Chapter 3658 - Martial Skill Vs. Immortal Technique

Chapter 3658 - Martial Skill Vs. Immortal Technique

The ability that Chu Feng used was the Immortal Taboo Martial Skill he had obtained from the Primal Sea Sacred Mountain, Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique.

The Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique was something that Chu Feng had picked up accidently in the Primal Sea Sacred Mountain when he first arrived in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Even though it was something that he had picked up off the ground, it was actually an extremely powerful martial skill.

Back when Chu Feng had first entered the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, he was only a weak True Immortal.

But now, Chu Feng had reached the Exalted realm. The speed of his progress could be said to be lightning fast.

However, even though Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased so enormously, the Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique was still the strongest offensive technique he possessed.

Because of that, it further revealed how mystical of a place that Primal Sea Sacred Mountain was. Even Chu Feng felt regret at not exploring it.

Had he stayed to explore, he might’ve discovered more treasures.

After all, he had managed to pick up the Blood Lightning Technique so effortlessly. If he had decided to search for treasures carefully, he would most definitely have been able to discover even more powerful treasures.

Of course, it could not be said that he had not obtained anything else after entering the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

For example, not long ago, he had been granted the secret skill ‘Descent of the Demon Exalted’ by the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

Furthermore, in the Chu Heavenly Clan, he had obtained the Nine Heavenly Lightning Slashes after ascending onto the tenth step of the Heavenly Lightning Steps.

Both of them were very powerful abilities. Especially the Nine Heavenly Lightning Slashes, its might was simply inestimable. It was most definitely a heaven-defying technique.

Unfortunately, the more heaven-defying a technique was, the more difficult it was to master it.

As such, the Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique was still the most powerful offensive technique Chu Feng could use at that moment.

Furthermore, after he unleashed the Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique, the people of the younger generation present were indeed astonished.

At the very least, it appeared terrifyingly mighty.


Suddenly, while the people of the younger generation were all terrified by the blood-red lightning that filled the sky, mocking laughter was suddenly heard. It was Nangong Yifan.

The crowd were confused by his sudden laughter.

However, after Nangong Yifan spoke, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

“And here I was wondering what sort of heaven-defying technique you’d be using. Turns out, it’s actually an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill.”

“Chu Feng, it would be one thing if you had decided to use an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill to confront a rank five Immortal Technique.”

“However, you’re actually so delusional as to use a trifling Immortal Taboo Martial Skill to confront my rank nine Immortal Technique, Dark Ghostflame? The way I see it, you’ve been forced into a corner by me, and have no other technique to use, isn’t that right?”

Nangong Yifan looked at Chu Feng with a mocking expression. He truly felt Chu Feng’s actions to be hilarious.

“What? That’s actually an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill?”

“With how mighty it appeared, I had thought that it was a rank nine Immortal Technique.”

After hearing Nangong Yifan’s words, the crowd’s behavior changed.

It was common knowledge that, no matter how powerful Immortal Taboo Martial Skills might be, Immortal Taboo Martial Skills could only match up against rank five Immortal Techniques.

It would simply be a pipe dream to attempt to use an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill against a rank nine Immortal Technique.

“Whether or not my Immortal Taboo Martial Skill can contend against your rank nine Immortal Technique isn't for you to decide. Instead, it’ll be decided by the outcome,” said Chu Feng.

“Very well. I will have you understand what sort of consequence you will have to pay for looking down on me.”


Suddenly, boundless black gaseous flames were emitted from Nangong Yifan's body.

The black gaseous flames soared into the sky and began to change shape, forming a giant silhouette.

Looking closely, that silhouette looked exactly the same as Nangong Yifan.

That silhouette was over ten thousand meters tall. Holding a halberd in hand, that silhouette rushed straight towards Chu Feng.

The enormous silhouette looked like a god that had descended upon the world of mortals. Chu Feng, on the other hand, appeared like a mere mortal.

Confronting Chu Feng, the enormous silhouette looked like a god passing judgement upon a mortal. Seeing the vast disparity, the crowd tensed up.

The enormous silhouette was extremely fast. With several large strides, it arrived before Chu Feng, raised the halberd and thrust it toward him.

“Oh no! That is no ordinary halberd! It’s a halberd composed of Dark Ghostflame! At such a distance, Chu Feng is simply unable to evade that thrust. Even if he manages to dodge it, he will still be wounded by the rapidly spreading Dark Ghostflame.”

Seeing that scene, even Lord Shoujian’s brows furrowed. His nerves grew tense. He was prepared to stop the battle at any moment.

He knew that Nangong Yifan’s attack could potentially take Chu Feng’s life. Lord Shoujian would not allow such a thing to happen.

If Chu Feng was unable to withstand the attack, he would immediately rush to his rescue.

Of course, he would not interfere unless it was absolutely necessary.

After all, if he were to act, it would mean that Chu Feng had lost the match.


Right at that moment, rolling thunder began to explode in succession. The redness of the sky grew even more dazzling.

The blood-red lightning, like enormous blood-red dragons, let out loud roars as they struck down from the sky in rapid succession. They were actually all striking the same place.

All the blood-red lightning struck at Nangong Yifan.

Although he was covered by black gaseous flames that formed a giant silhouette, the black gaseous flames were dispersing as they were struck by bolt after bolt of lightning.

Whenever a bolt of blood lightning struck the black gaseous flames, it would strip away a large chunk of them.

Being struck repeatedly by an enormous amount of blood lightning, the enormous silhouette composed of black gaseous flames was instantly damaged beyond recognition. It began to totter, and looked like it would soon collapse.

“Heavens! That’s simply too powerful. That Chu Feng… could it be that he’s really planning to use that Immortal Taboo Martial Skill to defeat Nangong Yifan’s rank nine Immortal Technique?”

“That's simply completely unheard of!”

Seeing that Nangong Yifan’s black gaseous flames appeared to be on the verge of being destroyed by Chu Feng’s lightning, many people of the younger generation simply did not dare to believe their eyes.

This had shattered their understanding of martial skills.

Had they not witnessed it with their own eyes, they would definitely not have believed that an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill could suppress a rank nine Immortal Technique.

“Bastard! Don’t you be pleased just yet!!!”

Nangong Yifan let out a furious shout. Then, the black gaseous flames dispersed by the lightning gathered together once again, forming countless giant black hands that rushed toward Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, before the giant hands could reach him, they were struck by the blood lightning and destroyed in midair.

At the same time, the blood lightning was still striking down on Nangong Yifan.

As the blood lightning continued to strike down from the sky, powerful energy ripples scattered in all directions.

Soon, the powerful energy ripples formed an enormous energy vortex, which began to spread outward.

Had it not been for Lord Shoujian, who immediately acted to seal off the energy vortex with his oppressive might, it would have obliterated the great majority of the people of the younger generation present.

Due to the havoc caused by the energy vortex, the people of the younger generation were simply unable to see the situation of the battle anymore. All they could see were nonstop red flashes appearing in succession within the havoc.

This sort of situation continued for a very long time before finally settling.

At that moment, apart from the energy ripples wreaking havoc, not a single sound could be heard.

When the blood lightning stopped, the crowd all shut their mouths and held their breath.

They were unable to move their eyes away from the battlefield. They knew that the sudden quietness could very well mean that the outcome of the battle had been decided.

They all wanted to know exactly who had won.

Unfortunately, as the energy ripples were still obstructing their view, they were unable to see anything.

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