Chapter 3640 - Ultimate Technique?

Chapter 3640 - Ultimate Technique?

Nightmare. This was simply a nightmare.

Nangong Yifan was publicly accepted to be the strongest; the king, inside the chess formation.

He was the obstacle that the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations could not overcome.

Because of that, Nangong Yifan had left a massive shadow in the hearts of Kong Ci, Xian Yun, Long Ning, Kong Tianhui, and even Wuming Yuanzhi.

At least, he was an existence that they all feared in the chess formation.

“To control chess power treasures is the strongest ability of the ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand.’ Never would I have imagined that you’ve managed to grasp it. You must’ve put forth a lot of effort to do so, no?” Nangong Yifan said to Chu Feng.

“What? ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand?’ Wasn’t the ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand’ a strategy composed of numerous chess formations? How is it capable of controlling chess power treasures?”

Not only were Kong Ci and the others shocked, but even the people outside were shocked by Nangong Yifan’s words.

Even Lord Shoujian’s gaze changed.

Before, no one knew how Chu Feng was able to control all those chess power treasures. Even Lord Shoujian had no idea.

However, Nangong Yifan revealed the answer to the crowd.

“It would seem that you’ve also delved into that chess strategy,” said Chu Feng.

“I have. Merely, I feel it to be beneath me.”

“As the most difficult chess strategy, its ultimate technique is not setting up formations, nor is it controlling chess power. Instead, it’s controlling chess power treasures. In my opinion, it is simply a heretical technique.”

“A chess strategy like that is beneath me,” said Nangong Yifan.

Upon hearing those words, the crowd came to a realization. It turned out that the technique Chu Feng had used was indeed a technique from the ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand.’

That chess strategy was something that the crowd had all read before. Merely, due to how difficult it was, no one was able to understand it.

It was only after hearing Nangong Yifan’s words that they realized that the ultimate technique of the ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand’ was actually controlling chess power treasures.

Thinking of it, that was indeed a marvelous technique.

That said, at the same time, the crowd felt admiration for Nangong Yifan. Hearing his words, the crowd realized that it was not that Nangong Yifan could not comprehend the ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand,’ instead, it was like he stated, he felt a technique like that to be beneath him. That was why he decided to delve into another chess strategy.

“A heretical technique, was it?” Chu Feng smiled at Nangong Yifan’s mockery. He did not bother to explain much. Instead, he fixed his gaze onto Nangong Yifan and said, “In that case, why don’t you show me your orthodox technique?”

Hearing Chu Feng’s declaration of war, the corners of Nangong Yifan’s mouth rose into a smile. Very rarely had people seen Nangong Yifan smile. That smile of his caused Kong Ci and the others to feel their hair stand on end with extreme unease.

“Chu Feng, don’t infuriate him. While you still might not understand how terrifying that guy is, we do. Even with these treasures on me, I still am not confident in being able to defeat him,” Kong Ci said to Chu Feng with a quiet voice.

That girl had always possessed an air of confidence around her. She was someone who feared nothing. Yet, at that moment, she actually reacted in such a manner. It would appear that the shadow Nangong Yifan had left in her heart was truly deep.

“Rest assured, I am here,” Chu Feng winked at Kong Ci to indicate for her to be at ease.

“Ah? You?” Kong Ci’s mouth fell open. It was evident from her expression that she did not have much confidence in Chu Feng.

It wasn’t that she was looking down on him. As matters stood, they had already learned how powerful Chu Feng was. After all, those chess treasures she possessed were all provided by him.

However, Nangong Yifan had stated earlier that the ultimate technique of the ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand’ was controlling treasures. Chu Feng had done it already, and Nangong Yifan had also managed to see through it.

With the situation being like that, Nangong Yifan was still confident in his victory.

On top of that, he was never one to bluff. Thus caused Kong Ci to feel more and more uncertain of victory.


Suddenly, Nangong Yifan clenched his fists and released his chess power. His chess power was visible to the naked eye. It could be seen spiraling behind him. After his chess power dissipated, a black hole appeared behind him. The black hole landed on the ground.

“Could that be the Reversal Gate, the gate to the second world?”

Seeing that black hole, the people outside the chess formation all turned their gazes to Lord Shoujian.

They all knew that one could enter the second world from the first world, and the third world from the second world.

However, after entering the third world, the people in the third world would no longer be able to return to the second world. Likewise, those from the second world were no longer able to return to the first world.

There was only one exception -- if someone could activate the Reversal Gate.

However, opening the Reversal Gate not only demanded enormously of one’s chess power, but one must also be able to control the flow of one’s chess power. However, controlling one’s chess power was as difficult as learning martial skills. It was not something that ordinary people could accomplish.

However, that was not the most important aspect. Most importantly, the people outside the chess formation were able to see that such a Reversal Gate had not only appeared in the third world, but the same Reversal Gate had appeared in the second world too.

This meant that Nangong Yifan had opened two Reversal Gates at the same time.

If those were truly Reversal Gates, how powerful was Nangong Yifan’s chess power?

“Those are indeed Reversal Gates. Young friend Nangong Yifan is capable of disregarding the rules to forcibly enter the chess formation. Thus, opening Reversal Gates is naturally nothing difficult for him,” Lord Shoujian presented the answer to the crowd.

His answer made it clear to the people outside the chess formation. Compared to opening Reversal Gates, forcing one’s way into the chess formation was what was truly difficult.

Thus, the opening of Reversal Gates simply could not serve to display how powerful Nangong Yifan was. Opening Reversal Gates was simply an easy task for him.

The crowd still didn’t know exactly how powerful Nangong Yifan truly was.

“I am truly looking forward to the sort of spectacle Yifan’s chess power will bring forth in the chess formation.”

“That’s right. Let that Chu Feng be arrogant. He spoke of the third world being his territory after he entered it? I’ve seen boastful people before, but I’ve never seen someone boast like him. I truly look forward to Yifan teaching him a lesson.”

The people of the younger generation from the All-heaven Starfield were all making those sort of comments. This was especially true for those that had entered the chess formation, but were eliminated and sent out. They were filled with resentment towards Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, they were no match for him. Thus, they could only entrust their revenge to Nangong Yifan.

“Young friend Nangong Yifan’s control over his chess power surpasses this old man's. This old man also wishes to witness his true power. Unfortunately, there has never been a chance for me to witness it.”

“However, today, perhaps the opportunity will present itself,” Lord Shoujian had a look of great expectation.

“Lord Shoujian, do you mean to say that Chu Feng might be capable of forcing Nangong Yifan to go all-out?”

As the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations asked those words, they were very lacking in confidence.

Nangong Yifan was too powerful. Even though Chu Feng had displayed such heaven-defying performance, they were still very worried.

“I am truly ashamed. Both young friend Chu Feng and young friend Nangong Yifan are rare chess power geniuses. The two of them both possess chess power that surpasses my own. Thus, like you all, this old man is unable to determine the outcome either.”

“We will have to wait and see what the outcome will be,” Lord Shoujian said with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, the crowd all turned their gazes to the chess formation again.

Even though their hearts were filled with anticipation and unease, even though they wanted to see the results right away, they knew that what they were looking forward to would soon be known.

Soon, it would be apparent as to exactly who exactly, between Chu Feng or Nangong Yifan, was stronger.

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