Chapter 3576 - Crimson Sword Vs. Monster Herd

Chapter 3576 - Crimson Sword Vs. Monster Hoard

The crimson clouds surged violently and covered the entire sky, reaching tens of thousands of miles and more.

This sort of sight seemed like the arrival of doomsday, the descent of the devil.

All of the creatures in that world were terrified by the changes. They all hid themselves and shivered in fear.

They were showing even greater fear than when those demonic beings appeared.

In fact, it was not only the creatures of that world that changed their behavior due to the appearance of the crimson clouds...

Even those armor-wearing monsters who were as mighty as Utmost Exalteds and numerous like a massive tide stopped their onslaught and raised their heads to look to the sky above.

Their attention was captured by the crimson clouds in the sky.


Right at that moment, a crimson figure flew out from within the layers of defensive formations.

The figure arrived above the monsters and stood in midair.

Immediately, that figure caught the attention of many monsters. The reason for that was because the figure that stood in midair was a human, a tiny little human.

Tiny, truly tiny. Before the countless giant monsters, that figure was as tiny as a speck of dust.

However, that tiny figure was emitting crimson gaseous flames.

The crimson gaseous flames not only resembled the crimson clouds in the sky, but they were even more intense than the clouds.

“I will slaughter anyone who dares to take another step forward.”

An extremely threatening voice sounded from Chu Feng’s mouth.

When Chu Feng said those words, the terrifying eyes of the monsters all changed. It seemed like they were shocked by his words.

From this, it could be seen that those monsters were definitely not beings without intelligence, that were only capable of attacking. They seemed to also possess a certain amount of intelligence.


Suddenly, ear-piercing roars exploded in the sky.

Several demonic beings simultaneously opened their giant mouths and shot forth explosive blade-like wind toward Chu Feng.

It was like several violent tornadoes besieging an ant from all directions with the intention to tear it to pieces.

From a glance, this was most definitely a sadistic slaughter with no suspense at all.

However, Chu Feng was completely composed facing such an attack. He flipped his palm, and the Evil God Sword he held in his hand slashed a crescent-shaped crimson arc in midair.

Following that, crimson blade rays spilled out from the Evil God Sword. The blade rays enlarged in size as they swept their surroundings.


The sword attack not only sliced away the incoming violent winds, but it also sliced away the armor of those monsters below and split their bodies.

With only a single sword strike, tens of enormous monsters lost their lives!!!


After that sword strike, the demonic beings seemed to be completely enraged. They stopped their attacks at the defensive formations and all started rushing toward Chu Feng with the intention to kill him.

That said, how could Chu Feng be afraid of them?

Like wind, the sword rays swept out in all directions.

It was a crimson wind. Wind as powerful as blades.

Wherever the wind blades passed, not even a blade of grass remained. Like grass, the monsters were reaped by the wind.

The monsters grew more and more furious, their attacks more and more crazed.

As for Chu Feng, he grew braver and braver, fiercer and fiercer, the more he fought.

His first sword strike brought down tens of demonic beings. It was already very terrifying by itself. After all, those were giant monsters tens of thousands of meters tall.

However, every sword strike from Chu Feng would now cover a length of several tens of thousands of meters. With every sword strike, several thousand monsters would lose their lives.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was attacking using his sword continuously, like a rainstorm. The destruction caused by his attacks was not at all inferior to the damage caused by the defensive formations.

However, the attacks of the defensive formations would strengthen the monsters through evolution, whereas Chu Feng’s attacks would not.

As Chu Feng grew fiercer and fiercer, those monsters appeared to be extremely weak and small by comparison.

Even though their numbers seemed limitless, not a single one of them was able to truly approach Chu Feng.

This was truly a confrontation between two parties with an enormous disparity in strength!!!

With the situation being like that, the monsters actually halted their attacks.

Not only that, but they began to cower too. It seemed like they were afraid of Chu Feng.

The cannibalistic monsters that did not fear death were actually afraid of Chu Feng!!!

This scene surprised even the little girl.

“This guy, exactly who is he?”

The little girl looked to the fiercely fighting Chu Feng and her innocent gaze turned deep.

She discovered that as the intensity of the crimson gaseous flames on Chu Feng’s body increased, not only did his battle power continuously increase, but the killing intent on his face was also increasing nonstop.

Although he was smiling, it was a very crazed and even sinister smile. From a glance, that smile looked very terrifying.

With such a facial expression and how he was able to kill the demonic beings like slicing grass, Chu Feng simply seemed more like a demon than those demonic beings, more of a monster than monsters.

“It’s all because of that sword. There should be… an actual demon in that sword!!!”

Finally, the little girl’s gaze fixed onto the Evil God Sword.

She had determined that his current transformation was all due to that sword!

That sword not only gave Chu Feng terrifying power, but it was also affecting his mind, and making him vicious, fierce and filled with evil tendencies!!!

However, after seeing through all of this, the corners of the little girl’s lips rose into a faint smile.


“This is a little interesting.”

The little girl, no matter what she said and what she did, had always looked innocent and pure. She had always looked very adorable.

She had always looked like a child fond of playing around.

However, now, even though she still had the look of a child, even though her outward appearance did not change at all, the aura that she emitted, the feeling she gave to others, was not at all related to the word ‘child.’

That was a gaze that managed to see through everything. It was a scheming, shrewd and ruthless gaze. It was a gaze filled with unfathomable depth...

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