Chapter 3600 - It’s Actually A Sacred Cultivation Ground

Chapter 3600 - It’s Actually A Sacred Cultivation Ground

“I-I-I am a-already prepared. A-after undergoing that old fart’s adj-adjustments, the cu-current me is in m-my optimal state.”

“T-the only thing we-we’re waiting on is t-that old fart. That o-old fart is currently very weak. However, as long as the p-power of the la-lake water is able to be i-imbued into its b-body, it w-will reach it-its optimal state. A-at that time, if i-it is to f-fuse with me, w-we will attain a perfect fusion,” said Wang Qiang.

“Thus, we are only helping it regain its optimal state. The final fusion will depend on you and it?” asked Chu Feng.

“That’s r-ri-right,” Wang Qiang nodded.

“Very well,” Chu Feng nodded. He acted as if he had reached terms. However, in actuality, he had not.

At the same time as he nodded, Chu Feng asked Wang Qiang through voice transmission, “Brother, let me ask you a question. Do you really trust that Blood-devouring Demon Exalted?”

The reason why Chu Feng asked Wang Qiang that in such a manner was because he was worried that he was being used.

After all, there was no obvious benefit for Wang Qiang in what they were going to do later.

However, what they would be doing would provide the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted with concrete benefits should they succeed.

In other words, what they would be doing would be to the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted’s benefit, and not a direct benefit to Wang Qiang at all.

“T-truth be t-told, I am al-also not c-completely trusting of it. However, I have no choice but to trust it,” Wang Qiang replied through voice transmission.

“Is there no other method to suppress that Divine Power of yours? Must you fuse with it?” Chu Feng was still unable to trust the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

If it must be explained, then it could be said that Chu Feng had a premonition. He felt that the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted was very dangerous.

“B-brother, I know w-what you’re worried about.”

“However, a-as it goes, r-riches and honor m-must be sought from d-danger. If I d-do not dare to t-take on t-this bit of risk, how c-could I be qualified to be a ma-martial cultivator?” said Wang Qiang.

“That’s true,” Chu Feng had to admit that what Wang Qiang said was very reasonable.

Furthermore, Chu Feng himself knew that reasoning better than anyone else. That was also the viewpoint that he himself held. If he didn’t dare to take risks, if he didn’t dare to put his life on the line, he would not have been able to reach his current standing.

However, as the saying went, the onlooker would generally see the overall situation better.

When Chu Feng himself was faced with the choice to take risks or not, he would always choose to take them without any hesitation.

However, when it was his friends that encountered the choice of taking a risk or not, Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from worrying.

“Don’t think too mu-mu-much. T-trust y-your brother, t-trust my ability,” Wang Qiang patted Chu Feng’s shoulder.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

Since Wang Qiang had made his decision, even if Chu Feng still worried for him, he could only choose to support him.

That… was the duty of a brother.

“Oh, t-that’s right. I’ve h-h-heard from that old f-fart that the lake is rich in n-natural energies and martial comprehension. W-when y-you’re fusing with the lakewater, y-you w-will be able to com-comprehend the natural energies and martial comprehension.”

“Although t-the natural energies a-and martial c-comprehension w-within the lake a-are not particularly pr-profound, t-that old fart s-said that it w-would be a-able to p-provide a c-certain amount of benefit t-to someone of your cultivation.”

“Thus, b-brother, y-you’re not h-helping for n-nothing. Once y-you enter the lake, s-should you be able to s-successfully f-fuse with it, y-you will most likely be a-able to make a breakthrough in c-cultivation.”

“T-thus, m-make sure to properly c-comprehend the surrounding n-na-natural energies w-when y-you’re fusing with the lake w-water,” said Wang Qiang.

“Oh?” Chu Feng was rather surprised to hear those words.

He had gone through quite a lot of trials in the Void Sacred Tree.

Even though that powerful little girl had fused into him, and the precious Sacred Tree Seed had been absorbed into his dantian, he had not obtained any concrete benefits to his cultivation yet.

The little girl could be ignored, as she was an uncontrollable existence. As long as she didn’t make things difficult for Chu Feng, he did not have any extravagant hopes in obtaining benefits from her.

However, that Sacred Tree Seed was clearly a precious cultivation treasure. Yet, he was unable to refine it.

In terms of increasing one’s cultivation, he could be said to have gained no benefit at all.

If he was truly able to make a breakthrough in cultivation after entering the lake, his journey to the Void Sacred Tree could not be said to have been made in vain.

As for now, Chu Feng could only wait patiently for the three Zhang siblings to finish activating the grand formation.


When the final obelisk was imbued with power, the entire ravine started to tremble. Then, the light emitted by the obelisks turned into pillars that linked to one another. In the end, they created a majestic formation.

After the formation was completed, the previously tranquil lake seemed to have been roused, and started to surge.

That said, although the grand formation was activated, the complexion of the three Zhang siblings was rather pale. It was not only their complexion. The three of them all appeared to be in rather weak health.

It could be seen that the three of them had put forth quite a lot of their stamina to complete the activation of the grand formation.

“It’s d-done.”

The sitting Wang Qiang stood up. He looked to the three Zhang siblings below. Suddenly, he raised his arm, and three medicinal pellets flew toward the three Zhang siblings.

“T-take them. O-once they e-enter your dantian, they’ll help y-you recover,” he said.

The three Zhang siblings did as he said.

There was doubt in their minds in the beginning. However, as the medicinal pellets entered their dantians, they actually really had a miraculous effect.

In a short hour, their complexions grew rosy. In fact, they were even more spirited than before they had entered the ravine.

“Thank you, Lord Envoy.”

The three Zhang siblings stood up and expressed their thanks to Wang Qiang.

No matter how much they detested him in the past, they were quite sincere in their expression of thanks.

“D-don’t t-thank me. Those h-have been prepared f-for you all b-by the Blood-devouring Demon E-exalted,” said Wang Qiang.

“Blood-devouring Demon Exalted?”

The three Zhang siblings all revealed complicated expressions upon hearing that name.

Their expression was the same as when Chu Feng had first heard it. It was a look of both familiarity and strangeness.

“It’s t-time to l-let you t-three know a-about one thing.”

“A-actually, Lord Q-qin Kunlun simply does not e-ex-exist,” said Wang Qiang.

“Doesn’t exist? What do you mean by that?”

After hearing what Wang Qiang said, Zhang Yanfeng, Zhang Boyi and Zhang Shirui all started to panic. After all, they’d gone through all the trials to enter this place not so that they could train in the Sacred Palace Hall. Rather, it was so that they could meet Qin Kunlun.

“D-d-don-don’t panic.”

“A-allow t-this e-envoy to s-slowly i-inform y-you three.”

Wang Qiang smiled. Then, he informed the three Zhang siblings about the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

After learning about the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted, the three Zhang siblings were not depressed, but they instead grew excited.

After all, to them, Qin Kunlun was actually not important at all. What was important was the person that bestowed power to him. As long as that person was still alive, everything would be fine.

Furthermore, they had learned that Qin Kunlun was only a vessel, whereas the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted was the source of his power.

When they learned that the person who had imparted power to them was stronger than they’d imagined, they naturally became even more excited.

Wang Qiang not only told them about Qin Kunlun and the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted, but he also told them what they needed to do after entering the lake.

He also told them that when they fused with the power of the Void Sacred Tree in the lake, they would have the chance to make a breakthrough in cultivation should they carefully comprehend the power within it.

Judging from that, Wang Qiang was being rather sincere and generous. At the very least, he informed the three Zhang siblings about the benefits of the lake.

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