Chapter 3647 - Wuming Clan

Chapter 3647 - Wuming Clan

“That is not a treasure or Divine Power. Rather… it seems like a bloodline power?” Chu Feng muttered.

“Could that be the legendary unique bloodline power of the Wuming Clan?!” Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm.

Following that, all of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations burst into an uproar.

It was like they had discovered something truly extraordinary.

“That is indeed our Wuming Clan’s bloodline power,” said Wuming Xiongmo.

As someone who was also from the Starfield Master Realm, someone who was also from the Wuming Clan, Wuming Xiongmo’s words served as an absolute answer.

“A unique bloodline power?”

“As in possessing bloodline power at the same time as Divine Power?” Chu Feng’s gaze changed.

In the Upper Realms, there were many people that possessed bloodline power.

Bloodline power was not limited to only Heavenly Bloodlines. There were also monstrous clans and human clans that possessed unique Bloodlines that were different from Heavenly Bloodlines.

Possessing a bloodline power was an inherent advantage over ordinary martial cultivators.

After all, bloodline power was capable of increasing one’s strength.

In fact, some bloodline powers were stronger than even Divine Power.

Take Chu Feng’s Heavenly Bloodline as an example. It was an extremely powerful bloodline power, and could be said to be a top-notch bloodline power.

Heavenly Bloodlines not only had Lightning Marks that could increase one’s cultivation, but the Lightning Armor and Lightning Wings were also capable of increasing one’s cultivation.

Even though the Lightning Armor and Lightning Wings would be sealed as one’s cultivation increased, one could still unseal them should one be powerful enough.

Because of the fact that bloodline powers were very powerful to begin with, those who possessed bloodline power would not obtain Divine Power.

However, that Wuming Yuanzhi was clearly someone that possessed Divine Power. What he had used to increase his cultivation in the beginning was Divine Power without a doubt.

However, it was also obvious that he possessed a bloodline power. Thus, how could he obtain Divine Power on top of that?

Could it be that someone had helped him and forcibly assimilated the Divine Power into his body?

Such a possibility was indeed plausible. After all, Chu Feng knew that there were people capable of this. For example, in the Ancestral Martial Starfield, that Ox-nosed Old Daoist was capable of this.

“Brother Chu Feng, I am able to tell that you do not understand much about the Starfield Master Realm’s bloodline power,” Suddenly, Kong Tianhui’s voice sounded by Chu Feng’s ears.

Seeing the confused look on Chu Feng’s face, Kong Tianhui did not attempt to beat around the bush, and said directly, “The people of the Starfield Master Realm possess another name -- the Wuming Clan. They are a special clan of people. Their clan is very powerful. Practically every one of them possesses Divine Power. Furthermore, they’ve all attained perfect mastery over their Divine Power. It could be said that their mastery over their Divine Power is not at all inferior to our Divine Body Royal City.”

“That said, apart from Divine Power, flowing in their blood is a special bloodline power unique to them.”

“Merely, their bloodline power is sealed from birth. Reportedly, only after reaching the Utmost Exalted realm would they be able to unseal their bloodline power.”

“That said, there are a small portion of individuals that can unseal their bloodline power at the Exalted realm. The people that are capable of that feat are practically all capable of succeeding their Wuming Clan’s future clan chief, as it is a sign of their talent, a sign of their strength. Being able to unseal their bloodline power at the Exalted Realm will obtain everyone’s acknowledgement.”

“So that’s the case,” Hearing those words, Chu Feng came to a sudden realization.

Although the Wuming Clan possessed bloodline power, their bloodline power did not help them much. In fact, it could be said that their bloodline power did not help them at all.

At least, before reaching the Utmost Exalted Realm, their bloodline power would not help them at all.

That was likely the reason why they were capable of obtaining Divine Power.

That said, it was still an extraordinary feat for practically all of them to be able to obtain Divine Power. That was most definitely not something that could be explained with coincidence. Instead, it seemed more like they possessed some sort of special method to obtain Divine Power.

“Could it be… the Wuming Clan being able to obtain Divine Power has something to do with their sealed bloodline power?” Chu Feng asked.

“What you’ve guessed is also what many people think to be the case. Perhaps… it is truly related to their bloodline power.”

“That said, in terms of bloodline power, your Heavenly Bloodline is still the strongest. Even though you all are destined to be unable to receive Divine Power, you are capable of unsealing many different powers. I believe you understand this better than me,” Kong Tianhui said with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng also smiled.

He could not deny Kong Tianhui’s claims.

Indeed, Heavenly Bloodlines were capable of unsealing many different powers

Chu Feng was capable of using a Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor. One day, his sealed Lightning Wings would also be unsealed.

At that time, Chu Feng would be able to increase his cultivation by three levels in an instant.

That was something that other martial cultivators would not be able to accomplish.

It was something that only those who possessed Heavenly Bloodlines could accomplish.




Suddenly, the ground started to tremble rhythmically.

It was Wuming Yuanzhi. At that moment, Wuming Yuanzhi was emitting Cloudmist Power, bloodline power and Divine Power at the same time.

His entire aura had changed. He seemed like a deity composed of natural energies.

With every step he took, heaven and earth would tremble.

“Nangong Yifan, although the All-heaven Sect is powerful, our Wuming Clan is no ordinary clan.”

“You should know that, in our Ancestral Martial Starfield, there are still people capable of making you feel fear apart from Linghu Hongfei, no?”

Wuming Yuanzhi had a look of complacence on his face. That was not merely a sign of pride. After unleashing his various powers, he had become much more confident, arrogant even.


However, facing such a Wuming Yuanzhi, the corners of Nangong Yifan’s mouth rose into a sneer.

He was still smiling with contempt.

“First, never once did Linghu Hongfei make me feel fear. As for you, even though your cultivation has increased by three successive levels, you are still nothing more than a clown in my eyes, still a nobody,” said Nangong Yifan.

Ridicule. This was naked ridicule.

Being able to unseal his bloodline power at the Exalted realm, Wuming Yuanzhi was already seen as a successor to the Starfield Master Realm’s clan chief.

No one would refuse to acknowledge his talent and strength.

However, not only did Nangong Yifan refuse to recognize Wuming Yuanzhi, but he even gravely insulted him.

“Arrogant fellow. Today, I will have you experience the true strength that I, Wuming Yuanzhi, possess!!!”

Sure enough, Nangong Yifan’s words infuriated Wuming Yuanzhi.

The Incomplete Exalted Armament in Wuming Yuanzhi’s hand slashed down abruptly. An overwhelming sword aura swept forth.

Nangong Yifan spread open his hands. With that, the overwhelming sword aura disappeared into thin air.

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