Chapter 3617 - Red Dress

Chapter 3617 - Red Dress

“Brother Chu Feng, this place is truly too scary. I’m slightly afraid,” Kong Tianhui hid behind Chu Feng.

“Look at your cowardly attitude. Rest assured, there’s nothing to fear with me here.”

“Have you forgotten what kind of profession world spiritists are?”

“World spiritists are professionals at taking care of evil and nefarious beings,” said Chu Feng.

“Brother Chu Feng, in that case, I'll be putting my life in your hands. I’ve not lived enough. I’m still a virgin,” Kong Tianhui said.

“You, a virgin?” Chu Feng had a look of disbelief.

“I’m still a virgin today,” hinted Kong Tianhui.

“Fuck out of here!” Chu Feng ruthlessly threw a couple punches at Kong Tianhui’s face.

That fellow was truly too shameless.

Chu Feng and Kong Tianhui continued onward. Soon, they reached a cave.

The strange light was being emitted from the cave.

Chu Feng and Kong Tianhui followed the cave forward. As they proceeded onward, the cave grew wider and wider.

Soon, they reached the end of the cave. There seemed to be a cliff at the end.

“My esteemed mother, what is that?!” Right at that moment, Kong Tianhui let out a shriek.

The reason for that was because a figure had appeared at the end of the cave.

They could clearly see someone’s back; a woman’s back.

She was wearing a red dress, and had a head of long black hair.

With her back facing Chu Feng and Kong Tianhui and being illuminated by the faint green light, she appeared very strange, and quite terrifying.

It was not only Kong Tianhui who was shocked. When Chu Feng saw the woman, his heart also tensed up.

Chu Feng had been following the aura of the natural oddity the entire time. However, he had not sensed that woman’s aura at all.

Even though the aura of the natural oddity was in the vicinity, Chu Feng was able to be certain that the woman before them was not the natural oddity.

Because of that, Chu Feng was on full alert against the woman.

“My goodness, are all natural oddities this scary now?”

“It actually has the look of a female ghost. This is simply too terrifying, too terrifying,” Kong Tianhui was shivering in fear.


Suddenly, a strange roar sounded from all directions.

The woman with her back facing Chu Feng and Kong Tianhui looked to her right.

At that moment, the woman’s face was revealed to them.

Although it was only the side-view of her face, even Chu Feng’s gaze changed upon seeing it.

Bright eyes, long eyelashes, a high nose bridge and perfect red lips.

Beautiful. This woman was truly beautiful.

There was also a red imprint on her forehead between her brows. This made her stand out a lot.

“Wow! So it’s not a female ghost, but rather a beauty instead!”

Upon seeing the woman’s face, Kong Tianhui opened his mouth and started drooling.

He took a step forward, and then started running toward the woman.

Once Kong Tianhui left Chu Feng’s concealment formation, the woman immediately detected him. At the same time as she looked at Kong Tianhui, she let out a furious shout, “Step down!”


Following that, the woman’s leapt into the air.


The ear-piercing roar sounded again. Following that, a huge monster emerged from below the cliff.

It was a whale-like monster. Its entire body was transparent, and emitting a faint jade-green light. At that moment, it had its mouth wide open, and was moving to bite the woman.

The woman’s reaction was very fast. Her body shifted as she rapidly flew away.

However, the monster was not willing to let go. It released boundless suction power.

That said, the woman was not affected by the suction. She was still falling back from the monster, creating more distance between them.

Although the woman was not affected by the suction, Kong Tianhui, who stood near her original location, was affected.


Everything happened too quickly. By the time Chu Feng reacted to it, Kong Tianhui was already sucked into that monster’s stomach.

After sucking Kong Tianhui into its stomach, the monster turned around and went back down to the cliff.

Chu Feng immediately gave chase upon seeing it. However, that monster’s speed was simply too fast. Chu Feng was unable to catch up to it.

Chu Feng could only follow after it and continue to give chase. Ultimately, he arrived at a sea.

The sound of waves could be heard all over. No sign of land could be seen. This underground sea was very strange.

