit formation at all, that’s simply purgatory!”

Seeing the powers released by the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda, the crowd were all terrified. Their complexions had all changed color due to fear.

Especially Kong Tianhui and the others. They were all frowning, and extremely worried for Chu Feng.

“Fuck! Those two are simply too heaven-defying!”

Soon, the worry on the crowd’s faces turned to looks of admiration.

Even though the flames, lightning and sharp winds were very terrifying, they did not block the crowd's vision.

Thus, as long as the people present decide to activate their observation abilities, they would be able to see the situation inside.

At that moment, the crowd were able to see Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong. They discovered that the two of them had actually discovered a place not covered by those terrifying powers.

It seemed like they had managed to see through the attacks from the grand formation, and ingeniously avoided all of them. Even though approaching the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda whilst avoiding the terrifying attacks nonstop was very difficult, they were indeed approaching the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda.

Furthermore, most surprising of all, it was not due to Chu Feng that they were able to accomplish such a feat. Rather, it was due to Yin Zhuanghong. She had grabbed Chu Feng and was avoiding the attacks and approaching the pagoda.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, did not do anything. He had placed his palms together and closed his eyes. It seemed like he had fallen asleep.

“I have truly underestimated that Yin Zhuanghong. Never would I have imagined her to be this powerful.”

Kong Ci, who had been looking down on Yin Zhuanghong earlier, gasped with admiration.

“Humph, that Chu Feng is truly unworthy of being a Saint-cloak World Spiritist. He actually has to rely on someone from our All-heaven Starfield after entering that place. His reputation is truly undeserved.”

“That’s right. With how confident he was acting earlier, I'd thought he held enormous skill. Turns out, he’s actually nothing more than a trash.”

Beiyang Luo and the other All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations began to insult Chu Feng.

“Isn’t it a bit early to say those things? It’s better that you all continue watching to see exactly how things will unfold.”

Right at that moment, Lord Shoujian’s voice was heard. He was speaking out for Chu Feng.

After he spoke, the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations shut their mouths. That said, many people rolled their eyes at Lord Shoujian.

They did not believe his words. Instead, they felt that he was discriminating in favor of Chu Feng.

Their responses were understandable. After all, Lord Shoujian had expressed his favoritism for Chu Feng very openly.

Yin Zhuanghong gradually approached the pagoda. Her every step allowed her to ingeniously avoid the attacks. If she had taken a single wrong step, she would have undoubtedly died, as the flames, lightning and wind blades were all extremely powerful.

When even a peak Exalted-level expert would end up being seriously injured should they be struck by them, Chu Feng and Yin Zhanghong, with their cultivations, would undoubtedly be killed.

Thus, even though Yin Zhuanghong was avoiding the attacks ingeniously, the crowd were still very worried.

After all, if they took a single wrong step, they would immediately be killed. No one present would be able to save them.

However, after an hour had passed, Yin Zhuanghong actually hadn't taken a single wrong step. Furthermore, they had arrived before the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda.

“Amazing, frighteningly amazing. Never would I have imagined that Yin Zhuanghong to be so outstanding. Could it be that she’s also a Saint-cloak World Spiritist?”

“Regardless of how she accomplished it, it remains that she has accomplished it. She has accomplished what even a peak Exalted has failed to accomplish.”

“I had originally thought that she was nothing more than a pretty face that gained her reputation through her beauty. Never would I have imagined that I’d actually underestimated her.”

“The All-heaven Starfield’s Reincarnation Upper Realm’s Red-dress Holy Sect’s Holy Daughter Yin Zhuanghong, truly possesses some capability.”

Even Kong Ci and the other Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations were praising Yin Zhuanghong nonstop. She had truly caused them to have a whole new level of respect for her.

“Something’s wrong! Yin Zhuanghong is unable to enter the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda!”

Soon, someone discovered that Yin Zhuanghong was unable to enter the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda even after arriving before it.

She was still avoiding the concentrated attacks. She even looked to be having some difficulty.

She would not be able to last for much longer.

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