Chapter 3589 - Optimal Candidate

Chapter 3589 - Optimal Candidate

After Chu Feng ascended to the Sacred Tree Throne, jade-green gaseous flames engulfed it. The crowd were simply unable to see the situation inside, and did not know what Chu Feng was experiencing.

However, after hearing the words of the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief, the crowd were able to guess that it was not easy for Chu Feng to obtain the power of the Sacred Tree Throne.

After witnessing Chu Feng’s ascent to the Sacred Tree Throne, the crowd intended to continue with their training. After all, whether Chu Feng succeeded or not had nothing to do with them. Only their own cultivation belonged to themselves.

“So, this golden fruit is useless then?”

At the moment when the crowd were prepared to continue training, Chu Feng’s voice was heard.

“Hearing that voice, it seems that Chu Feng is fine.”

The crowd were able to tell from Chu Feng’s voice that he seemed to be very relaxed. Thus, the people that were worried about him all eased their minds.

However, his next action caused a major commotion.

“Miss Xia, you can have this.”

Chu Feng’s voice was heard again. Then, a golden light flew out from the Sacred Tree Throne and shot straight toward Xia Yun’er.

Xia Yun’er caught the golden light with her hand.

When she saw the item that she had caught, astonishment filled her delicate little face. She simply did not dare to believe what she had witnessed to be true.

The reason for that was because what she was holding in her hand was a golden fruit that everyone wanted to obtain.

“Chu Feng, this, this… this is simply too precious. I…”

“I’m giving it to you. It’s already decided. If you don’t want it, you can throw it away.”

Xia Yun’er had wanted to refuse the golden fruit. However, after Chu Feng said those words, she was unable to refuse it anymore.

“Thanks,” Xia Yun’er thanked Chu Feng in a very grateful manner. After all, such a gift was simply too precious.

Precious. Of course it was precious. That said, Chu Feng did not think that way.

He had decided to give the golden fruit to Xia Yun’er completely on a whim, and did not think too much about it.

After all, Chu Feng was someone who did not think much about what others considered treasures.

After thanking Chu Feng, Xia Yun’er did something that surprised the crowd.

She respectfully bowed to all directions in succession.

The crowd were originally confused. It was only after Xia Yun’er spoke that they came to a sudden realization.

“Seniors, I am truly sorry. This item is something that Chu Feng gifted me. If I am to sell it, I would’ve truly let down his kind intentions.”

“Thus, I will not be selling it. I hope that seniors will forgive me.”

“I hope that seniors will be understanding of my circumstances.”

Xia Yun’er spoke with a very apologetic tone.

It turned out, after Chu Feng gave the golden fruit to Xia Yun’er, many people began to send her voice transmissions to express their desire to purchase the golden fruit from her using high prices.

Xia Yun’er did not wish to sell the golden fruit. Yet, she also did not wish to offend those people. That was why she reacted like that.

“How shameless could you all be?”

“Do you all not possess any of the demeanor of seniors?”

“Don’t make things difficult for that little lady.”

A voice filled with displeasure was heard. It was Tantai Yinjian.

“Young lady, if anyone dares to send voice transmissions to bother you again, go ahead and tell this old man. I will deal with them myself,” he said to Xia Yun’er.

“Thank you, Lord Tantai. All the seniors have been very understanding. No one is sending me voice transmissions anymore.”

Xia Yun’er was very smart. Even though there were clearly still people sending her voice transmissions, she said that no one had sent her any more voice transmissions.

Her behavior won the respect of many people. Because of that, many people stopped bothering her.

Of course, there were still a lot of shameless people that were still sending her voice transmissions even after that. They were trying to coax, pester and even threaten her to sell the golden fruit to them.

Xia Yun’er knew very well that as long as the golden fruit was in her possession, she would not be safe.

Thus, she bowed respectfully toward Chu Feng. She was expressing her gratitude to him.

Then, she soared up and, like a celestial fairy, flew toward a floating stone chair.

With a golden fruit in hand, Xia Yun’er naturally managed to ascend to the stone chair without any mishap.

“That little lady is truly a lucky one.”

At that moment, many people sighed, and felt envious of Xia Yun’er.

After all, Xia Yun’er was not someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan, and she had not done anything either. Yet, she had managed to obtain a golden fruit just like that.

“That’s why it’s so important to befriend the right people.”

Although the crowd were feeling envious, they also knew that it was actually Xia Yun’er’s fortune too. She was fortunate to have been able to befriend Chu Feng.

After Xia Yun’er ascended to the stone chair, the crowd’s hearts gradually calmed down. Then, they began to continue with their training.

That said, what the crowd did not know was that what had happened in the Sacred Palace Hall was witnessed by the undead man and Wang Qiang.

Even though the lake was no longer able to mirror the scene of Chu Feng after they chose to enter the Sacred Palace Hall through the alternative method, the lake was able to mirror the scene of the actual Sacred Palace Hall.

Thus, Wang Qiang and the undead man had managed to clearly witness everything after the crowd entered the Sacred Palace Hall.

“S-s-sure enough, my b-brother is a-a-amazing. D-didn’t I say t-t-that he w-would be a-able to as-ascend to that b-bullshit S-sacred Tr-tree Throne?”

Wang Qiang was extremely excited. It was as if he was the one who had ascended to the Sacred Tree Throne.

“Who was the one wailing and whining and thinking that his brother would die? Was that not you?”

“And now, you’re thinking your brother is amazing?” the undead man asked.

“T-the h-hell do you know? T-that’s c-called w-worrying for my brother, okay?”

“A-all those people m-managed to enter the S-sacred Palace Hall, but my brother wa-was the only one not present.”

“F-furthermore, those C-chu Heavenly C-clansmen were a-all crying a-and saying t-that my br-bro-brother was dead. B-because of that, n-no matter how much I t-trusted in my brother’s capabilities, I w-would still have doubts, and b-become worried,” Wang Qiang defended himself in a deadpan manner.

“Okay, okay, okay, what you said is correct, okay?” the undead man shook his head helplessly. Knowing Wang Qiang’s character well, he had no desire to argue with him. Instead, he turned his gaze to the Sacred Palace Hall again.

His gaze was still fixed on the Sacred Tree Throne. Even though he was unable to see anything, he appeared extremely interested.

“Speaking of it, that friend of yours is truly quite amazing.”

“He’s much more powerful than you, boy,” the undead man said.

“Of c-course. Is t-there even a need f-for you t-to tell me how powerful m-my brother is?” Wang Qiang revealed an even prouder expression.

“A brat that outstanding is truly rare.”

“If I didn’t encounter you, I would’ve truly wanted to borrow his body,” the undead man said.

“Old F-fart, I’m w-wa-warning you. D-do-do not think of d-doing anything to my brother!” Wang Qiang pointed at the undead man with a very serious expression.

“Rest assured, rest assured. Although your abilities are inferior to that brother of yours, it remains that you possess the Four Fiends Divine Body. You're still the most optimal candidate for me,” the undead man let out a very profound laugh.

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