Chapter 3599 - All As Prophesied

Chapter 3599 - All As Prophesied


Suddenly, Zhang Shirui screamed in alarm.

It was Wang Qiang. Wang Qiang had actually begun to take off his clothes before her.

“Lord Envoy, I was wrong.”

Zhang Shirui was truly terrified. She who was previously ferociously cursing Wang Qiang, had turned deathly pale with fear. She immediately turned around and ran far away in fear of Wang Qiang really doing something to her.

“Lord Envoy, my little sister is still very young, please don’t lower yourself to her level.”

“That’s right, that’s right. She has a slight mental issue. You must not lower yourself to her level.”

Zhang Boyi and Zhang Yanfeng immediately rushed over and began to dissuade Wang Qiang.

It was not only Zhang Shirui who was scared. The two of them were also terrified. After all, Wang Qiang did not resemble a righteous man. If he were to truly do something to their younger sister, there was no way for them to stop him.

Seeing that, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself, and burst into laughter.

Whilst the three Zhang siblings did not understand Wang Qiang’s character, Chu Feng did. Although he was very shameless, there was a bottom line in terms of the things he was willing to do. He would definitely not really do anything to Zhang Shirui.

Wang Qiang was merely toying with the three Zhang siblings.

“It’s enough. Don’t make things difficult for them anymore. C’mon, just tell them what they need to do,” Chu Feng said.

“Since m-my b-bro-brother is speaking out for you three, I w-will not take off-offense to the w-wrongdoings co-committed by people of low m-moral stature, and spare you t-three,” said Wang Qiang.

Seeing the nearly naked Wang Qiang, Chu Feng said, “You should put your clothes back on first.”

“Oh, m-my apologies. I’ve m-made y-you all f-feel inferior w-with my r-robust and ma-majestic body,” Not only did Wang Qiang not put his clothes back on, but he instead revealed a very proud look.

“You must be overthinking things.”

“That mushroom of yours is likely only able to make ants feel inferior,” said Chu Feng.

“Bull-bullshit!” Wang Qiang felt unreconciled. However, after he lowered his head and took a glance, his face immediately turned red, and then he immediately put his clothes back on.

“Go i-into the ravine and imbue t-the obelisks w-with your martial power and s-spirit power. C-continue until y-you f-f-fill all the obelisks.”

“Do n-no-no-not goof around. It’ll b-be up to y-you t-three as to w-whether or not your Bl-blood-devouring Demon Clan w-will be a-able to obtain Lord Qin Kunlun’s inheritance.”

“Hurry up, g-get to work,” Wang Qiang said as he pointed to the obelisks below.

“Yes, Milord.”

Zhang Yanfeng and Zhang Boyi did not hesitate. After bowing respectfully to Wang Qiang, they dragged Zhang Shirui, who was hiding far away and leapt down into the ravine.

Seeing the liberated looks of the three Zhang siblings even though they were clearly being used as laborers, Chu Feng suddenly came to a realization that perhaps, to the three of them, being able to distance themselves from Wang Qiang might be very satisfactory.

After all, he was indeed quite annoying.

After the three of them began to imbue the obelisks with their martial power and spirit power according to Wang Qiang’s instructions...

Chu Feng noticed that, as their power was imbued into the obelisks, the symbols and runes on the obelisks started to emit a faint light. The more power they imbued into the obelisks, the stronger the light became.

The previously normal-looking obelisks were immediately no longer normal. In fact, they even appeared to be sacred.

However, what Chu Feng was focused on was still the lake that emitted the aura of the Void Sacred Tree.

“Brother, that lakewater has absorbed the power of the Void Sacred Tree, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“As e-e-expected from my brother, y-you are truly too s-smart. N-nothing can be hidden from you,” Wang Qiang looked at Chu Feng with a surprised expression.

Chu Feng had an embarrassed look on his face. He said, “That’s something that anyone could sense, no?”


“Indeed, it is power t-that’s been absorbed f-from the Void Sacred Tree. It t-took the old f-fart twenty tho-thousand years to c-complete it.”

“T-those o-obelisks are t-the same. They h-have also been me-meticulously prepared by the old f-fart…” Wang Qiang said.

“I actually have some questions. Logically, Qin Kunlun should’ve already died twenty thousand years ago. With that, the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted should have lost its vessel. Thus, how was it able to continue to exist till now?” asked Chu Feng.

“Y-your question is ri-right on the spot. Normally, w-without a vessel, that o-old fart would not b-be able to survive.”

“However, that o-old fart knew that b-better than anyone else. T-thus, it has its own means to s-survive. Merely, a-as to w-what e-exactly it is, I a-also d-do not know.”

“T-that said, t-the method it u-used c-could only a-allow it to continue to live. Its powers w-were restricted. F-furthermore, it h-had re-reached its l-limits.”

“T-thus, this time around, i-it can only succeed, a-and not fail. O-otherwise, i-it would really e-end up dying,” said Wang Qiang.

“So that’s the case,” As Chu Feng spoke, he started to walk toward the cliff.

“Brother, w-w-w-what are y-you doing?” asked Wang Qiang.

“I’ll go and help them. If I help them, the speed should be a bit faster.”

Chu Feng felt that both his martial power and spirit power surpassed that of the three Zhang siblings. Thus, if he also imbued the obelisks with his power, they should be able to finish faster.

“B-b-brother, it’s b-better that y-you continue t-to relax. O-only t-those three a-are able to imbue t-their power into t-the obelisks. T-that’s because those obelisks have been specially p-prepared for t-them,” said Wang Qiang.

“Specially prepared for them?” A curious look appeared in Chu Feng’s eyes, “What’s going on?”

“D-do y-you know w-why I c-called the t-three of them t-the chosen o-ones?”

“A-are you n-not curious as to w-why t-their b-bodies rem-remain un-unchanged even a-after tr-training in the B-blood-devouring Demon T-technique w-when t-the rest of t-the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen do?” asked Wang Qiang.

“Could it be that the three of them are special?” asked Chu Feng.

“M-more than s-special. T-The t-three of them a-are truly chosen ones. T-they a-are part of t-the prophecy t-that the old f-fart re-received back then.”

“It’s n-not only t-the three of them. That p-person who t-the old f-fart taught the Bl-blood-devouring D-demon T-technique to back then, who t-then e-established the Blood-devouring Demon Clan, was a-also part of t-the prophecy. T-they’re all people t-that the Blood-devouring Demon E-exalted has prepared,” said Wang Qiang.

“Could it be that I’m also part of the prophecy?” asked Chu Feng.

“No, y-you’re an exception. T-that said, t-that old f-fart has t-taken a fancy to y-your abilities. That’s w-why we w-want you to stay, and hope t-that y-you'll be able to help with t-the fusion,” said Wang Qiang.

“In that case, what must I do later?” asked Chu Feng.

“After t-the three of them activate the o-obelisks, the f-four of you will a-all have to e-enter the lake com-composed of the Sacred Tree’s power.”

“You w-will have t-to think of a way t-to fuse with the lake’s w-water. Only b-by fusing with it w-will y-you be a-able to control its p-powers.”

“After c-controlling its powers, y-you all w-will t-then g-gather all the power into t-that old fart’s b-body. That’s a-all,” said Wang Qiang.

“That’s all? What about you then? Didn’t you say that the two of you will have to fuse?” Chu Feng frowned. He sensed that something was amiss.

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