Chapter 3603 - Truly Unfortunate

Chapter 3603 - Truly Unfortunate

After Chu Feng regained his calm, his ability to make accurate judgements increased.

Based on his judgement, Chu Feng felt that the battle was initiated by the enormous lightning beasts.

The reason for that was because the nine enormous lightning beasts had been revolving around the Sacred Tree Seed ever since it entered his dantian.

In the beginning, he had not thought much of it. However, judging from it now, he felt that the enormous lightning beasts must have been observing the Sacred Tree Seed.

In the end, the enormous lightning beasts initiated the conflict. As for their motive, it was most definitely not simply to gain dominance over the Sacred Tree Seed.

Rather… they wanted to devour it.

The enormous lightning beasts wanted to obtain the power of the Sacred Tree Seed.

As the nine enormous lightning beasts were Chu Feng’s bloodline power, if they were truly able to seize the power of the Sacred Tree Seed, it would most definitely be beneficial and not detrimental for Chu Feng.

After discovering this astonishing truth, Chu Feng calmed down a lot.

“Turns out it’s because my bloodline power discovered that I am unable to refine this Sacred Tree Seed, and decided to help me refine it?”

“Mn, judging from this, my bloodline power is pretty decent.”

Chu Feng comforted himself. That said, his actions could not really be considered as self-comfort. After all, that was precisely what was happening.

Merely, he did not know how long it would take for the enormous lightning beasts to refine the Sacred Tree Seed.

Chu Feng did not wish for his bloodline power and cultivation to remain suppressed forever.

Although it would be fine for him to train in this suppressed state, he knew that it would be very difficult to attempt to make a breakthrough.

After all, Chu Feng relied on his bloodline power in order to make a breakthrough. When his bloodline power was engaged in a struggle, how could he possibly make a breakthrough?

Thus, Chu Feng hoped for the showdown that he was unable to control to quickly conclude.

“Succeeded! Succeeded!”

Suddenly, a series of joyous sounds were heard. It was Zhang Shirui.

“I’ve also succeeded, I’ve also succeeded!”

Following that, Zhang Boyi’s excited voice was also heard.

Looking towards the voices, Chu Feng discovered that Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi were also emitting a faint light. This meant that the two of them had also managed to successfully fuse with the power within the lake.

“This aura…”

“You’ve reached a breakthrough?”

Suddenly, Chu Feng discovered that Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi’s auras had changed.

Originally, the two of them had emitted the aura of rank nine Martial Immortals. However, their aura had changed to that of rank one Exalteds.

That said, Chu Feng was not overly surprised. After all, before they had entered the lake, Wang Qiang had already mentioned to them that they would be able to make breakthroughs should they carefully comprehend the natural energies and martial comprehension whilst fusing with the lake’s power.

When Chu Feng was able to make two successive breakthroughs, it would not be strange for Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi, being cultivation geniuses themselves, to make a single breakthrough.

“Aiyo. Not bad, you two actually both managed to make a breakthrough.”

Suddenly, Zhng Yanfeng’s voice was heard.

“Big brother, big brother, you must’ve made a breakthrough too. Are you a rank two Exalted now?”

“Stop hiding your cultivation. You’ve most definitely made a breakthrough. C’mon, show us what your current cultivation is.”

Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi both arrived before Zhang Yanfeng and looked to him with expectations.

“Hehe, don’t be shocked,” Zhang Yanfeng revealed a proud smile. Then, he released his aura.

Rank three Exalted!!!

The aura emitted by Zhang Yanfeng was that of a rank three Exalted.

Like Chu Feng, Zhang Yanfeng had made two successive breakthroughs.

“Holy hell. Big brother, you’re simply too amazing. You actually made two successive breakthroughs?” Zhang Boyi opened his mouth wide with shock.

Zhang Shirui also had an astonished look in her eyes.

Seeing his younger brother and younger sister acting like that, the proud expression on Zhang Yanfeng’s face grew even more intense. Evidently, this was precisely the result he had hoped for.

“It’s done. You’re ruining our egos. It’s one thing for you to make a single breakthrough, but to make two successive breakthroughs, the disparity between you and us has grown even greater.”

After feeling shocked, Zhang Shirui showed slight displeasure.

“That’s right, that’s right. How are the two of us supposed to catch up to you?” Zhang Boyi also curled his lips.

“You can’t blame me for this. The three of us all ascended to the Void Seats earlier.”

“Although the natural energies and martial comprehension there are inferior to this place, they are still no small matter. Otherwise, our Lord Clan Chief wouldn’t have been able to make a breakthrough to the Utmost Exalted realm.”

“As for me, I’d already managed to sense the breakthrough junction at that time. I merely didn’t attempt to make a breakthrough.”

“Thus, to be exact, I’d already managed to make a breakthrough in cultivation on the Void Seat. In the lake, I’ve made another breakthrough in cultivation. It’s only when they’re added together that I made two breakthroughs in succession.”

“That said, logically, since I was able to gain enough comprehension to reach the junction for a breakthrough from the Void Seat, the two of you must’ve been able to do that too, no?”

“Ask yourselves, did you not try hard enough to comprehend? Did you not try hard enough to train?” After saying those words, Zhang Yanfeng’s expression took a huge change.

He was originally planning to comfort his younger brother and younger sister. Thus, he was earnestly explaining things to them. However, after he finished his explanation, he discovered that it was not an issue with him, but rather an issue with them. With that, his expression turned stern.

“Regarding that… eh….”

Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi first evaded Zhang Yanfeng’s gaze. Then, the two of them revealed embarrassed smiles.

From their expressions, they'd indirectly admitted that they really had not earnestly trained on the Void Seats.

“Has water gotten into your brains or what? That was such a rare opportunity. How could the two of you waste it like that?”

Seeing that the two of them actually admitted to it, Zhang Yanfeng was immediately furious. Even his gaze had turned sharp. He was not pretending. He was truly angry.

“Big brother, it really isn’t that we didn’t train earnestly. It’s just that there were too many things that happened then. Because of that, we were distracted.”

“That’s right. What lil’ sis said is correct. Things were happening in the Sacred Palace Hall nonstop. Who could possibly set their mind to train?”

Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi defended themselves.

“Who are you trying to deceive? I was also on a Void Seat then. How could I not know what was going on on the Void Seats?”

“If the two of you had trained earnestly, you would totally be capable of entering a meditative state. Once you do that, no matter how noisy the surroundings might be, you will not be affected at all, since you will not be able to hear the noises at all.”

“In the end, it’s still you two who did not put forth the effort to train.”

“Did the two of you see how many people wanted to obtain those golden fruits? How many people wanted to ascend to the Void Seats?”

“They did not possess the opportunity to do so. Yet, you two did. However, the two of you wasted such a rare cultivation opportunity. Is this how you live up to Lord Clan Chief’s nurture? Is this how you live up to yourselves?”

Zhang Yanfeng’s voice grew more and more stern. The anger on his face grew more and more intense. He simply seemed like he was itching to teach them a lesson.

It could be seen that Zhang Yanfeng was truly furious. However, he could not be blamed for his anger.

It was as he had said. Martial cultivators all sought opportunities. However, very rarely did opportunities present themselves. Once one encountered an opportunity, one should seize it. If one were to miss the opportunity, it would be an enormous pity.

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