Chapter 3578 - Appearance Of The Demon King

Chapter 3578 - Appearance Of The Demon King

“A bunch of disgusting animals!!!”

“If you’re capable, then kill me!!!”

Even though he was practically forced into a corner, Chu Feng was not only not panicking, he was instead laughing out loud, and mocking the demonic beings!!!

He was simply trying to die.

He was clearly deliberately provoking those demonic beings.





Roars and rumbles sounded nonstop. The enormous fists that were as big as little hills were bombarding Chu Feng like a meteor shower.

The enraged demonic beings were violently beating Chu Feng up. It was like a group of giant elephants frantically stomping on a little ant.

This sort of inhumane beating continued for a very long time…..




The bombardment of punches gave rise to a lot of smoke and dust that filled the air.

Finally, the demented attacks came to a halt.

When the demonic beings stepped away, one could see that the location Chu Feng was in had become a giant hole tens of thousands of meters deep.

Chu Feng and the little girl were lying in that deep hole. The two of them were changed beyond recognition, and did not show any signs of life...

At that moment, the previously noisy atmosphere had become especially quiet. All of the demonic beings were standing in an orderly manner outside the deep hole.

They seemed to be waiting for something...

Suddenly, an enormous silhouette appeared from far away. That giant silhouette rapidly flew over, and ultimately stopped in the sky above the deep hole.

It was another demonic being.

Not only was that demonic being wearing crimson armor, but it was also donned in a crimson mantle. Even its body was much larger than the other demonic beings. Its height alone measured over a hundred thousand meters.

After it appeared, the demonic beings that filled the earth all knelt. They were paying homage to that demonic being.

Without a doubt, the demonic being that had appeared was their demon king!!!

After the Demon King appeared, it first examined the wreckage of Chu Feng. Then, it raised its head to look at the still surging crimson clouds. A cold smile appeared on its enormous mouth.

“To play this sort of trick with this King, you are truly one who does not know death.”

A voice even more deafening than thunder sounded from that Demon King’s mouth. That Demon King was actually capable of speaking the human language.

After its words left its mouth, its enormous pupils started to emit a strange black light. He ran his eyes across his surroundings, and ultimately stopped at a distant location.

“Scram out here for this King!”

That Demon King stretched its hand and made a grabbing motion. Like an enormous volcano, the ground far away erupted. That said, what erupted was not magma. Instead, it was an enormous amount of soil and dust that filled the sky.

There was a crimson silhouette within the soil. It was Chu Feng and the little girl he was holding against his chest.

Turned out, those remains on the ground were merely fakes created by Chu Feng using world spirit techniques.

Unfortunately, although he had managed to pull the wool over the eyes of those demonic beings, he failed to do so against the Demon King.

“In the end, you’ve shown yourself,” the exposed Chu Feng was not only not nervous, a determined expression appeared in his eyes.


Suddenly, thunder exploded in the sky. It was truly deafening.

It was crimson lightnings. The crimson of this lightning was much more intense than the clouds. Like dragons, the lightning galloped through the crimson clouds.

After the lightning appeared in the sky, crimson lightning appeared in Chu Feng’s eyes and on his body. As for the Evil God Sword, its surface was covered in tyrannical lightning as well.

All of this was caused by the Evil God Sword.


Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted. Following that, the Evil God Sword he held in his hand streaked across the sky.


A sword ray filled with lightning swept forth. It was making a beeline for the Demon King.

The demonic beings all leaped into the air. They used their own bodies to block the incoming sword slash for their king.

However, all of the demonic beings that came in contact with the sword ray were instantly disintegrated.

Their bodies were not simply sliced in half by the sword ray. Instead, their bodies exploded on the spot.

From this, one could imagine how powerful that sword ray was!!!

As lightning surged and crimson light filled the sky, the sword ray soon arrived before the Demon King. Furthermore, its might did not decrease in the slightest.

However, faced with the incoming sword ray, the Demon King stood there without moving. It allowed the sword ray to hit its body.


At the instant the sword ray collided with its body, tens of thousands of lightning bolts surged in all directions, piercing through the ground below, the clouds above and everywhere else. All of the demonic beings that stood within ten million meters of the Demon King were instantly obliterated by the lightning.

However, after the lightning dispersed, Chu Feng stood there, stunned.

The aftermath of that slash was able to obliterate many demonic beings.

Yet, the Demon King that was struck head-on by the crimson lightning slash was completely unharmed!!!

“This guy…”

At that moment, Chu Feng felt his body go completely limp. Despair filled his eyes.

Chu Feng had actually already guessed that there must be some sort of king, some sort of leader, behind all those demonic beings.

Chu Feng was planning to wait for the king to appear so that he could unleash a fatal attack at him to finish everything.

Merely, he did not expect the Demon King to be so powerful, so powerful that even the Evil God Sword was powerless against it.



Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his mouth and sprayed out a pillar of blood.

The blood he sprayed out was actually black!!!

After vomiting blood, Chu Feng instantly became extremely emaciated. It seemed as if all of his flesh had left him. All the veins in his body were clearly exposed through his skin.

He became so weak that he seemed like he would die at any moment.

Shortly afterward, he fell from the sky and crashed ruthlessly onto the ground.

At that moment, he did not even have the strength to stand back up. However, he was still tightly gripping the Evil God Sword with one hand, and hugging the little girl with the other.


“Why are you trying so hard and risking your life for me? We’ve only known each other for a single year…” Seeing Chu Feng becoming like that yet still holding onto her, still protecting her, the little girl’s gaze started to flicker nonstop.

Chu Feng smiled faintly at her question. He said, “Don’t tell me that friendship is something that can only be weighed by time…”

“But… I am clearly only exploiting you. You should be able to tell,” said the little girl.

“Is that so? I don’t think that’s the case. I’ve done everything you asked voluntarily,” said Chu Feng.

“I am truly unworthy for you to do all this,” said the little girl.

“Child, it's not up to you to determine whether or not you’re worthy. Instead, it’s for me to decide.”

“Don’t bother with those superfluous words. After all, no matter what you say, I still feel that you’re worthy of me doing all this.”

Chu Feng gently rubbed the little girl’s head as he said those words. He was even looking at her with a very pampering gaze.

As for the little girl, she lowered her head in silence...

“It would appear that you’re no longer able to endure the backlash from that sword.”

The voice that shook even heaven and earth sounded again. The Demon King was looking at Chu Feng with a ridiculing look.

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