Chapter 3601 - Rank Three Exalted (Teaser)

Chapter 3601 - Rank Three Exalted

“Brother, it-it-it’s u-up to you now.”

Wang Qiang patted Chu Feng’s shoulder. Then, he took out a medicinal pellet and handed it to him. “T-ta-take it. I-it’ll help you.”

Chu Feng was able to tell that the medicinal pellet Wang Qiang gave him was the same sort of medicinal pellet he had given to the Zhang siblings earlier.

Thus, without any hesitation, Chu Feng directly accepted the medicinal pellet and swallowed it.

Actually, even if Chu Feng had not witnessed its effects, he would’ve taken it without any hesitation.

The reason for that was because the person who had given him the medicinal pellet was Wang Qiang. He fully trusted his brother.

After the medicinal pellet entered his body, Chu Feng felt all the blood in his body begin to boil.

He felt himself becoming more energetic, and stronger. It felt as if he possessed endless power.

“That medicinal pellet is truly a treasure,” Chu Feng said.

“Of-of-of course. A-after...

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