Chapter 3598 - The Erupted Girl

Chapter 3598 - The Erupted Girl

“The t-three of you, no ma-matter how I look at you, y-you do not resemble chosen o-ones,” Wang Qiang sized up the three siblings with his tiny eyes. His vulgar gaze was filled with contempt.

“You…” Being insulted by Wang Qiang, Zhang Shirui had an extremely displeased look on her face.

“Ahem…” Suddenly, a cough was heard.

It was the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief.

The Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief's thinking was extremely obvious. He was warning Zhang Shirui to not be rude.

As for Zhang Shirui, although she had always been a tyrant, she was not fearless. The Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief was someone that she was afraid of.

Thus, after being warned, Zhang Shirui, no matter how much she disliked Wang Qiang, could only contain her anger and forcibly suppress it.

“What’s wrong? Are y-y-you mad?”

“D-do y-you object to what I s-said?” Wang Qiang was truly a vile person. Even though he knew that the three Zhang siblings felt extremely displeased with him, he not only did not show any restraint, but instead continuously provoked the three of them.

Faced with such a shameless Wang Qiang, Zhang Yanfeng gnashed his teeth angrily. However, he did not dare to display his anger. Forcing a smile, he said, “No, of course not. We wouldn’t dare.”

“T-that’s more l-l-like it.”

“The t-three of you, listen c-carefully. It will depend o-on the three of y-you as to w-whether or not y-your Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen w-will be a-able to obtain Lord Qin Kunlun’s in-in-inheritance.”

“Follow me,” after saying those words, Wang Qiang held hi title plate toward the sky. With that, the dark black vortex appeared again.

“B-brother, come in,” after saying those words to Chu Feng, Wang Qiang entered the dark black vortex.

Chu Feng followed him, and the three Zhang siblings followed suit.

Passing through the vortex, Chu Feng and the others arrived at another space.

One could tell from a glance that that place was formed using special means.

At that moment, the five of them were all standing above a cliff. Below the cliff was a ravine.

In the center of the ravine was a jade-green lake.

“That lakewater?”

Chu Feng’s expression changed upon seeing the jade-green lake.

It was not only him. The three Zhang sibling’s expressions also changed.

They had all managed to sense the Void Sacred Tree’s aura from the lake. Furthermore, that aura was very intense.

It was many times more intense than the aura of the Void Sacred Tree that they felt when they were inside it.

It was not only the lake...

The ravine below was very large. The lake only occupied a small central area of the ravine, and only composed a tenth of the total area.

As for the remaining ninety percent, it was filled with obelisks.

The obelisks were all different sizes. The larger ones were a hundred meters tall, whereas the smallest ones were not even a meter tall.

However, the obelisks all had the same appearance. They were all covered in complicated symbols and runes.

Although those obelisks looked very ordinary, the symbols and runes engraved on them were so complicated that even Chu Feng was unable to understand them.

Furthermore, although those obelisks appeared to be arranged in a very disorderly manner, they were actually meticulously placed. It was a formation, an extremely complicated formation.

If others were to see them, they would definitely not think much of them.

However, Chu Feng was able to tell how powerful the formation was. At least, it was a formation that he was incapable of setting up right now.

It was not an issue of the time it would take to set it up. Rather, he was simply incapable of setting it up. Even if he was given tens of thousands of years to do so, Chu Feng would not be able to set up such a formation.

Unless…. Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques reached a level where he could set it up.

“It would appear that the preparations are all set,” Chu Feng felt that both the lakewater and the obelisks formation were there to help Wang Qiang and the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted.

“Indeed, it’s a-all set. F-for the s-sake of this day, that o-old f-fart has put f-forth quite some e-effort,” said Wang Qiang.

“This is ample preparation? How come I can’t tell what’s special apart from the lakewater?” Compared to Chu Feng, Zhang Shirui was rather disappointed.

Her disappointment was understandable. After all, she was simply unable to tell how powerful the obelisk formation was.

“T-the hell a-are you a-all looking ar-around for? Quickly, get t-to work.”

“Go d-down and a-activate that f-formation,” Wang Qiang said to the three Zhang siblings.

“Activate the formation? How?” asked Zhang Yanfeng.

“How c-could you n-not know how t-to activate a formation? A-are you s-stupid?”

“People l-like you t-three a-are chosen on-ones? The w-way I s-see it, y-you’re bullshit o-ones.”

Wang Qiang had a very proud and aloof look as he berated the three siblings. He was extremely ruthless. It was as if he were berating his own children.

“Are you stupid? It’s the first time that we’ve been here, we don’t understand anything, okay?”

“You didn’t explain anything to us, so how would we know how to activate the formation?”

“If we knew everything, why would we need you?”

Zhang Shirui was finally unable to contain herself after being bullied by Wang Qiang. She exploded angrily.

“Oh my, li-little girl, you h-have quite the ability. Y-you dare to contr-contradict this young m-master?”

Wang Qiang was surprised. He had not expected Zhang Shirui to have the nerve to curse him out.

“So what if I contradict you? Are you refusing to let people speak the truth?”

“Look at yourself. Not only are you ugly, you’re also a stutterer. You failed to even develop your speech properly, yet you dare to come out to be an envoy? Do you not feel shame?!” Zhang Shirui pointed at Wang Qiang and shouted angrily.

“Y-y-y-you, you, you, y-you…”

“You what?!”

“The natural energies of this world are such precious things. Yet, someone as mentally handicapped as you dared to absorb them? You’re simply committing a crime here. I beg you, leave a way out for us normal people, okay? Someone as mentally handicapped as you should not be alive.”

“If I were you, I would’ve found a cesspool and thrown myself in so that I could drown in there. Never would I have the nerve to continue to live in this world and waste the precious resources of other cultivators.”

Zhang Shirui’s mouth was simply too fast. Before Wang Qiang could refute her, she said so much that he was unable to even interrupt. He was cursed so much by her that he did not even have the opportunity to fight back.

“Motherfucker! You’re forcing your d-d-daddy!”

Suddenly, Wang Qiang shouted furiously. Then, he unleashed his oppressive might.

Although his oppressive might was not aimed at Zhang Shirui, it was still a peak Exalted expert’s oppressive might, second only to the power of Utmost Exalted.

When Wang Qiang’s oppressive might was released, even the surrounding air was affected.

Zhang Shirui was immediately stunned upon sensing his overwhelming power.

She was no fool. It was merely that she had a very bad temper, and had failed to contain herself earlier. That was why she'd ended up lashing out at Wang Qiang. However, his oppressive might had jolted her awake.

No matter what, Wang Qiang was a peak Exalted-level expert. Now that the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief was not present, if Wang Qiang truly wanted to do anything to her, she really wouldn't be able to stop him.

As the saying went, what one fears the most will generally be what one will experience. This held even more true for Wang Qiang’s shamelessness. Zhang Shirui still didn’t know how shameless he truly was.

“Little g-g-girl, you have q-quite the nerve t-to dare to curse o-out this y-young master.”

“If I don’t t-teach you a lesson, y-you will n-n-n-not know ho-how powerful this young ma-master is.”

“Come, come, come, t-try cursing m-me out a-again.”

“D-do you be-believe that I w-will f-f-fuck you r-right before y-your two elder b-brothers?”

Wang Qiang was truly shameless. He was actually not angered after being cursed at. He was pretending to be angry. Furthermore, his pretense was done very well.

Most importantly, he had a very serious look on his face. Seeing that, the maverick Zhang Shirui was truly terrified.

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