Chapter 3613 - The Descent Of The Demon Exalted

Chapter 3613 - The Descent Of The Demon Exalted

“This old man will not seal its power forever. When the time is right, it will unseal itself. You don't have to worry about it.”

“This old man is only sealing it so that you will not think about depending on it. Without relying on others or other things, it will only be beneficial and not detrimental to your future cultivation,” said the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.


Chu Feng felt conflicted. Although the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted was doing it for his good, he was still going to get rid of a trump card that he could use to protect his life.

“Young friend, I will tell you the same thing again. When the time is right, the seal will naturally unseal itself.”

“Perhaps you will hate this old man right now. However, in the future, you will thank me.”

As the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted said those words, Chu Feng was able to sense that his attitude was very firm.

He sighed. “Very well then. We’ll do as senior suggests.”

Seeing the determined Blood-devouring Demon Exalted, Chu Feng had no choice but to come to terms with it.

“Senior, are you able to tell this junior about the Void Sacred Tree in detail?”

“Exactly where does it come from? Why would it end up in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm when it possesses such power?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, this old man was truly not lying to you when I told you that my memories about the Ancient Era are unclear. Originally, I still remembered a bit. However, I am now unable to remember anything.”

“You merely need to know that the power of the Void Sacred Tree that’s in your body right now is something that all martial cultivators seek to obtain.”

“Thus, do not mention it to anyone, not even your close relatives. Understand?”

“This is not only to protect it, it is also to protect you,” said the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

“Thank you for your warning, senior. This junior will definitely keep this matter confidential,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s the correct decision,” the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted nodded in satisfaction.

“This old man is trained in the Blood-devouring Demon Technique. It will not provide much assistance to you. Although this place is a sacred cultivation ground, it's only the case for those that have trained in the Blood-devouring Demon Technique. Thus, it will not help you at all.”

“However, you’ve helped this old man enormously, and have received such a harsh test from me. As such, it's only right for me to help you a bit.”

“Take this. It’s my gift to you,” as the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted spoke, he took out an item from the gauze covering his chest.

That was an egg-sized glass ball.

Black clouds were surging within the glass ball, and strong winds could be seen bursting inside it. That was an isolated world.

The ground in that world was completely desolate. No trace of life could be seen. It was truly, extremely eerie and frightening to look at. It was like a netherworld.

However, there was an enormously powerful existence in that world.

It was a living creature, a terrifying creature.

Its entire body was blue. Bloody scars covered its entire body.

Its appearance greatly resembled that of the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen.

However, it was not human. Instead, it was a demonic being.

Although it had a humanoid appearance, there were two giant horns growing on its head.

The horns were like musk ox horns.

Those horns were extremely large, so large that their length was the same as its height.

There was also a pair of giant bat wings on its back.

The wings were even larger. They were ten times the size of its body.

Furthermore, black gaseous flames were spiraling around its entire body. It possessed a death-god like gaze. Seeing that gaze, Chu Feng knew that it was most definitely a demonic being.

However, Chu Feng just so happened to sense another item from the demonic being.


“Senior, that is a secret skill?” asked Chu Feng.

“It is indeed a secret skill. This secret skill was created by this old man when I was at my peak.”

“I’ve named it, Descent Of The Demon Exalted.”

“To the current you, this secret skill should provide a lot of help.”

“This old man is able to help you seal it within your body. However, whether or not you’ll be able to subdue it and make use of its power will be all up to you.”

After the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted finished saying those words, a snap was heard, and the glass ball in his hand shattered.


Surging black gaseous flames were immediately released from the shattered glass ball. In an instant, it flooded the surroundings.

At the same time as that happened, the demonic being within the glass ball appeared in the sky.

When the demonic being appeared before him, it was even larger than Chu Feng had imagined it to be. It was a thousand meters tall. As for the wings… they extended to ten thousand meters.

That said, what was most important was the aura emitted by it. Not only was that aura very powerful, but it was also an aura of death.

“Blood-devourer, you’re handing this Exalted to trash like that?”

A deep, resounding and overbearing voice sounded. The demonic being looked to the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted. Discontent filled its eyes.

“Young friend Chu Feng possesses outstanding talent and excellent character. His future prospects are unbounded. It is your fortune to have him as your master, your fortune to be able to assist him,” said the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

“Bullshit! How could this Exalted submit to trash like that?”

After it finished saying those words, the demonic being waved its arm, and boundless gaseous flames turned into blades that sliced toward Chu Feng.

The speed at which it attacked was simply too fast. As for the speed of its attack, it was even faster. Without being able to see the attack at all, Chu Feng felt the aura of death.

However, the aura of death soon dissipated.

Chu Feng saw that the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted had raised his own arm. With that, Chu Feng was certain that the earlier crisis was alleviated by the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

“You dare obstruct me?! You’re seeking death too!”

That demonic being was actually planning to attack the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

“You are not the one who gets to decide that.”

As the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted spoke, he unfolded his palm. Boundless suction power emerged from his palm.

At that moment, everything in the surroundings, with the exception of Chu Feng, started being sucked into the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted’s palm.

It was not only suction power. It was as if there was a world hidden within his palm. That palm was capable of devouring everything.

Before the enormous power, the black gaseous flames that filled the surroundings were all sucked into the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted’s palm.

Even that insufferably arrogant demonic being turned into gaseous flames and ended up being sucked into the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted’s palm.

Witnessing such a thing, Chu Feng gasped again in admiration at the strength of the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

The strength that he possessed might really be able to easily destroy an entire world.

“The Half God Realm is already this powerful?”

“In that case, exactly how powerful would True God-level cultivators and True Dragon-level world spiritists be?” Chu Feng was unable to help but wonder. At the same time, he felt how small he was.

Throughout all those years, he had continued to train, and gradually progressed to the level he was at at that moment.

However, never did he imagine that, before true power, he was still so small.

“Young friend Chu Feng, receive it properly.”

The Blood-devouring Demon Exalted’s voice was heard. When Chu Feng reacted to his words, his palm was pressed onto Chu Feng’s forehead.

Chu Feng was able to sense an ice-cold gaseous flame entering his body and soul from his forehead.

It was that insufferably arrogant demonic being. It was entering Chu Feng’s body.

“This guy is truly quite powerful.”

Chu Feng was someone who possessed many secret skills.

Chu Feng knew that as his cultivation increased, the power of secret skills would weaken.

For example, the fused Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe were capable of increasing Chu Feng’s battle power by a level before the Exalted realm.

However, that only held true before the Exalted realm...

Even though the Ancient Era’s War Axe and Ancient Era’s War Sword were capable of increasing his battle power by a level at the Martial Immortal realm, ever since Chu Feng had reached the Exalted realm, everything had changed.

Even though the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe still possessed very strong destructive powers, they were no longer capable of increasing his battle power by a level.

This was the disparity between different realms. As one’s cultivation increased, some abilities would inevitably grow weak.

For example, at a low level of cultivation, many weapons were capable of increasing one's battle power, and many treasures were capable of increasing one’s cultivation.

However, as one’s cultivation increased, those weapons and treasures gradually grew weaker.

It wasn’t limited to only weapons and treasures. Martial skills were the same.

As for secret skills, they would not be able to avoid that fate either.

However, the secret skill that the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted had given Chu Feng brought great shock to him.

Even though Chu Feng was uncertain as to exactly how powerful it was, he was certain of something else.

He knew that that secret skill was definitely stronger than the Ancient Era’s War Sword!!!

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