Chapter 3602 - Cultivation Devoured

Chapter 3602 - Cultivation Devoured

After his second successful breakthrough and reaching rank three Exalted, Chu Feng continued training and comprehending the natural energies and martial comprehension in his surroundings.

However, he was gaining less and less. He knew that it was likely impossible for him to make another breakthrough.

However, it should be mentioned that after he succeeded in his second breakthrough attempt, he was able to sense that the power within the lake had changed.

There was an identical sort of power inside his body. It was like the lake was part of his body.

Chu Feng gave it a try to see if he could control the power within the lake.

He took a glance at the Zhang siblings, and then himself.

He discovered that, compared to the Zhang siblings, the water around him was emitting a faint light.

In simpler teams, Chu Feng had become different from the Zhang siblings.

‘Seems like I’ve succeeded.’

Chu Feng was very satisfied. In the end, he did not disgrace himself with his comprehensive ability. At the very least, he was faster than the three Zhang siblings.

That said, Zhang Yanfeng was quite talented himself. An hour after Chu Feng fused with the lakewater, his body also began to emit the same sort of faint light.

Right after his body started emitting the faint light, Zhang Yanfeng immediately looked to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng noticed that there was a trace of disappointment in his gaze.

Likely, it was caused by Chu Feng being faster than him.

That said, Zhang Yanfeng was quite a poised individual. After he noticed that Chu Feng was looking at him, he smiled and nodded at him. At that instant, the disappointment in his eyes disappeared, and was replaced with respect when he looked to Chu Feng.

From this, Chu Feng determined that Zhang Yanfeng was not only someone with exceptional talent, but he also possessed a decent personality. Although he was as shameless as Wang Qiang, his nature should not be bad.

‘This feeling?’

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. He discovered something extremely terrifying.

Chu Feng discovered that the Sacred Tree Seed in his dantian seemed to have awakened.

After it awakened, it actually began devouring his cultivation.

It was not devouring his martial power. Instead, it was devouring his cultivation. He was able to tell that the cultivation that he had trained so hard to obtain, the cultivation brought forth by the immense amount of natural energies, was currently being devoured by the Sacred Tree Seed.

Furthermore, the speed of the devouring was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng’s cultivation decreased from rank three Exalted to rank two Exalted.

‘What is going on?’ Chu Feng started to panic.

Chu Feng had gone through a great many difficulties in order to make a breakthrough in cultivation. Yet, it was devoured by the Sacred Tree Seed just like that.

What was more terrifying was the fact that the Sacred Tree Seed was still devouring his cultivation after it reduced his rank three Exalted cultivation to rank two Exalted. It was showing no signs of stopping.

‘Fuck! What the heck are you doing to me man? Granted you didn’t help me, but why must you devour my cultivation instead?’

Chu Feng was in a complete panic. How could he not be? His cultivation had been so difficult to obtain. Yet, it was being devoured by the Sacred Tree Seed.

If this were to continue, wouldn’t his cultivation be completely devoured?

However, Chu Feng soon discovered that the speed at which the Sacred Tree Seed was devouring his cultivation had slowed. Finally, when Chu Feng’s cultivation was back to rank one Exalted, it stopped.

At that moment, the previously panicked Chu Feng calmed down a bit. He cast his consciousness into his dantian and began to carefully inspect the situation within it.

“What is going on here?”

Upon doing so, Chu Feng was surprised to discover that a strange scene had occurred in his dantian.

His dantian was like a vast martial cultivation world.

In the center of that world was the Sacred Tree Seed. Surrounding the Sacred Tree Seed was the power of his bloodline, the nine enormous lightning beasts.

The Sacred Tree Seed was emitting green gaseous flames nonstop. Like green ripples, the gaseous flames covered the nine enormous lightning beasts in Chu Feng’s dantian.

After being covered by the green gaseous flames, Chu Feng’s bloodline’s power was sealed away.

Regardless of whether it might be his Lightning Mark or Lightning Armor, he was now unable to use either of them.


Soon, Chu Feng discovered that it seemed to not be caused by the green gaseous flames emitted by the Sacred Tree Seed. Instead, it was the nine enormous lightning beasts. They were devouring the gaseous flames emitted by the Sacred Tree Seed.

To be exact, they were devouring the power of the Sacred Tree Seed.

“Strange. The power of the green gaseous flames and the power being devoured by the lightning beasts are completely different,” Chu Feng soon discovered that there were actually two different powers that were being emitted by the Sacred Tree Seed.

One was the green gaseous flames that the Sacred Tree Seed was voluntarily emitting. It was using the green gaseous flames to attack the lightning beasts. However, its attacks were practically ineffective.

As for the other power, it was completely formless. That was the power the lightning beasts were devouring.

This formless power was not being voluntarily emitted by the Sacred Tree Seed. Instead, it was being forcibly drawn forth from the Sacred Tree Seed by the enormous lightning beasts.

“Could it be that the bloodline power within my body is currently engaged in a battle against the Sacred Tree Seed?”

This thought came to Chu Feng’s mind. With it, he continued with his observation.

Soon, he confirmed his suspicion.

The lightning beasts and the Sacred Tree Seed were indeed in a confrontation.

Chu Feng did not understand why they would suddenly start fighting each other.

Could it be that the lightning beasts were trying to display their dominance?

After all, the lightning beasts had always occupied his dantian where his cultivation was gathered.

The sudden appearance of the Sacred Tree Seed causing the enormous lightning beasts to display their dominance was understandable.

“Please, can you all not involve me in your battle?”

Chu Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The two levels of cultivation that he had obtained through great difficulty had disappeared because of the battle between the enormous lightning beasts and the Sacred Tree Seed.

Furthermore, even the power of his bloodline had been sealed.

Most helpless of all, Chu Feng was unable to do anything about the situation. He was unable to interfere, and unable to stop them. All he could do was look on helplessly as it happened to him.

He sighed. “This is truly too tragic. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have ascended onto that bullshit Sacred Tree Throne.”

“What bullshit cultivation treasure. Never have I met a cultivation treasure like this. Not only was it unable to help me increase my cultivation, but it instead devoured my cultivation.”

Chu Feng was filled with discontent. However, he could only curse in his heart. After all, if he were to speak of it, no one would believe him.

Even for Chu Feng himself, it was the first time he had heard that his bloodline power could actually battle with a cultivation treasure.

However, later on, Chu Feng discovered that his cultivation seemed to not really have been devoured by the Sacred Tree Seed. Instead, it had been suppressed by the Sacred Tree Seed.

Even though the Sacred Tree Seed had attacked the enormous lightning beasts, it did not cause any actual harm to them. It had only suppressed Chu Feng’s cultivation and a portion of the lightning beasts’ power.

This was the reason why his cultivation had decreased, and he was unable to use his Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor.

Afterwards, Chu Feng made repeated confirmations, and verified that to be the case.

Judging from this, as long as the battle between the Sacred Tree Seed and the enormous lightning beasts stopped, he would be able to regain his cultivation.

At the same time, he would also regain access to the Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor.

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