Chapter 3632 - Inside The Chess Formation

Chapter 3632 - Inside The Chess Formation

“Lord Shoujian, why do you say that?” asked Kong Ci.

“Earlier, Nangong Yifan did not have any intention to enter the chess formation. However, when he heard that young friend Chu Feng was going to enter the chess formation, he declared that he would also be entering.”

“Thus, he changed his plans at the last minute,” said Lord Shoujian.

“Could it be a coincidence?” asked Long Ning.

“Perhaps you all didn’t notice. However, this old man was able to see it clearly. Although young friend Nangong Yifan’s gaze was not fixed on you all, his aura has been lingering around your surroundings the entire time. Furthermore, his aura was very hidden. He was secretly observing you.”

“Furthermore, this old man thinks that it's more likely that he was secretly observing young friend Chu Feng,” said Lord Shoujian.

“In that case, it would mean that it might truly be because of big brother Chu Feng?”

“That Nangong Yifan is simply too petty,” Long Ning spoke with her little mouth puffed up.

“If I had known this would have happened, I wouldn’t have allowed you to enter. With Nangong Yifan participating in the chess match, how are we to win?” Kong Ci looked to Chu Feng with a complaint-filled expression.

“You cannot blame my brother Chu Feng for that. Even if you all managed to gain superiority over the All-heaven Starfield temporarily, Nangong Yifan would join the chess match to turn the situation around,” said Kong Tianhui.

“The number of participants are limited. The only reason why Nangong Yifan was able to enter last time was purely through the coincidence that he was able to breach the equilibrium. How could he possibly force his way into the chessboard every time? No matter how powerful he might be, he’s still only human, not god,” refuted Kong Ci.

“That was actually no coincidence. Rather, his control over chess power is simply too strong. Even when standing outside the chessboard, he was able to absorb the chess power,” said Lord Shoujian.

“Lord Shoujian, you mean to say…?” Kong Ci asked.

“What I mean is that Nangong Yifan has a superb mastery over the Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess. Should he wish it, he would be able to disregard the rules and force his way into the chessboard,” said Lord Shoujian.

“Ah? He’s that much of a freak? How are we supposed to compete with him then?”

“We might as well admit defeat.”

Kong Ci and the others revealed dejected expressions. They, the pillars of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations, had given up.

“This old man does not know what you all must do to compete against him. However, what this old man does know is that if you all still don’t enter, the spirit formation gate will soon close,” said Lord Shoujian.

“Xian Yun, what are we to do?” Kong Ci looked to Xian Yun.

“Different situations call for different actions,” after Xian Yun finished saying those words, she flew into the spirit formation gate.

Seeing that, the others followed in after her.

Not long afterward, the spirit formation gate closed.

The chessboard was composed of three different areas. Each area was a different world.

There was a mountain range in each world. That mountain range extended from the center of the respective worlds, and divided them in two.

On the summit of every mountain range were treasured grounds. The party with more people occupying the treasured grounds would gain control over the area.

The method to occupy the treasured grounds was very simple. One merely needed to infuse one’s own power into them.

However, one’s opponent was also equally capable of infusing their own power into the treasured grounds. Thus, if one wanted to truly occupy the treasured grounds, one must fully defeat one’s opponents.

Another method would be to use tactics to delay one’s opponents.

Although the three areas in the chess formation were akin to isolated worlds, they did not contain a lot of surface area. On top of that, martial cultivators had a very far field of vision that would strengthen with their increased cultivation.

Thus, Chu Feng was able to see through the clouds and mountain ranges to the location in the distance.

The heights of the mountains were different, making them resemble the spine of a dragon.

From a glance, the mountain range resembled a giant dragon lying on the ground, separating the world in two.

Not only was Chu Feng able to see the entire mountain range from afar, but he was also able to see that there were eight gaseous flames soaring into the sky from the peak of the mountain range.

He knew that those should be eight treasured grounds. In other words, they were the locations where the two parties would determine the outcome of their match.

Apart from that, there were also ferocious beasts flying in the sky and running on the ground, as well as hidden lands of opportunities.

The ferocious beasts possessed enormous strength. If one were to refine them, one would be able to gain chess power.

As for the hidden lands of opportunities, they might contain all sorts of treasures that could strengthen one’s chess power.

Even though the crowd’s cultivation was still present in the chess formation, no one would be able to utilize their martial power or spirit power in battle.

There was only a single type of power they could rely on -- chess power.

Thus, if they wanted to win, apart from the chess power that they gained themselves, they could also use the treasures containing chess power gained from those lands of opportunities.

That said, killing ferocious beasts or finding treasures from the lands of opportunities were not the only methods to gain chess power.

After all, the world itself contained an abundant amount of chess power.

Through special methods, one could absorb the chess power from the chess formation itself.

That was also the reason why no one immediately proceeded to the mountain peak to occupy those treasured grounds, even though they’d all entered the chess formation.

Everyone sat down cross-legged, and were absorbing the chess power in the world.

Chu Feng casually examined his surroundings and then also sat down cross-legged. Using the method that he learned from the chess strategies, he began to absorb the chess power present in this world.


Not long afterward, Xian Yun’s body started to emit a white light. She appeared very sacred. It was like she was a god that had descended upon the world of mortals.

Following that, she leapt forth and shot straight into the sky like a white ray of light.

Xian Yun disappeared. She had left the first world and entered the second world.

That said, to Xian Yun, the second world was not her destination either. Her battlefield was the third world.

Soon after her, Xian Yun, Kong Ci, Long Ning and the others also started to emit the sacred white light.

Then, they also soared into the sky and entered the second world.

It was not only those with strong cultivations, as control of chess power was unrelated to one’s talent in martial cultivation.

Thus, even though some people possessed cultivations that weren’t very powerful, they were able to gain great control over chess power. Thus, those people were tasked with great responsibility in Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess.

In fact, even Kong Tianhui was emitting white light from his body.

“Brother Chu Feng, it’s your first time entering this place. If your performance is poor, no one will blame you. Just make sure to not defect to the enemy,” Kong Tianhui joked to Chu Feng with a grinning smile on his face.

“Rest assured, with me here, the victory of the first world is guaranteed,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Haha. We’ll be relying on you then.”

Kong Tianhui laughed loudly. Then, he also soared into the sky.

Even though he also did not believe Chu Feng’s words and had considered it to be a joke, the people from the surroundings were different.

They had taken Chu Feng’s words seriously, and were looking at him with contempt.

Even though they didn’t say anything, their gazes seemed to be saying to Chu Feng, ‘Guaranteed victory with you here? Who gave you that confidence? You’re nothing more than an extra, okay?’

Chu Feng completely ignored the crowd’s looks of contempt. After Kong Tianhui left, Chu Feng closed his eyes and continued to absorb the boundless chess power present in the world.

The bystanders did not notice that the method through which Chu Feng was absorbing the chess power was different from their method.

If the chess power entering their bodies was akin to a stream, then the chess power entering Chu Feng’s body was like nonstop ocean waves.

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