Chapter 3644 - Like A Hero

Chapter 3644 - Like A Hero

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

“Damn it! You damned bastard! You truly deserve to die!!!”

Nangong Yifan was overwhelmed with anger. He frantically ran toward Chu Feng as he shouted furiously. However, as his chess power continued to be stripped away by Chu Feng, Nangong Yifan became very weak. In the end, he did not even have the strength to continue running anymore. With a ‘putt,’ he fell to the ground.


At that moment, all the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations had stunned expressions on their faces.

They were unable to accept the scene before them.

Nangong Yifan, the person who stood high and above, the person who they considered to be omnipotent, was actually lying on the ground powerlessly.

Nangong Yifan was already such an overwhelming and omnipotent person in the chess formation. Yet, he was unable to contend against Chu Feng.

“This is simply too amazing. This is simply no longer chess power. Instead, it’s the power of a god. My brother Chu Feng is simply a god who rules over the chess formation!” Kong Tianhui shouted.

“Indeed, it’s amazing. I originally thought that he was a monster. Never did I expect that he has surpassed the boundaries of a monster. His abilities are truly as Kong Tianhui said. God, it truly is the ability of a god.”

“At the very least, Chu Feng is a god in the chess formation.”

“No one would be able to contend against him. Even Nangong Yifan is powerless like an ant before him!”

Wuming Yuanzhi was also completely conquered by Chu Feng. Excitedly, he shouted praises for Chu Feng without holding back.

In fact, it was not only Wuming Yuanzhi and Kong Tianhui that were excited.

Kong Ci, Xian Yun, Long Ning, Wuming Xiongmo and the others inside the chess formation were also endlessly excited. Although they were all from the younger generation, looks of admiration filled their eyes as they looked at Chu Feng.

Outside the chess formation, the people of the younger generation from Ancestral Martial Dragon City, Monstrous Holy City and Divine Body Royal City were not only looking at Chu Feng with admiration-filled eyes. Instead, their eyes were filled with adoration. They were looking at Chu Feng as if he was their idol.

That said, the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations had ugly looks on their faces.

Earlier, they'd had extremely pleased looks on their faces, and were bragging about themselves while insulting Chu Feng and the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations. However, they now seemed to have suffered an enormous shock, and were completely silent and dispirited.

Defeat. This was most definitely a defeat.

Even though they did not wish to admit it, even though they were unable to accept it, the truth before their faces was that they were defeated.

“It’s time to end this.”


Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and a burst of power swept across the chess formation.

In the next moment, Nangong Yifan and the other seven from the All-heaven Starfield were all eliminated from the chess formation and sent out.

When Nangong Yifan appeared outside, he was still facing the ground.

Fortunately, the people from the All-heaven Starfield reacted quickly, and immediately rushed to support him. Otherwise, that exceptional genius, the strongest genius of the All-heaven Starfield, would fall to the ground face down and completely humiliate himself.

Soon afterward, Chu Feng and the others also exited the chess formation.

They did not bother to occupy the treasured grounds, since the outcome of the chess match was already determined. There was no longer a need for them to occupy the third world’s treasured grounds.


After Chu Feng and the others left the chess formation, the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations immediately swarmed them.

“Chu Feng, you are simply too amazing. Never did I expect you to be this powerful. Even that Nangong Yifan was absolutely powerless before you.”

“Brother Chu Feng, you’ve truly concealed yourself well. You actually pretended to be a newbie earlier and we all believed it to be true. You are truly too insincere, you were simply messing with us.”

“That being said, I'm fond of your insincere behavior. I'm truly fond of it.”

“This is simply an enormously pleasant surprise. If it wasn’t for you concealing your strength from the start, we wouldn’t have experienced the feelings of ups and downs. That is simply too satisfying.”

“Right, right, right. This is simply too satisfying. We’ve finally attained victory today. Look at the appearance of those All-heaven Starfield’s fellows. Just by looking at them, I feel extremely refreshed. Hahaha…”

The Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations were praising Chu Feng nonstop. They who had held contempt for Chu Feng earlier suddenly all viewed him as their hero.

“You all can stop with your praises. If you continue praising me, I’ll blush with embarrassment,” Chu Feng laughed.

“Someone like you can blush with embarrassment? The way I see it, your skin is even thicker than my big brother’s,” Kong Ci rolled her eyes at Chu Feng. However, after rolling her eyes, she said, “That said, truth be told, exactly how are you this powerful? You couldn’t possibly have studied Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess your entire life, right?”

“You might not believe me even if I tell you. However, this is truly the first time that I’ve entered the chess formation. It's also the first time I've come into contact with Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess,” said Chu Feng.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you mean to say that today is the first time that you interacted with Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess, the first time you've read the chess strategy ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand?’ Yet, you managed to comprehend its ultimate profoundness and execute it perfectly?” Long Ning asked while blinking her large eyes.

“Right,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Big brother Chu Feng, do you think that I will believe your words?” Long Ning blinked her innocent-looking eyes as she looked at Chu Feng.

“I think you do,” said Chu Feng.

“I don’t believe you, hahaha…” Long Ning burst into loud laughter. Then, she asked Kong Ci, “Big sister Kong Ci, do you believe big brother Chu Feng?”

“Of course not. That guy is even more capable of lying than my big brother. Who would possibly believe him?” said Kong Ci.

“Big sister Xian Yun, what about you?” Long Ning looked to Xian Yun.

Xian Yun smiled sweetly and gently shook her head.

“I do, I do. I believe brother Chu Feng,” Kong Tianhui spoke with a serious expression.

Chu Feng sighed. “In the end, it’s only Brother Kong who believes in me.”

At the moment when Chu Feng had a grateful look on his face and seemed like he was going to give Kong Tianhui a hug, Kong Tianhui suddenly added, “As if I would believe you! Chu Feng, you have truly concealed yourself well. Not only did you deceive them, but you actually even deceived me. That said, what you’ve done is truly refreshing. Hahaha.”

“Wuming Xiongmo, do you feel refreshed today?” Kong Tianhui asked Wuming Xiongmo.

“Refreshed.” Wuming Xiongmo smiled and nodded.

“Wuming Yuanzhi, what about you? Refreshed?” Kong Tianhui looked to Wuming Yuanzhi.

Compared to Wuming Xiongmo, Wuming Yuanzhi’s reaction was much more bold and unconstrained.


His voice was many times more resounding than peals of thunder. It caused the surrounding air to tremble violently.

Already feeling stifled, the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations clenched their fists with anger, causing their veins to bulge as they saw the excitement and joy of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations.

“Chu Feng!!!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard.

That voice was simply too ear-piercing. Hearing that voice, many people of the younger generation immediately covered their ears and revealed looks of pain.

It was Nangong Yifan. That furious shout had come from Nangong Yifan.

Chu Feng walked out from the crowd after hearing Nangong Yifan. He asked, “Brother Nangong, you need something?”

“Young master Chu Feng possesses astonishing chess power. I, Nangong Yifan, admire you fully.”

“However, playing chess is, in the end, only a small-time game, a cheap trick even. No matter how powerful one might be in the chess formation, it will mean nothing in the real world.”

“Both you and I are cultivators. Martial power is the goal of our pursuit.”

“Since young master Chu Feng possesses such astonishing chess power, your martial power must be equally astonishing. I, Nangong Yifan, hope to experience young master Chu Feng’s martial power.”


Nangong Yifan took a step forward. Like a dragon, he shot straight toward Chu Feng.

That was not seeking a spar with Chu Feng at all. He was planning to force a fight with him!!!

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