Chapter 3575 - Unleashing A Massacre

Chapter 3575 - Unleashing A Massacre

“Quickly, get back here! Have you gone mad?!”

The little girl had managed to guess what Chu Feng planned to do, and was shouting loudly at him. She was afraid that he would do something reckless.

“The defensive formations are complementary to the demonic beings. The defensive formations are only able to cause harm to the demonic beings and, if my guess is correct, it's also only the defensive formations that are capable of evolving the demonic beings.”

“If we wish to prevent them from further evolution, there is only one method. That is, to keep them from proceeding deeper, prevent them from reaching the next layer of defensive formations,” Chu Feng said to the little girl.

“What you said is correct! But how are you supposed to stop them?! Don’t do anything foolish! Quickly, return here!” The little girl shouted loudly, so much so that her voice turned hoarse.

Her voice became so hoarse that, even though she had the appearance of a little child, she no longer sounded like a little child.

It could be seen that the little girl was truly worried about Chu Feng.

However, the more she reacted in such a manner, the more determined Chu Feng was to protect her.

Chu Feng ignored the little girl’s shouts and looked to the Evil God Sword he held in his hand.

“It’s been so many years. Because of my fear of death, I haven't used this sword.”

“Today, I’m afraid that I have no choice but to use you. I hope… that you don't disappoint me.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he not only tightened his grip on the Evil God Sword, but he also instilled his aura into it.

Nervousness and unease filled Chu Feng’s heart.

The last time Chu Feng had unleashed the overwhelming might of the Evil God Sword was back in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. The opponent Chu Feng faced that time around, not to mention the Evil God Sword, was an opponent that the current Chu Feng would be able to easily slaughter.

However, things were very different now. The monsters that he faced, although he was unable to determine their cultivation, he guessed that they were all, at the very least, Utmost Exalted.

It was even possible that they were even stronger than Utmost Exalted.

Faced with such terrifying existences, Chu Feng was also uncertain if the Evil God Sword could actually contend against them.

On the other hand, if the Evil God Sword was truly able to slaughter even Utmost Exalted-level existences, it would mean that it would be truly dangerous for Chu Feng to use it.

It was very possible that Chu Feng’s body and soul would once again be devoured by the Evil God Sword. It was very possible that he would lose consciousness like he did last time. Even dying would not be impossible.

Regardless of which of the two situations it might be, it remained extremely dangerous for Chu Feng.

That said, based on the current situation, he rather hoped that the Evil God Sword would be able to unleash its might. Even if he was to brave the risk of being devoured by it, he hoped that he would be able to repel those monsters and protect the little girl using the Evil God Sword.

“Damned brat! Get the hell back here!!!”

Right at that moment, a voice sounded beside Chu Feng. It was the little girl.

The little girl had flown up to Chu Feng and tightly grabbed his sleeve with her soft little hands. She was trying very hard to pull Chu Feng back.

Unfortunately, even after she unleashed all of her strength, she was unable to pull Chu Feng back.

In that world, the little girl was a mysterious existence. The methods to setting up those defensive formations were all taught to Chu Feng by her.

However, she was not powerful at all. Perhaps he could not kill her there. However, she also could not defeat him.

As such, it was only natural that she would not be able to pull him back, not able to stop him.

Thus, the little girl was extremely worried. She feared that Chu Feng would really throw his life away.

“This aura?”

Suddenly, the little girl was stunned. After that, her gaze changed enormously.

She was shocked to discover that crimson gaseous flames had appeared on Chu Feng’s body.

It was not only Chu Feng. Even the sky started to change.

A wide expanse of crimson clouds appeared in the sky of the world. The crimson clouds were surging violently, and they soon covered the entire sky.

From a glance, the crimson clouds appeared very terrifying. They did not appear to be inferior to the demonic beings that were besieging them from all directions continuously.

At the same time as the crimson clouds covered the sky, a terrifying aura also swept forth and covered the entire region.

At that instant, even the monsters that were attacking nonstop all stopped their movements.

That terrifying aura was so strong that it was simply not at all inferior to the monsters coming from all directions.

All of this was caused by the crimson sword Chu Feng held in his hand.

“That sword?”

The little girl had a shocked expression. It was only at that moment that she realized Chu Feng was not joking around with her. His sword was truly exceptionally powerful.

“This feeling, it’s still so familiar. It would appear that you, evil thing, did not disappoint me,” Chu Feng said as he looked to the Evil God Sword in his hand.

At that moment, the aura emitted by the Evil God Sword engulfed Chu Feng. The two of them seemed to have fused together.

Thus, no one was able to sense the power of the Evil God Sword better than Chu Feng.

Truth be told, Chu Feng was still uncertain as to exactly how powerful the Evil God Sword was.

However, he knew that with the Evil God Sword in his hand, those demonic beings before him were simply nothing to be afraid of.

Likely, no one in the entire world would be a match for him.

That was the feeling the Evil God Sword gave Chu Feng. It was a feeling of unparalleled confidence.

“Child, step back.”

Chu Feng looked to the little girl beside him. At that time, even the tone of his voice had changed.

The little girl hurriedly let go of Chu Feng’s sleeve.

She had realized that Chu Feng was not trying to show off. He seemed to truly be able to contend against those monsters.


Suddenly, a crimson gaseous flame soared into the sky. It was shooting straight for the monsters.

It was Chu Feng. With the Evil God Sword in hand, Chu Feng had rushed into the group of demonic beings. He seemed like an ant charging into a group of elephants.

However, there was no sign of fear on his face. Instead, confidence filled his face.

This was especially true for that nefarious smile on his face. That smile indicated that he was prepared to unleash a massacre.

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