Chapter 3651 - Recovering One’s Cultivation

Chapter 3651 - Recovering One’s Cultivation

“Oh, what did you all say earlier?”

“Wasn’t it something along the lines of… if I, Nangong Yifan, wish to challenge Chu Feng, I must first pass through you all?”

“In that case, trash, what’s the deal now?”

Although Nangong Yifan was no longer fighting, he was not planning to drop the subject just like that, and began to insult Wuming Yuanzhi and the others.

Had it been before, they would definitely refute Nangong Yifan’s insults.

However, now, they were completely quiet. When even they themselves felt that they were trash, how exactly were they supposed to refute Nangong Yifan?

Seeing the five people that had completely crumbled, the corners of Nangong Yifan’s mouth rose into a pleased smile. That scene was precisely what he wanted to see.

Thus, he turned his gaze to Chu Feng again.

“Chu Feng, are you going to come out to fight me, or are you going to admit defeat?” asked Nangong Yifan. He was still not planning to spare Chu Feng.

In fact, if it wasn’t for his desire to challenge Chu Feng, Nangong Yifan would not have fought Wuming Yuanzhi and the others.

The reason why he had insulted Wuming Yuanzhi and the others like that was precisely because they became an obstruction to him teaching Chu Feng a lesson.

“Young friend Nangong Yifan, if young friend Chu Feng is unwilling to accept your challenge, you shouldn’t be insistent,” said Lord Shoujian.

“Chu Feng, my Scarletflame Soularmor has already disappeared.”

“I am momentarily unable to use it again.”

“Even with the situation being like this, do you still not dare to fight me?”

“I’ve heard that your father was a hero of his era. How could he give birth to trash as cowardly and weak as you?”

Nangong Yifan completely ignored Lord Shoujian’s warning and continued to insult Chu Feng.

“That Chu Feng is truly a coward.”

“Indeed, he's truly trash. Back in the chess formation, he acted so mighty. Furthermore, wasn’t it said that he'd managed to draw against Linghu Hongfei? How did he become such a coward the moment he left the chess formation?”

At that moment, the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations also began to ridicule Chu Feng. Like howling winds and torrential rains, their insults engulfed Chu Feng.

Chu Feng felt very irritated.

He was not feeling furious because of their insults.

Instead, he was furious because he was unable to fight, even though he clearly possessed the strength to defeat Nangong Yifan.

Most importantly, as he looked at the listless Kong Ci, Long Ning, Xian Yun, Wuming Yuanzhi and Wuming Xiongmo who slowly got up, Chu Feng felt very pained.

He knew that the battle had left behind a major trauma, a major mental shock, upon them. This sort of trauma might affect them for the rest of their lives.

Because of that, he felt that he had truly let the five of them down.

He truly wanted to go out and teach Nangong Yifan a lesson.

He also wanted to shut up those clowns from the All-heaven Starfield.

Unfortunately, he was unable to do so. This caused him to feel extremely stifled.

Suddenly, Chu Feng roared, “Damn it! Look at this situation! Can you all stop fighting and return my cultivation to me so that I can take care of this bastard?!”

Overwhelmed by the stifling feeling, Chu Feng actually shouted out loud in rage.

His voice was very ear-piercing, and akin to thunder. Everyone present could hear it clearly.

Momentarily, the scene became completely quiet...

The crowd present were all stunned. This included even Nangong Yifan.

They were all completely puzzled by Chu Feng’s sudden shout.

“This guy, is there something wrong with his head or what? What the hell is he spouting?”

“Has he gone mad?”

After they were momentarily stunned, the crowd began to speak.

However, when they looked to Chu Feng again, astonishment filled their faces.

They were astonished to discover that Chu Feng’s expression had changed from that stern look from before to a smile of joy. That was no ordinary smile. Instead, it was a smile of endless excitement, an ecstatic smile.

The reason why Chu Feng was smiling like that was because he was shocked to discover that, after that furious shout, the nine enormous lightning beasts in his dantian actually stopped attacking the Sacred Tree Seed.

Because the enormous lightning beasts stopped their attacks, the Sacred Tree Seed also stopped resisting them.

With that, Chu Feng’s cultivation that was suppressed because of their battle was restored to him.

“Holy cow! You’re able to hear me?!”

“You all are truly giving me face!”

Chu Feng was truly ecstatic. He was able to sense that his suppressed cultivation had returned to him.

At that moment, his rank three Exalted-level cultivation filled his body and soul.

It was all so very vivid!!!

“Brother Yuanzhi, Brother Xiongmo, Miss Kong Ci, Miss Long Ning, Miss Xian Yun.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng turned his gaze to these five people one by one. Then, he clasped his fist and bowed. “I am sorry.”


At that moment, it was not only the bystanders that were confused. Even the five of them were confused.

Wuming Yuanzhi walked over to Chu Feng and asked, “Brother Chu Feng, you… what are you doing? Why are you suddenly apologizing to us?”

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong?”

“Big brother Chu Feng, you… what did you say earlier? I don’t quite understand.”

Kong Ci, Long Ning and the others also walked over to Chu Feng.

“Brother Chu Feng, you don’t have to feel burdened by this. Challenging Nangong Yifan is something that we had always wanted to do. It was merely that he refused our challenges the entire time.”

“We were merely borrowing this opportunity today to challenge him. Even though the result is quite humiliating, it's still something that we desired.”

Wuming Xiongmo walked over to Chu Feng and patted his shoulder. He had a very meticulous nature. Compared to the confused Wuming Yuanzhi and the others, he had thought of the reason why Chu Feng had suddenly apologized to them.

“Young master Chu Feng, victory and defeat are common in fights. Martial cultivators do not fear being defeated. What we fear is winning too much. We are fine, you don’t have to blame yourself,” Xian Yun urged.

“And here I was wondering what was going on. So it’s actually that.”

“Brother Chu Feng, while I am no match for Nangong Yifan now, I will one day be able to defeat him. Whilst I’ve suffered humiliation today, I will retrieve my honor in the future,” Wuming Yuanzhi patted his chest.

Seeing the five people comforting him even though they were feeling very depressed themselves, Chu Feng felt even more upset.

After all, he had not known these five people for long. In fact, he had only spoken to them a couple times.

Chu Feng had truly never imagined that these five, the top geniuses that represented the Starfield Master Realm and the Three Cities, would be such loyal and righteous people.

“I, Chu Feng, will forever remember everyone’s kind intentions,” after saying those words, Chu feng looked to Nangong Yifan.


Suddenly, Chu Feng raised his arm, and a flash of light flew toward Nangong Yifan.

Nangong Yifan waved his arm and blocked the flash of light, knocking it to the ground.

The crowd had thought that it was some sort of concealed weapon. However, upon closer inspection, they discovered that it was a medicinal pellet.

However, as Nangong Yifan had put forth too much strength as he waved his arm, that medicinal pellet was shattered.

That said, the crowd were able to tell that it was indeed a medicinal pellet.

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