Chapter 3630 - Ice-cold Voice

Chapter 3630 - Ice-cold Voice

“Blue Jade Mandarain Duck Sword? There couldn’t be such a coincidence, no?”

The crowd grew skeptical. They did not believe that Chu Feng would have such luck to obtain the legendary Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword.

However, the sword was not only composed fully of jade, but its workmanship was also practically identical to the Red Jade Mandarin Duck Sword. Likewise, it also possessed a superb quality, and was a top quality weapon, even amongst top quality Incomplete Exalted Armaments.

Most importantly, the two swords were currently stuck together, and emitting a special sort of reaction. The two swords both had very sharp and overbearing auras. Yet, when their auras mixed with one another, they were in complete harmony.

They were like two lovers that hadn’t seen one another for a long time, and were extremely enthusiastic to meet one another again. If one were to say that they weren’t a pair, practically no one would believe it.

“He couldn’t possibly really be this lucky, right?”

The more they observed, the more the crowd were unable to comfort themselves. They had no choice but to admit that it might really be the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword.

“That is indeed the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword,” right at that moment, Lord Shoujian suddenly spoke.

Once Lord Shoujian spoke, regardless of whether or not the crowd wanted to accept the truth, they had no choice but to accept it.

After all, there was no one present that knew the weapons inside the Divine Armament Cemetery better than Lord Shoujian.

“Unbelievable, truly unbelievable. This pair of swords actually appeared at the same time,” even Lord Shoujian exclaimed with surprise.

“Chu Feng, you’re truly lucky. You actually obtained the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword,” when Kong Ci said those words, there was an unconcealable sense of envy in her voice.

Even though her Divine Body Royal City also possessed Incomplete Exalted Armaments, an Incomplete Exalted Armament of such quality was simply too rare.

Besides, it was a weapon obtained from the Divine Armament Cemetery.

“There couldn’t possibly be such a coincidence. Brother Chu Feng, tell me the truth, did you manage to see through something? You’re able to see through the weapons in the Divine Armament Cemetery, right?” Kong Tianhui said all of a sudden.

Chu Feng shook his head at Kong Tianhui’s words. He said, “How could I see through the weapons in the Divine Armament Cemetery?”

“Sure enough, it’s luck.”

“This guy was simply unexpectedly lucky.”

After hearing Chu Feng’s response, many people made such remarks.

However, to their surprise, before they could finish making their snide remarks, Chu Feng said to Kong Tianhui, “Although I am unable to see through them completely, I am able to make out some things. That’s why I told you to follow me. It’s your fault for not listening.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng took a glance at Kong Ci and the others.

“Bullshit. Who are you trying to deceive? How could that be possible?”

The crowd shook their heads in denial upon hearing Chu Feng’s words.

“Chu Feng, stop boasting just because you’re lucky. Who doesn’t know that all observational methods are useless in the Divine Armament Cemetery?” After saying those words, Kong Ci looked to Lord Shoujian, “Lord Shoujian, am I right?”

“It’s not that all observational methods are useless. It’s merely that ordinary observational methods are useless,” said Lord Shoujian.

“Ah?” The crowd’s jaws all dropped with shock upon hearing those words. Their complexions turned much paler, and complicated emotions filled their hearts.

“Actually, when Chu Feng’s father came to the Divine Armament Cemetery, he declared that he would take away the best weapon here.”

“At that time, many people felt that he was joking around. However, he actually succeeded. Say, do you all think that is luck?”

“This…” The crowd felt lost as to how to respond. After all, Chu Xuanyuan had never been someone whose accomplishments were said to be luck. He had always represented himself through his strength.

“Actually, it is not only Chu Xuanyuan. There were also other people that managed to obtain good weapons in the Divine Armament Cemetery. Even though ordinary world spirit techniques and observational abilities are practically ineffective in the Divine Armament Cemetery, that doesn’t mean that some extraordinary methods will be ineffective.”

“As for young friend Chu Feng, it is very possible that he possesses one such observational method,” as Lord Shoujian spoke, he looked at Chu Feng.

“Is that true?”

After hearing Lord Shoujian’s words, the crowd were no longer looking at Chu Feng with contempt. Instead, they began to view him with a whole new level of respect.

Of course, there were still people amongst them that were skeptical of Chu Feng.

After all, they had entered the Divine Armament Cemetery too, and all their observational abilities were useless. Thus, why would Chu Feng’s observational ability be effective?