The reason for that was because the sea was not composed of ordinary seawater. Instead, it was poisonous water. This sea was composed of poisonous fluid.

“This is bad.”

“Kong Tianhui couldn’t possibly have been eaten just like that right?” Chu Feng frowned. A worried expression was fully present on his face.

“That’s your friend?” Right at that moment, the woman’s voice was heard.

Chu Feng turned around, and saw that the stunning red-dressed beauty was standing behind him. He actually hadn’t detected her.

“You can see me?”

Chu Feng was very shocked. After all, there was still a concealment formation around him.

However, that woman was looking straight at him. This most likely meant that she was able to see him.

The woman did not answer Chu Feng’s question. Instead, she directly asked, “Do you wish to save him?”

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded. At the same time, he waved his sleeve, and the concealment formation around him dissipated.

Chu Feng had confirmed that the woman was able to see him. Since she was able to see him, there was no need for him to keep the concealment formation active.

“If you want to save him, cooperate with me,” said the woman.

“Very well. How do you want to cooperate?” Chu Feng asked.

“I will lure it out. You use your spirit formation to contain it.”

“Since you’re a Saint-cloak World Spiritist, that shouldn’t be an issue for you, no?” asked the woman.

“How are we to split it once we capture it?” asked Chu Feng.

“Half and half,” said the woman.

“Deal,” Chu Feng answered.

“Then you can go ahead and set up your formation,” after the woman finished saying those words, she sat down cross-legged and closed her eyes. It seemed like she was training.

Chu Feng was unable to detect the woman’s aura. He was also unable to see through her cultivation. He concluded that the woman must possess some sort of treasure capable of concealing her aura. Furthermore, that treasure was very powerful.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for a Saint-cloak World Spiritist like Chu Feng to not be able to determine her cultivation.

Of course. There was also another possibility. That is, although that woman had a youthful appearance, she was actually an existence that had lived and trained for many years.

That said, Chu Feng did not bother to think about those things. Instead, he immediately began to set up a spirit formation that was capable of trapping and refining the natural oddity.

According to Chu Feng’s deductions, Kong Tianhui would likely not immediately die after being captured by that natural oddity. However, he had to find it quickly, or else Kong Tianhui would be in fatal danger.

That said, the natural oddity was no small matter. Even though Chu Feng was putting all his effort into setting up the spirit formation, it took him an entire hour to complete his spirit formation.

Seeing that Chu Feng’s spirit formation was complete, the woman suddenly stood up, arrived before Chu Feng and asked him, “Done?”

“Done,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Wait here for me. I will go and lure it out,” said the woman.

“Lure it out?” Chu Feng was surprised.

However, the woman ignored him. She directly began to walk further into the sea made of poisonous fluid.


Seeing that, Chu Feng wanted to warn her that the seawater was very dangerous.

However, he noticed the woman’s hand streaking across her Cosmos Sack. After that, a paper talisman appeared in her hand. Chu Feng was able to tell that that paper talisman should be a protective talisman. Furthermore, it was a very powerful one.


Sure enough, after the woman pinched the paper talisman, it turned into red gaseous flames. The red gaseous flames began to disperse into her surroundings, and formed a barrier around the woman.

Following that, the woman leapt into the sea.

“Girl, that natural oddity is quite powerful. I might need your help later,” Chu Feng said to Yu Sha.

“Okay,” Yu Sha answered.

Following that, Chu Feng decided to stay in the formation and wait.

He was waiting for that woman to lure the natural oddity out so that he could use the spirit formation to launch a fatal attack at it.


Not long afterward, the previously tranquil sea started to surge with giant, heaven-reaching waves.

The waves grew fiercer and fiercer. Like a myriad of monsters, they surged violently throughout the sea.


Suddenly, a giant wave soared into the sky. With that, the natural oddity appeared again.

As that natural oddity was transparent, Chu Feng was able to see that Kong Tianhui was still in its stomach.

Kong Tianhui was still alive, and his body was still intact. Although he was unconscious, his situation was not very dangerous.

Even though he had anticipated it, Chu Feng still sighed in relief upon discovering that Kong Tianhui was really still safe.

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