Chapter 3578 - Appearance Of The Demon King (Teaser)

Chapter 3578 - Appearance Of The Demon King

“A bunch of disgusting animals!!!”

“If you’re capable, then kill me!!!”

Even though he was practically forced into a corner, Chu Feng was not only not panicking, he was instead laughing out loud, and mocking the demonic beings!!!

He was simply trying to die.

He was clearly deliberately provoking those demonic beings.





Roars and rumbles sounded nonstop. The enormous fists that were as big as little hills were bombarding Chu Feng like a meteor shower.

The enraged demonic beings were violently beating Chu Feng up. It was like a group of giant elephants frantically stomping on a little ant.

This sort of inhumane beating continued for a very long time…..




The bombardment of punches...

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