Chapter 3577 - Crimson Lightnings Filling The Sky

Chapter 3577 - Crimson Lightnings Filling The Sky


A loud roar sounded from afar.

This roar differed from the roar of the other demonic beings. It was particularly ear-piercing and imposing. After that roar was heard, a tornado appeared between heaven and earth.

That said, not even Chu Feng was able to determine where that voice came from. It was as if it came from the world itself.

That said, what was most terrifying about the roar was not how imposing it was. Instead, it was the effect caused by the roar.

After the roar was heard, the demonic beings no longer bothered to pay any attention to Chu Feng. Instead, they began to frantically attack the little girl’s location.


Seeing that, Chu Feng cried ‘oh no’ in his heart.

He hurriedly brandished the Evil God Sword in his hand and frantically massacred the demonic beings before him.

This time around, Chu Feng’s attacks were particularly strong. They were much fiercer than before.

Unfortunately, there were simply too many demonic beings. Their number was simply innumerable.

Furthermore, the demonic beings were attacking the defensive formations from all directions. Thus, it was simply impossible for Chu Feng to stop all of them.

Lastly, all of Chu Feng’s insults and provocations were ineffective against them.

It was like those demonic beings had lost their intelligence, and would only continue to aimlessly attack the defensive formations while disregarding everything else.

Chu Feng felt like those monsters had received a command.

He felt that the roar earlier was the command!!!

Unfortunately, even though Chu Feng had an idea of what had caused this, he was powerless to do anything about it. He did not even know where that roar had come from. As for finding the owner of that roar, it was simply impossible.

Apart from trying his hardest to massacre the monsters, there was nothing else he could do.

However, a terrifying thing began to occur. As the monsters continued to attack the defensive formations, they were being slaughtered by the defensive formations in waves.

With that, they began to evolve again.

In the beginning, the demonic beings were only strange-looking pitch-black humanoids.

But now, they were extremely robust warriors clad in armor.

Merely, this was a bunch of wicked warriors. The more powerful they became, the more terrified and uneasy one would feel toward them.

This was especially true in regards to the current situation, as the great majority of the layers of defensive formations that Chu Feng spent an entire year setting up had already been destroyed.

At that moment, only a single layer of defensive formations remained. It was still emitting unsurpassed brilliance as it protected the little girl.

However, that was already the final barrier. If that layer of defensive formations was also breached, the little girl would be exposed to those monsters.


Chu Feng no longer continued with his blind massacre of those demonic beings. Instead, his body shifted, and he arrived atop the defensive formations.

Due to the fact that the final layer of defensive formations only covered a very small area, he no longer needed to fight against the demonic beings outside the range of the defensive formations.

Standing atop the defensive formations, Chu Feng just so happened to be within range of their attacks. Thus, he planned to kill the demonic beings before they could approach the defensive formations.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk~~~”

Seeing Chu Feng making this decision, the demonic beings that were only able to roar before began to simultaneously let out a strange laughter.

They seemed to be… ridiculing Chu Feng.

Yes, they were ridiculing Chu Feng. They were indeed ridiculing him.

Chu Feng did not bother to say anything. He brandished the Evil God Sword in his hand and repeatedly sent out crimson sword rays at the monsters.

When Chu Feng first used the Evil God Sword, the crimson sword rays were able to easily slice through multiple demonic beings at once. With every slash, he would be able to slaughter thousands of demonic beings at once.

However, things were now extremely different. As the monsters continued to evolve, the sword rays would dissipate after wounding a single monster.

Not to mention killing a vast amount of monsters, they were unable to even kill a single monster.

Most importantly, the might of the Evil God Sword had not weakened. From this, one could tell exactly how much the power of the demonic beings had increased.

It was no wonder the demonic beings would ridicule Chu Feng. They knew very well that the current Chu Feng was no longer able to stop them.

That was also the truth. The current Chu Feng was simply unable to stop the monsters from approaching the defensive formations.

The monsters breached Chu Feng’s defensive perimeter continuously. They approached the final layer of defensive formations. By relying on their superior numbers, they were even able to block the attacks from the last layer of defensive formations to begin their own counterattacks.

In merely a short moment, a portion of the final defensive layer was destroyed.

Seeing that the final layer of defensive formations was soon to be completely destroyed, Chu Feng felt extremely helpless.

That said, he did not give up. He gritted his teeth and, with burning eyes, began to brandish the Evil God Sword repeatedly, sending crimson sword rays towards the demonic beings coming from all directions.

He was making his last stand!!!

“Chu Feng, you will not be able to stop them. They’ve already obtained their perfect form. Quickly, leave this place,” the little girl urged him.

“They’ve already reached their perfect form?” Chu Feng’s expression changed upon hearing those words. Then, he turned around and flew over to the little girl and grabbed her. Then, he soared into the sky and started flying far away.

“What are you doing?” the little girl asked in astonishment.

“Since they’ve already evolved to their perfect form, there's no need for me to protect those defensive formations.”

“Since their target is you, it would do if I protect you,” said Chu Feng.

“Have you gone stupid? You are simply no match for them. Quickly, leave this place. If this is to continue, you will die,” said the little girl.

“I said that I will protect you, so I will definitely protect you. Unless I am to die, I will definitely not let those monsters cause you harm.”

Chu Feng said those words with a smile on his face. Even though his eyes had turned bloody red, and his face sinister looked like a demon under the effects of the Evil God Sword, that smile of his was still very warm.

Seeing that smile on Chu Feng, the little girl was momentarily stunned...


The demonic beings had managed to completely destroy the final layer of defensive formations. With this, they began to fly toward Chu Feng in waves from all directions to attack him.

He was simply unable to stop them. Soon, he was struck by the demonic beings that approached him and knocked to the ground.

Then, the demonic beings, with their enormous fists, began to bombard his body.

With the protection of the Evil God Sword’s aura, Chu Feng did not die. However, he was suffering from enormous pain.

He was no longer able to move, and unable to fight back. He could only lie on the ground with one hand tightly clenched on the Evil God Sword and the other tightly hugging the little girl.

From his determined gaze, one could tell that he had made his decision.

He was planning to endure everything with his life, protect the little girl with his life.

As for the little girl, she was shielded by Chu Feng, covered by his body.

Apart from the soil on the ground, she was unable to see anything else. However, she was able to hear the booming sounds of the enormous fists from the monsters pounding down on Chu Feng’s body.

She was also able to hear the sound of flesh being torn apart, the sound of blood splattering everywhere, and even the sound of bones disintegrating.

All those sounds came from Chu Feng...

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