Chapter 3600 - It’s Actually A Sacred Cultivation Ground (Teaser)

Chapter 3600 - It’s Actually A Sacred Cultivation Ground

“I-I-I am a-already prepared. A-after undergoing that old fart’s adj-adjustments, the cu-current me is in m-my optimal state.”

“T-the only thing we-we’re waiting on is t-that old fart. That o-old fart is currently very weak. However, as long as the p-power of the la-lake water is able to be i-imbued into its b-body, it w-will reach it-its optimal state. A-at that time, if i-it is to f-fuse with me, w-we will attain a perfect fusion,” said Wang Qiang.

“Thus, we are only helping it regain its optimal state. The final fusion will depend on you and it?” asked Chu Feng.

“That’s r-ri-right,” Wang Qiang nodded.

“Very well,” Chu Feng nodded. He acted as if he had reached terms. However, in actuality, he had not.

At the same time as he nodded, Chu Feng asked Wang Qiang through voice transmission, “Brother,...

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