Chapter 3580 - Merely An Instant

Chapter 3580 - Merely An Instant

Indeed, Chu Feng had nearly died. When the little girl opened that spirit formation gate and told Chu Feng to leave, the thought of leaving had indeed crossed his mind.

Fortunately, in the end, his conscience defeated his selfishness.

He truly did not anticipate for that to also have been a test.

“In that case, right now… did I fail the test or…?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“I guess I can reluctantly consider it as you having succeeded,” said the little girl.

“Then, I won't have to die?” Chu Feng asked.

“Enough with asking the obvious,” the little girl rolled her eyes at Chu Feng. Then, she handed the Evil God Sword back to him, “This sword has left an enormous backlash on your body. Unless absolutely necessary, it’s best to not use that sword.”

“It’s only a backlash. In my opinion, such a price is extremely small,” with a smile on his face, Chu Feng accepted the Evil God Sword. Then, he turned his gaze to the Evil God Sword. “If I had known that you’d changed this much, I would not have had to suffer so many grievances.”

“Chu Feng, there’s a couple things that I need to tell you.”

“First, do not mention your encounter with me to anyone.”

“Furthermore, the test I have for you is still not over yet. Thus, you will have to rely on yourself later. Even if you end up dying, you cannot hope for me to help you.”

“Finally, since entering this place, time has not moved at all.”

The little girl told Chu Feng those things with a serious expression.

It seemed as if she wanted to bid her farewells to him.

“Child, I understand all the things you said earlier, however, what do you mean by that final sentence?”

“What do you mean that time has not moved at all?” asked Chu Feng.


Suddenly, heaven and earth started to change. Everything in the surroundings disappeared. Even the little girl disappeared. The little girl had fused with the world, and turned into strange gaseous flames that entered Chu Feng’s body.

Due to the fact that the world had collapsed, Chu Feng found himself in chaotic darkness. However, he was able to sense that the little girl was in his body. She was currently fusing with him and assimilating into his meridians, his veins and his blood.

It was only at that moment that Chu Feng came to a realization. It turned out that the conclusion of the test was a selection.

He had become the person selected by the little girl.

Chu Feng knew that the little girl was not human. However, he had not anticipated her to be so mystical, so mystical that she was capable of fusing with him.

Furthermore, the little girl possessed such overwhelming power. It would naturally be a good thing for an existence of her caliber to assimilate with him.

Merely, Chu Feng was somewhat confused. He did not understand why the little girl did not fuse with his entire soul, but instead decided to fuse with his meridians, his blood and his veins. It was as if only those aspects could be assimilated with her.

Furthermore, the speed of assimilation was not very fast. Some time was needed for the little girl to completely assimilate with Chu Feng...

“This is?”

Suddenly, Chu Feng discovered that he could hear some voices. Then, he discovered that he was actually able to see things.

“Could it be?”

Suddenly, a possibility came to his mind. He realized what the little girl meant by her last sentence.

Turned out, even though he had entered that world and spent a year with her...

Only an instant had passed in the real world.

The reason for that was because the scene that appeared before his eyes and the sounds that entered his ears was what had happened after he had entered the dark black gate.

In other words, the year that he had experienced with the little girl was merely an illusion.

An entire year had passed in the illusion, whereas only a split second had passed in the real world.

However, that illusion was very realistic. Chu Feng was unable to detect that it was not reality at all.

This made Chu Feng have no choice but to ponder how terrifyingly powerful the little girl was.

The power of that little girl had surpassed his understanding.



“Chu Feng!!!”

Hysterical and miserable cries resounded nonstop.

Witnessing Chu Feng stepping into the dark black gate with their very eyes, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were all completely heartbroken with grief.

It was not only the Chu Heavenly Clansmen. Many other people were also grieving.

After all, a lot of the people present had befriended Chu Feng.

That said, the crowd’s surroundings had changed enormously.

They were no longer in darkness. Instead, they found themselves in a dazzling palace hall.

That palace hall was enormous. There were chairs floating above the palace hall.

The great majority of the chairs were made of stone, and looked very plain.

However, there was a single chair that appeared to be made of jade.

Because of that, that chair stood out from the others and was particularly eye-catching.

Although the palace hall was very exquisite, it was also very empty. Apart from the floating chairs, there was nothing else in the palace hall.

However, being there, one could sense very intense natural energies.

Furthermore, those natural energies were completely different from the natural energies outside. They contained power that was not present in the natural energies outside. It was the power of the Void Sacred Tree.

“Sacred Palace Hall, this is the Sacred Palace Hall!”

“We’ve succeeded! We’ve succeeded!!!”

Many people were wild with joy. Those that were smarter than the rest would try their hardest to conceal their joy, whereas those that were more foolish were smirking in joy and excitement.

Those people created an intense contrast against the sorrowful Chu Heavenly Clansmen and others that were weeping bitter tears for Chu Feng.

“Humph. Sure enough, you’re a bunch of vile characters.”

Li Ruochu let out a cold snort. Contempt filled her eyes.

It was not only her. Many Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen were also sneering at those people.

The Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen deeply despised those people. After all, they did not enter the place through their own ability. Instead, they had relied on Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had exchanged his life to bring them there. Yet, not only did they show no grief for his passing at all, but they were instead showing such glee. This was truly infuriating to look at.

“Laugh? How could you all laugh at a time like this?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. It was Chu Xuanzhengfa. Behind him were many other Chu Heavenly Clansmen.

Overwhelmed with extreme grief, they were finally unable to contain themselves. Disregarding the identity of those people, they lashed out at them.

As for the people that were lashed out at by Chu Xuanzhengfa and the others, although they did not think much of Chu Xuanzhengfa and the others, and even looked down on them, they also realized what they’d done was wrong. Taking into consideration that Chu Feng was indeed the one that had brought them there, they did not refute the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, and quietly lowered their heads.

But some among them decided to ignore the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, and went about their way to continue with their observation of the Sacred Palace Hall.

“You bunch…”

Being ignored by those people in such a manner, Chu Xuanzhengfa and the others became even more enraged.

“It’s enough,” suddenly, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief spoke.

“Chu Feng sacrificed himself because he wanted us to gain from this place. That is his decision. We should respect it.”

After the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief finished saying those words, he sat down on the ground. He appeared extremely weak. It was not his health that was weak. Instead, it was his mental state. He had suffered an enormous shock from Chu Feng’s decision.

“Senior, you don’t have to feel too sad. Chu Feng might be fine,” Li Ruochu walked up to the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and comforted him.

“This old man knows how capable that kid is. I also know that this place is a place that changes constantly. It is indeed possible that he’s still alive.”

“However, even with that being the case, there’s still an enormous possibility that he has encountered a mishap.”

“This old man knows Chu Feng better than anyone else. He is doing all this for our sakes.”

“It is this old man that’s useless. Even though I am clearly the clan chief, I am unable to make our clan flourish. Instead, I have had to rely on Chu Feng’s help. He is still only a child. He shouldn’t have to shoulder such a heavy responsibility.”

As his words reached this point, tears of self-blame rolled down the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s cheek.

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