Chapter 3601 - Rank Three Exalted

Chapter 3601 - Rank Three Exalted

“Brother, it-it-it’s u-up to you now.”

Wang Qiang patted Chu Feng’s shoulder. Then, he took out a medicinal pellet and handed it to him. “T-ta-take it. I-it’ll help you.”

Chu Feng was able to tell that the medicinal pellet Wang Qiang gave him was the same sort of medicinal pellet he had given to the Zhang siblings earlier.

Thus, without any hesitation, Chu Feng directly accepted the medicinal pellet and swallowed it.

Actually, even if Chu Feng had not witnessed its effects, he would’ve taken it without any hesitation.

The reason for that was because the person who had given him the medicinal pellet was Wang Qiang. He fully trusted his brother.

After the medicinal pellet entered his body, Chu Feng felt all the blood in his body begin to boil.

He felt himself becoming more energetic, and stronger. It felt as if he possessed endless power.

“That medicinal pellet is truly a treasure,” Chu Feng said.

“Of-of-of course. A-after all, It has been m-me-meticulously prepared by that ol-old fart.”

“It’s a-all so t-that you can enter the l-la-lake and pr-properly fuse w-with the power of the Sacred T-t-tree.”

“W-well then, b-bro-brother, it’s time to begin.”

“R-re-remember, af-after the four of you enter the lake, that g-grand formation w-will t-then unleash its t-true powers. T-the g-grand f-formation’s powers wi-wi-will assist you in y-your fusion with the Sacred T-tree’s power.”

“How-how-however, the grand formation will o-on-only be effective for a limited a-amount of time. Y-you wi-will only have about t-tw-tw-twenty hours total. You a-all must a-attain fu-fusion with the lake w-within twenty hours. Otherwise, t-this will have been a failure.”

After he finished saying those words, Wang Qiang looked down to the ravine and said to the three Zhang siblings, “D-did you all hear what I just said?”

“Lord Envoy, we will definitely accomplish our mission within twenty hours,” the three Zhang siblings said.

“Does that mean that if we succeed, that Blood-devouring Demon Exalted will reveal itself to us?” asked Chu Feng.

“Th-th-that’s right. At t-that time, y-you all w-will have to imbue t-the power of the lake into it-it’s body,” said Wang Qiang.

“Got it,” said Chu Feng. Then, he looked to the three Zhang siblings, “Are you ready?”

“Chu Feng, we are only waiting for you,” said Zhang Yanfeng.

Hearing that, Chu Feng smiled. Then, he looked to Wang Qiang. “Brother, wait for my good news.”


After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng’s body shifted, and he flew down from the cliff and straight into the lake.

Seeing that, Zhang Yanfeng and his siblings also leapt into the lake after him.


After the four of them entered the lake, the lakewater started to surge violently into the sky like a volcanic eruption. The surging water fell back into the lake only to surge forth again. This continued repeatedly, like the lake was somehow an infuriated ferocious beast.

When the lakewater started to react in such a manner, the formation of grand interconnected obelisks also began to shine even brighter. The intense light began to shift. Ultimately, the lights were all shifted above the obelisks around the lake.

Following that, the light, like a tide, began to flow into the lakewater nonstop.

That was no ordinary light. Instead, it was the power of the grand formation.

After the grand formation’s power was infused into the lake, the lakewater started to soar into the sky again. But this time around, the water did not fall back down.

Like a waterfall, the water floated in midair.

From a closer look, one would notice that the water resembled a flying dragon.

This scene was rather spectacular.

Unfortunately, Wang Qiang was the only person that was able to witness that spectacular scene.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng and the three Zhang siblings needed to meticulously comprehend their surroundings upon entering the water.

Thus, the commotion caused by the grand formation and the lake made the natural energies within the lake move around violently. Even the surrounding walls were split, and would occasionally fall down like rain.

It was as if the world was on the verge of collapse.

Normally, people would feel fear being in a place like that. Some would even seek refuge.

However, Wang Qiang showed no sign of fear. Instead, he sat cross-legged on the edge of the cliff and began to observe Chu Feng and the three Zhang siblings inside the lake with keen interest.


After entering the lake, Chu Feng was able to sense the power of the Void Sacred Tree even more clearly.

