Chapter 3594 - The Appearance Of Wang Qiang

Chapter 3594 - The Appearance Of Wang Qiang

Compared to Chu Feng, the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief and all the clansmen were extremely excited.

After all, that place was the place that they’d wanted to arrive at the most.

“Young friend Chu Feng, sure enough, you are the person chosen by Lord Qin Kunlun,” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Senior, why do you say that?” Chu Feng asked.

“Apart from my clansmen, you are the only person that managed to enter this place. If it wasn’t for Lord Qin Kunlun’s permission, you wouldn’t be able to enter,” said the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief.

“In that case, where is that Lord Qin Kunlun you speak of?”

“Why isn’t he showing himself?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s naturally not easy to meet Lord Qin Kunlun.”

“You must first pass the tests,” said the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Do you wish to see me that much?”

Right after the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief said those words, a voice was suddenly heard.

Following that, a dark black vortex appeared before the crowd. A figure was visible inside the black vortex.

“We pay our respects to Lord Qin Kunlun!!!”

Upon seeing that figure, the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen immediately knelt.

They were extremely excited and emotional. However, they did not dare to even raise their heads. They fully expressed their unsurpassed reverence and respect for Qin Kunlun.

“You may rise.”

That voice sounded again. Following that, a figure walked out from the black vortex.


The Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen finally raised their heads. However, when they saw the person before them, complicated expressions appeared in their eyes.

The reason for that was because no matter how they looked at the person before them… he did not resemble the legendary Lord Qin Kunlun.

“Wang Qiang?”

Suddenly, a voice was heard. It was Chu Feng.

It was impossible for Chu Feng to not recognize the person before him.

After all, the appearance of the person before him was none other than Wang Qiang.

However, Chu Feng did not dare to rashly confirm that person to be Wang Qiang. After all, he had seen Wang Qiang in the Void Sacred Tree earlier, but he had acted as if he did not know him at all.

“Who are you calling Wang Qiang?” Wang Qiang looked at Chu Feng with a serious expression and a stranger’s gaze.

“You’re not Wang Qiang? Who are you?”

Hearing that response, Chu Feng narrowed his brows, and deep hostility appeared in his eyes.

“Who am I? Hahahaha!!!”

A burst of loud laughter was heard. That laughter was extremely sinister, extremely crazed. One would feel disgusted upon hearing that laughter.

“Since you wish to know so much, I might as well tell you.”

“I am your brother Wang Qiang,” Wang Qiang said to Chu Feng.

After saying those words, the serious expression on Wang Qiang’s face disappeared. He opened his mouth and revealed his signature wretched smile.

“Fuck! You damned fucker!” Chu Feng came to a sudden realization. Turned out, he was deceived. The person before him was none other than the Wang Qiang that he knew. There was no mistake.

“Wait. Why aren’t you stuttering?” Chu Feng asked.

“W-w-who told y-you I’m n-not stuttering?”

“Your d-daddy I was t-trying to deceive you. T-that’s why I deliberately s-suppressed my st-stutter. I-it t-tired the hell out of me,” said Wang Qiang.

“That means, the person I encountered in the Void Sacred Tree earlier was also you? You deceived me then too?” Chu Feng asked.

“The o-one you met earlier wasn’t me,” said Wang Qiang.

“Who was it then?” asked Chu Feng.

“I’ll tell-tell you about it later,” said Wang Qiang.

“Who… who are you?”

The Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief was feeling displeased. He, along with his clansmen, were all staring at Wang Qiang with furious looks. They seemed to want to get an explanation from him.

He knew that Lord Qin Kunlun wouldn’t be Chu Feng’s brother. Thus, the person before them was most definitely not Lord Qin Kunlun. They had been deceived.

“I-Impudent! Y-you bunch o-of f-fools, yo-you dare speak to me like that?”

“I-I-I am Q-Qin Kunlun’s e-en-envoy!” said Wang Qiang.

“Envoy? You, a stutterer who’s unable to even speak properly, how could you be qualified to be Lord Qin Kun…”


Zhang Shirui opened her mouth to curse out at Wang Qiang. However, before she could finish, she crashed to the ground.

It was Wang Qiang. Wang Qiang had released his oppressive might to suppress Zhang Shirui to the ground.

Sensing Wang Qiang’s oppressive might, even Chu Feng felt a gasp of surprise.

That oppressive might was that of a peak Exalted!!!

Chu Feng knew that, with Wang Qiang’s talent, it was impossible for him to not make progress in his cultivation.

That said, he did not expect Wang Qiang to make so much progress.

He had put forth so much effort, suffered a lot and had taken on a lot of risks, yet Chu Feng was still only a rank one Exalted. Wang Qiang, on the other hand, was already a peak Exalted. The disparity between them was simply too great.

In fact, Chu Feng was not the only person that was shocked. The Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen were also shocked.

After all, they were all able to tell that Wang Qiang was only a person of the younger generation.

Yet, a person of the younger generation possessed the power of a peak Exalted. That was simply too terrifying.

“Exactly who are you?” asked the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief. His tone became much more courteous.

For a person of the younger generation with Wang Qiang’s cultivation to appear in a place like that, he was unable to keep himself from wondering if there might be a reason behind it.

“D-didn’t I sa-say that I’m yo-your L-Lord Qin Kunlun’s env-envoy?”

“W-why a-are you all still standing, kneel before me!” Wang Qiang shouted.

“What makes you think you’re qualified to make us kneel?” Zhang Yanfeng said.

“What y-you ask? T-this,” as Wang Qiang spoke, he raised his arm, and a black title plate appeared in his hand.

The Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief was immediately shocked upon seeing that title plate. After that, he actually knelt down.

“This subordinate pays his respects to Lord Envoy!!!”

Seeing that, Zhang Yanfeng and the others also hurriedly knelt as well.

They really all ended up kneeling respectfully to Wang Qiang.

Although Chu Feng had never seen that title plate before, he knew that it must be a title plate that could represent Qin Kunlun. Otherwise, the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen would not have reacted in such a manner.

“Lord Envoy, we have eyes, but failed to recognize Mount Tai. I hope that Lord Envoy will forgive us,” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief spoke with an extremely apologetic tone.

“It-it-it-it-it’s al-alright. T-this Envoy is n-not a petty person.”

“For now, y-you all c-can continue kneeling here. Without m-my-my permission, no one i-is allowed to g-get up.”

“If a-anyone d-dares to s-stand up, I’ll f-f-f-f-fuck that chick,” Wang Qiang pointed at Zhang Shirui.

“You!!!” Zhang Shirui’s face turned red with anger upon hearing those words.

What a bullshit envoy. He was simply too shameless.

“Yes, Milord!”

However, the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief immediately accepted Wang Qiang’s demand.

Not only that, but his tone was still filled with respect.

“K-kneel properly. Without m-my permission, you a-are not allowed to stand up. O-otherwise, y-your daddy I w-will keep my word and fuck you l-like I said I w-would,” Wang Qiang pointed to Zhang Shirui and spoke loudly.

Zhang Shirui gnashed her teeth angrily and clenched her fists tightly.

It was not only her. Zhang Yanfeng and Zhang Boyi were also furious.

However, due to Wang Qiang’s status, they had no choice but to endure their anger, and did not dare to refute him at all.

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