Chapter 3588 - Sacred Tree Seed

Chapter 3588 - Sacred Tree Seed

“Lord Clan Chief, is that really the Sacred Fruit?”

Zhang Yanfeng and his siblings were looking at the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief with astonished expressions. They wanted him to verify it.

After all, as they were Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen, their entire life revolved around preparing to enter the Void Sacred Tree. No one knew the Void Sacred Tree better than them.

By the same accord, no one knew how difficult it was to obtain the Sacred Fruit better than them.

Compared to Chu Feng’s thirty-six golden fruits, obtaining the Sacred Fruit was much more difficult.

“Where did you obtain that?” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief asked. His voice was filled with envy as he asked that question.

“If I were to tell you that I picked it up from the ground, would you believe me?” Chu Feng said with a smile. Before the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief could answer, he added, “Regardless of whether or not you believe me, that is the truth.”

Many people suspected that Chu Feng was lying to them after hearing that.

They all felt that it was possible that he obtained the Sacred Fruit from the dark black gate.

They all suspected that the dark black gate most likely held a lot of treasures, and all of Chu Feng’s golden fruits were obtained from there.

However, the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief shouted loudly, “That is most definitely not a coincidence. It is the Sacred Fruit that has chosen you. It is Lord Qin Kunlun who chose you. But… why would he do that? Why didn’t he choose our clansmen, but you instead?”

Evidently, compared to the others, the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief trusted Chu Feng’s words.

“Lord Qin Kunlun?”

“Could it be that Lord Qin Kunlun is really still alive?”

At the beginning, the crowd did not not believe the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen. However, as matters stood, after they had experienced so many things, they had no choice but to consider it.

They began to wonder if what the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief said was true, if Qin Kunlun was truly still alive, and if that legendary existence truly had a special relationship with the Blood-devouring Demon Clan.

“Lord Clan Chief, why would it be like this?”

Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi looked to the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief with confusion. Judging from their puzzle-filled eyes, one could tell that they deeply wanted to obtain an answer.

Compared to Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi, Zhang Yanfeng did not say anything. That said, he had a disappointed look on his face.

The Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief did not answer them. However, he was looking at the three siblings with an expression of pain.

He had instructed the three siblings for all these years.

He had been telling them that they were children beloved by the heavens, that they were not only their Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s future, but also candidates chosen by Lord Qin Kunlun.

Zhang Yanfeng and his two siblings had travelled to the Void Sacred Tree precisely for the sake of inheriting Lord Qin Kunlun’s power.

However, the scene before them seemed to be telling them that the person chosen by the heavens was not them. Instead, it was Chu Feng.

Naturally, this was a result that the three siblings found very difficult to accept.

It was destined that this would be quite a shock for the three of them.


Suddenly, a figure soared into the sky. Even the depressed Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others immediately turned their eyes toward that figure.

It was Chu Feng. Chu Feng was flying toward the Sacred Tree Throne!!!


After Chu Feng approached, the Sacred Tree Throne emitted its jade green gaseous flames.

The gaseous flames were truly extraordinary. They did not seem like a barrier. Instead, they seemed like countless sharp claws that would tear anyone that dared approach to shreds.

However, when Chu Feng approached, the golden fruit he held in his hand immediately let out golden gaseous flames.

As the two of them collided, ripples were formed.

Chu Feng was not struck by the gaseous flames emitted by the Sacred Tree Throne, and his golden fruit was still present. However, he was unable to ascend to the Sacred Tree Throne.

Just like that, the two parties were in a deadlock.

That said, Chu Feng did not plan to allow the deadlock to continue. He held the Sacred Fruit and opened his mouth...

“Chu Feng, the Sacred Fruit cannot be eaten!!!”

A shout was heard. It was the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Chu Feng, that Sacred Fruit is enticing you. Although it seems edible, it is actually extremely berserk. If you are to eat it, you will endanger your life,” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief added.

“Senior, this junior knows all of that.”

“However, there are no absolutes in this world. Perhaps this Sacred Fruit is deliberately making people fear it, making them undaring to eat it,” said Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you’ll be risking your own life,” said the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Being able to reach this place, when have I, Chu Feng, not risked my life?” said Chu Feng.

When Chu Feng said those words, the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief grew quiet.

Indeed, Chu Feng had been risking his life the entire time.

When had he ever tried to play it safe?

At the moment when the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief was startled by Chu Feng’s response, Chu Feng ate the Sacred Fruit.


After Chu Feng swallowed the Sacred Fruit, an enormous commotion was immediately raised.

However, that commotion soon settled down.

When the crowd looked to Chu Feng again, they discovered that his body was shining brightly.

The light that was being emitted from his body differed from that of the other people that had ascended with golden fruits.

The light from the others could be clearly determined to be released from something else.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, was different. That light was being emitted from Chu Feng’s body, from Chu Feng himself.

Most shockingly, he actually managed to pass through the barrier of gaseous flames emitted by the Sacred Tree Throne.

“Success? He actually succeeded with his blind attempt? Such luck is simply too good!”

Zhang Shirui had a look of displeasure on her face. Evidently, she had hoped for Chu Feng’s failure. The result made her feel very displeased.

“That’s not purely luck,” said Zhang Yanfeng.

“What else could it be besides luck? Didn’t he do attempt it blindly?” Zhang Shirui said angrily.

“My foolish little sister, he's not making blind attempts. That is his decision. Furthermore, he is very courageous. It's because he has courage surpassing that of ordinary people that he dared to carry out his decision.”

“Ignoring everything else, merely with that courage of his, I am inferior to him. I seem to understand now why he's the person selected by Lord Qin Kunlun,” said Zhang Yanfeng.

Hearing those words, Zhang Shirui revealed a frown. When she looked to Chu Feng again, displeasure filled her gaze.

Her big brother was her idol.

Yet, her big brother actually admitted to being inferior to Chu Feng. Zhang Shirui found it very difficult to accept.

Because of that, she felt more and more grievance toward Chu Feng.

“Although he has successfully ascended to the Sacred Tree Throne, obtaining the power from the Sacred Tree Throne is no easy task. This is only the beginning for Chu Feng,” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

Hearing those words, Zhang Yanfeng and the others nodded in agreement.

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Tantai Yinjian and the people from the various powers had no idea how powerful the Sacred Tree Throne was. However, the people from the Blood-devouring Demon Clan knew of its powers.

There were a lot of chairs floating in the Sacred Palace Hall. Of those, the Void Seats all contain natural energies. Only the Sacred Tree Throne did not contain any natural energies.

Instead, what it contained was… a cultivation treasure!!!

However, if one wanted to obtain that cultivation treasure, one must first conquer it. When approaching the Sacred Tree Throne was already that difficult, one could well imagine how difficult it would be to conquer the cultivation treasure it contained.

After all, that cultivation treasure was something completely unmatched and unique in the Void Sacred Tree.

It was something that would only appear once every hundred thousand years...

It was the Sacred Tree Seed!!!

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