Chapter 3657 - Dark Ghostflame

Chapter 3657 - Dark Ghostflame

“What’s wrong? Are you still this delicate and weak even after using a forbidden medicine to increase your power?”

Seeing Nangong Yifan being forced back repeatedly while fighting his Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe, Chu Feng began to make cutting remarks.

“Humph. Originally, I was planning to play with you. However, since you’re acting in such a manner, I will finish this meaningless battle.”

Even though he was clearly being beaten by Chu Feng, Nangong Yifan was acting as if he was the one that was winning.


Suddenly, dark black gaseous flames were emitted from his body.

As the dark black gaseous flames surged violently, they completely engulfed Nangong Yifan.

Although they were flames, they were invulnerable. Not even the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe were capable of breaching them.

“It’s appeared! It’s our All-heaven Sect’s Sect Protection Immortal Technique, rank nine Immortal Technique, Dark Ghostflame!!!”

Beiyang Luo and the other younger generations from the All-heaven Sect became extremely excited.

They were reacting like they’d been waiting for this the entire time.

“So that is the Dark Ghostflame?”

Even Lord Shoujian’s gaze had changed somewhat.

“Lord Shoujian, is this Dark Ghostflame very powerful?”

Seeing the serious appearance on Lord Shoujian’s face, Kong Ci and the others realized that the Dark Ghostflame was most definitely not an ordinary rank nine Immortal Technique.

“This old man has only heard of the Dark Ghostflame myself.”

“Dark Ghostflame is a rank nine Immortal Technique. It was created by the founder of the All-heaven Sect.”

“Dark Ghostflame is a very difficult Immortal Technique to master. It is said to be one of the most difficult rank nine Immortal Techniques.”

“If one wants to learn the Dark Ghostflame, one will have to burn one’s body using a special black flame daily. Through repeated tempering of one’s body, one will be able to sense the characteristics of that black flame. Only then would one be able to gain comprehension of it.”

“Due to the fact that it is extremely painful to learn the Dark Ghostflame, many people simply do not dare to touch it.”

“However, if one is able to successfully master the Dark Ghostflame, one would obtain enormous offensive power.”

“I’ve heard that the founder of the All-heaven Sect relied on precisely the Dark Ghostflame to massacre a Lower Realm.”

“After the Ghostflame passed, all the creatures in that Lower Realm were burned to ashes. Even the sea was burned dry, and mountains burned away,” said Lord Shoujian.

“He actually managed to massacre an entire world using that Immortal Technique?” The crowd’s hearts tensed up upon hearing those words.

Even though they knew that the size of the Lower Realms could not be compared with Upper Realms or even Ordinary Realms, it remained that a Lower Realm was a world.

Being able to massacre all living things, burn rivers dry and erase mountains. One could tell that the might of the Dark Ghostflame was not to be trifled with.

“That’s not all. If one is to release the Dark Ghostflame, it will continue to spread without stopping. Its attack range is simply enormous.”

“On the other hand, if one is to focus the Dark Ghostflame and gather it around one’s body, it will greatly increase one’s battle power.”

“At this moment, even though Nangong Yifan is only a rank four Exalted, his true might, with the Dark Ghostflame active, is infinitely close to that of a rank five Exalted,” said Lord Shoujian.

“That powerful?”

Nervousness filled the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations’ faces after hearing those words.

How was Chu Feng supposed to take on such a powerful ability?

“This old man also wishes to see what sort of ability young friend Chu Feng will use to take on such a rank nine Immortal Technique.”

Compared to the others, Lord Shoujian was not at all worried. Instead, anticipation filled his eyes. It was as if he knew that Chu Feng possessed some sort of ability capable of withstanding Nangong Yifan’s Dark Ghostflame.


Suddenly, the dark black gaseous flames that surrounded Nangong Yifan soared into the sky and turned into a spear. Their appearance was exactly the same as Nangong Yifan’s Incomplete Exalted Armament.

The halberd composed of black flames started to rapidly move, and rushed to confront the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe.

Seeing that, Chu Feng did not dare to hesitate, and immediately controlled the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe, sending them to confront the halberd.



After two loud clanks, the Ancient Era’s War Axe and Ancient Era’s War Sword were both beaten back.

The Ancient Era’s War Sword was better off. There were only a couple cracks on its blade.

However, the Ancient Era’s War Axe had shattered completely, and turned into gaseous flames that dispersed into thin air.

“So powerful!”

Earlier, the crowd had only heard about the might of the Dark Ghostflame from Lord Shoujian. However, at that moment, they were clearly able to witness its might.

With a mere two slashes, the Dark Ghostflame had managed to utterly defeat Chu Feng’s two powerful Ancient Era’s Secret Skills. From this, one could clearly see how powerful the Dark Ghostflame was.

“Chu Feng, this is the power that I possess when I’m serious.”

“Go ahead and admit your defeat. Do not force me to fight anymore. Otherwise, you’ll die.”

Nangong Yifan said to Chu Feng.

His tone was filled with arrogance. He was acting as if he had grasped victory, and Chu Feng was merely an ant that he could crush and kill at will.

However, only Nangong Yifan himself knew best how many times he had been toyed with by Chu Feng in their confrontation due to his own carelessness. While he appeared as if he did not mind it, his heart was burning with rage.

Now that he was finally able to recover some lost ground, Nangong Yifan would naturally have to properly humiliate him.

However, Chu Feng merely smiled at Nangong Yifan’s insult. “Admit defeat? While you might’ve become serious, I, Chu Feng, have yet to become serious.”


Hearing Chu Feng’s words, not only did the hearts of the bystanders tremble, but even Nangong Yifan’s heart trembled.

He was feeling afraid. He was afraid that Chu Feng would really possess the means to suppress him.

After all, Nangong Yifan knew that the rank nine Immortal Technique, Dark Ghostflame was his strongest offensive technique.

If even the Dark Ghostflame was unable to defeat Chu Feng, then he would likely really end up being defeated.


Suddenly, peals of thunder sounded from above Chu Feng.

Not only was the thunder very resounding, but it was also sounding nonstop in succession.

At that moment, the crowd were unable to keep themselves from raising their heads to look to the sky above Chu Feng.

A powerful aura was gathering and condensing at that place. That aura was battering the crowd’s senses.

Together with the powerful aura was blood red lightning, which appeared at the same place where the thunder was sounding from .

In the beginning, the lightning looked like mere reflections. However, they soon grew more and more distinctive. In merely the blink of an eye, the crowd were all able to clearly see the lightning.

The lightning was very dazzling. Like giant dragons, it galloped and spiraled in the air, releasing thunderous roars.

That lightning was no ordinary lighting. It was blood red.

The blood red lightning looked very strange and sinister as it moved about in the air. One would feel uneasy merely upon seeing it.

The people of the younger generation present all revealed fear-stricken looks in their eyes as panic filled their hearts.

The blood red lightning had covered the entire sky, and dyed the ground and all creatures on it the same blood red.

The Divine Armament Villa had originally resembled a paradise. However, at that moment, it looked more like hell on earth.

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