Furthermore, Chu Feng also knew very well what he needed to do in order to fuse with the lake.

Thus, to Chu Feng, this was not a difficult task at all. The only thing he needed was time.

This was even more so when the power of the grand formation was imbued into the lake. With that, it became even easier for Chu Feng to fuse with the lake.

‘It’s actually real!!!’

After attempting the fusion, Chu Feng felt overjoyed.

As Wang Qiang had said, he was indeed able to sense very rich natural energies and boundless martial comprehension while he was fusing with the lake.

The natural energies and martial comprehension were mixed together and, like a torrential rain, pounding against the four nonstop.

To martial cultivators who had trained bitterly yet were unable to attain the enlightenment needed to reach a new level of cultivation, that was simply the best thing to ever happen to them.

“Big brother, second brother, do you two sense it? What a powerful amount of natural energies, what gentle martial comprehension!!!”

“I’ve sensed it. It’s simply too magical. The natural energies and martial comprehension here are much clearer than those from the Sacred Palace Hall.”

“This place is simply a sacred cultivation ground, a true sacred cultivation ground.”

Chu Feng was able to hear the excited voices of Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi.

The two of them were much more excited than he was.

“Seize the time to quickly fuse with the lake. Strive to succeed in eighteen hours,” Zhang Yanfeng’s voice sounded in the lake.

After his voice was heard, Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi actually really quieted down. The three of them began to earnestly comprehend the surrounding powers. They were using their respective abilities to attempt to fuse with the Void Sacred Tree’s power within the lake.

“Do not attempt to blindly fuse with the power. If y-you a-are-are to feel that your c-cultivation is a-about to r-reach a breakthrough, m-make an attempt at b-breaking through.”

“You w-will not g-give rise to an-any abnormal signs or commotion s-should you re-reach a breakthrough in the lake, because t-the power c-caused by your breakthrough w-will be absorbed by the l-la-lake.”

“In simpler terms, if y-you are able to r-reach a breakthrough in the lake, n-not only will there n-not be any harm, it w-would in-in-in-in-instead help you a-all in the f-fusion process,” Wang Qiang’s voice sounded.

Chu Feng and the others were all able to clearly hear Wang Qiang’s words, and they firmly engraved his advice into their hearts.

In such an environment, Chu Feng’s mind became especially clear. The questions that he was unable to solve before were soon figured out. The powers he was unable to comprehend before were quickly grasped.

It was like how a scholar had a lot of difficult questions that he could not solve. If he was to attempt to solve them himself, he might not be able to succeed in solving them throughout his entire lifetime or, even if he did manage to solve them, he would’ve spent a long time doing so.

In the end, it was because that scholar did not possess sufficient knowledge.

However, when that scholar encountered a teacher, and received guidance on how to solve those problems from said teacher, he quickly gained enlightenment, and figured everything out.

Should this happen, one would be able to increase one’s cultivation much faster than doing it on one’s own.

That said, martial cultivators were slightly different. Martial cultivators would all have to gain comprehension on making a breakthrough in cultivation on their own. No matter how high a cultivation a cultivator might possess, they would still find it very difficult to guide a lower level cultivator to a breakthrough.

Thus, very rarely did teachers appear amongst cultivators. At the very most, some would teach martial techniques or martial skills, and present some guidance on how to train. The actual training, the actual cultivation process, would depend on the individual.

Because of that, to cultivators, martial comprehension was more like a teacher than other martial cultivators...

Martial comprehension was guidance for martial cultivators on how to solve difficult problems. It was also what martial cultivators sought for the most; strived to comprehend the most.

The gentler the martial comprehension was, the more benefits it would bring a martial cultivator.

Currently, the martial comprehension and natural energies that surrounded Chu Feng were extremely gentle.

To Chu Feng, they served as an enormous assistance in his training. The effect was many times faster than him racking his own brains.

Just like that, after only a short hour had passed, Chu Feng sensed the opportunity to make a breakthrough.

Furthermore, he successfully made his breakthrough.

After making his breakthrough, the following breakthrough became much more difficult to attain.

However, during his fourteenth hour in the lake, Chu Feng managed to make another breakthrough.

In merely a short fourteen hours, Chu Feng had made two successive breakthroughs.

From rank one Exalted, he had become a rank three Exalted.

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