Chapter 3618 - Unfathomable

Chapter 3618 - Unfathomable

“This woman?”

Soon, Chu Feng discovered that the red-dressed woman was actually behind the monster.

The natural oddity monster was not only roaring, but it also revealed a frightened look on its face.

It was fleeing. It was afraid of that red-dressed woman.

Although Chu Feng did not know how the woman had accomplished that, the natural oddity was certainly fleeing.

How could this be said to be luring out the natural oddity? That woman was clearly forcing it out.

At that moment, Chu Feng could not help but wonder exactly what level of cultivation that woman possessed to make her so powerful.

“Girl, it seems like your help is no longer needed,” Chu Feng said to Yu Sha.

“That’s fine,” Yu Sha answered.


Roars sounded nonstop. Being chased by that woman, the natural oddity entered...

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