Thus, they still did not believe that Chu Feng possessed some sort of observational ability capable of seeing through those blackiron weapons.


Suddenly, Yin Zhuanghong forcibly separated her Red Jade Mandarin Duck Sword from Chu Feng’s Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword.

After separating her sword, Yin Zhuanghong took out a Cosmos Sack and tossed it to Chu Feng.

“What’s this for?” asked Chu Feng.

He was not the only one puzzled; the bystanders were also confused.

“Consider it your reward for calling it to my attention,” Yin Zhuanghong had a cold look on her face. After saying those words, she turned around and left.

“Reward? What does that mean?” The crowd looked to Chu Feng. They were all longing for an answer.

They had a bad feeling in their hearts.

As for Kong Tianhui, he directly asked Chu Feng, “Brother Chu Feng, could it be that you were the one who selected the sword for big beauty Yin?”

He was the one who had selected it?

Kong Tianhui had asked Chu Feng what everyone wanted to ask. At that moment, the gazes with which the crowd looked to Chu Feng had changed.

Faced with the crowd’s gazes, Chu Feng nodded and said, “Mn.”


Once he confirmed it, the crowd were no longer able to remain calm.

Managing to select an Incomplete Exalted Armament was luck. However, to select two Incomplete Exalted Armaments, and lovers’ swords on top of that, that was most definitely not luck.

Chu Feng most definitely possessed the means to see through the weapons in the Divine Armament Cemetery.

At that moment, the crowd were no longer looking at Chu Feng with doubt and skepticism. Instead, they were looking at him with intense envy.

At the same time, they were furious.

To deliberately select the lovers’ swords, the crowd felt as if they’d realized Chu Feng’s intentions.

Chu Feng was most definitely interested in Yin Zhuanghong. He had done that on purpose.

“Fuck! Brother Chu Feng, why didn’t you say that sooner? If you had said that you had such an ability, I would’ve followed you.”

Kong Tianhui opened his mouth wide with a regretful look on his face. He seemed like he was about to cry.

“I told you to follow me. You’re the one who refused,” When Chu Feng said those words, he also looked to Kong Ci, Long Ning and Xian Yun.

“You’re the one who didn’t explain yourself properly. If you were more forceful, we might have followed you in,” Kong Ci’s attitude was very unyielding. It was as if the one in the wrong was Chu Feng.

“That’s right. Brother Chu Feng, why didn’t you try to persuade us? If you had tried to persuade me, I would’ve definitely followed you,” Kong Tianhui had practically the same attitude as his younger sister.

“Mn,” even that girl Long Ning nodded her head bluntly.

Seeing those three people's reactions, Chu Feng came to a realization. It turned out that being shameless was actually contagious.

“That said, brother Chu Feng, you are truly shameless,” said Kong Tianhui.

“The hell? How am I shameless?” Chu Feng had a look of contempt as he looked to Kong Tianhui. His gaze seemed to be saying ‘you’re the one that’s shameless, okay? I called you, you didn’t listen to me. Yet now, you’re blaming me?’

“Of course you’re shameless. There are so many weapons, yet you decided to choose the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword and the Red Jade Mandarin Duck Sword of all things. Furthermore, you decided to keep the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword for yourself, and told the great beauty to take the Red Jade Mandarin Duck Sword. Tell me, did you not do that on purpose?”

Kong Tianhui looked to Chu Feng with a vile smile. Before Chu Feng could respond, he added, “Even if you refuse to admit to it, we will not believe you. You most definitely did that on purpose.”

“I really didn’t do that on purpose. How could I possess such an ability to select lovers’ swords? This is purely luck,” said Chu Feng.

“Bullshit. You’re saying luck now? Brother Chu Feng, in terms of shamelessness, you’re truly the most shameless of all,” said Kong Tianhui.

“You are simply too shameless. Never would I have imagined senior Chu Xuanyuan’s son to be this shameless,” Kong Ci added.

“How am I shameless? The ones that are shameless are you siblings, okay? I called for you to follow me, it was you who decided to not follow me.”

Chu Feng and the others were talking and laughing. They were simply joking around like friends. The atmosphere could be said to be very delightful. However, when a voice was heard, the pleasant atmosphere was instantly shattered.

“Name your price,” said an ice-cold voice.

It was Nangong Yifan.

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