Chapter 3660 - Shattered Pride (Teaser)

Chapter 3660 - Shattered Pride

“How could this be? Could it be that Chu Feng also possesses a treasure capable of increasing his cultivation by a level at the Exalted Realm like the Scarletflame Soularmor?”

Upon sensing Chu Feng’s aura, the expressions of many people of the younger generation changed. This was especially true for those younger generations from the All-heaven Starfield. They had looks on their faces like they’d been fed dog feces, and were completely speechless.

They no longer knew what to say. They felt their faces burning, and their hearts enormously stifled and on the verge of exploding.

Earlier, they were shouting that Chu Feng had an unfair advantage in the match. However, they now realized that Chu Feng had held back the entire fight.

This made them feel extremely embarrassed.

“Hahaha. Beiyang Luo, why aren’t you all saying anything...

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