Chapter 3574 - Empty Shell

Chapter 3574 - Empty Shell


The roaring sounds grew closer and closer. Chu Feng was able to see a large amount of fireflies flying towards them from all directions in the distant sky.

However, those were not fireflies at all. Instead, they were enormous eyes. It was only because they were so far away that they seemed like specks of light.

By the size of those enormous eyes, Chu Feng was able to deduce that those demonic beings were enormous. Likely, even the smallest among them was more than ten thousand meters tall.

Seeing that the demonic beings were coming, Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes to look.

Once his Heaven’s Eyes were activated, the appearance of the demonic beings completely manifested themselves in his gaze.

They were a bunch of humanoid monsters. Their appearances were practically identical. Every one of them was ten thousand meters tall.

They did not have any hair, noses or ears. Apart from their sinister-looking giant eyes, only a giant mouth was present on their heads.

Besides the eyes that were white, the monsters were completely pitch-black. Even their oral cavities and fangs were pitch-black. Thus, even though they were roaring with their mouths wide open, one would not be able to discover their open mouths if one didn’t pay close attention.

Only the eyes, which emitted white light, were conspicuous.

Such monsters were simply innumerable. Like a tide, they were gathering toward where Chu Feng stood from all directions.

Although their movement appeared to be very slow, they were actually extremely fast.

In only a short period of time, the majestic army of monsters had come within a hundred meters of Chu Feng.

As for that hundred meters, it was the attack range of the defensive formations!!!

“The show is starting.”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right after Chu Feng said those words, the outermost grand formations started to shine brightly.

The grand formations began to emit white gaseous flames. The gaseous flames condensed into arrows in midair. Like a torrential rain, the arrows all shot toward the incoming giant humanoid monsters.

Those arrows were extremely powerful. They measured ten meters in length, and were a foot in width. When they pierced through the demonic beings, they were capable of leaving behind wounds with diameters in the tens of meters.

Arrows like those were being shot toward the incoming monsters like a volley of rain.

Those monsters were simply unable to avoid the arrows at all. In merely a short instant, the vanguard of the monsters were all crushed by the arrows.

“These demonic beings are not up to much,” said Chu Feng.

“Don't look down on these monsters. They are a whole entity. The greater the damage they sustain, the more provoked they will become.”

Compared to Chu Feng, the little girl had a stern look, and did not dare to lower her guard.

This made Chu Feng realize that these monsters were most definitely not that weak. That said, he was rather confused by the little girl’s words.

It was only when the next scene occurred that Chu Feng came to a sudden realization.


The monsters at the front started to scream and die in succession. However, the monsters in the back were roaring louder and louder.

They started to open their mouths wide. Had Chu Feng not witnessed it himself, he would not dare to believe that those monsters would be able to open their mouths so wide.

They were able to open their mouths so wide that they were able to engulf the monster of the same size that stood beside them whole.

That’s right, those monsters were devouring their comrades.

Some of those demonic beings would end up failing in their attempt to devour their fellows. Not only would their bodies explode, but they would also bring death to the monster that they had tried to devour.

As for the monsters that managed to successfully devour their fellows, their pitch-black oral cavities turned crimson. Their pitch-black fangs also turned red. Even their eyes turned red.

Their appearances looked even fiercer than before.

Furthermore, those monsters not only gained an obvious increase in their speed, but their flesh also grew much stronger.

The damage caused by the arrows was greatly diminished against those evolved monsters.

Although the arrows were still able to pierce their bodies, that was all that they were capable of doing. No longer were they able to leave giant wounds behind.

Most terrifying of all, the evolved monsters began to devour one another again. With that, their bodies once again underwent a clear change.

Red scales began to appear on their previously pitch-black bodies. Their sharp black nails turned into crimson blades.

After that evolution, the arrows were no longer able to pierce through the monsters’ scales.


The monsters waved their arms and sent forth crimson blade rays. In addition to the spirit formations, even the floating mountains at the outermost region were destroyed by the monster’s attacks.

Even though there were still many layers of defensive formations between the monsters and Chu Feng, even though those defensive formations were stronger with every layer, they were only able to murder the monsters at the very beginning.

As the monsters continued to evolve, the defensive formations soon became useless empty shells that would then be destroyed by the demonic beings.

In merely a short period of time, those monsters had all undergone a complete transformation.

The scales on their bodies had turned into crimson armor. Their bodies had also grown from ten thousand meters to several tens of thousands of meters tall.

Seeing that the monsters were becoming more and more powerful, and that his own defensive formations were being breached by layers… Chu Feng realized that as the monsters in the front were killed by the defensive formations, those in the back would gain the characteristics that they needed to evolve.

Although a large quantity of monsters was constantly being killed, the monsters seemed to be endless, and the ones behind were evolving nonstop.

With the situation being like that, the monsters would only become more and more powerful. Chu Feng’s defensive formations, on the other hand, were limited in number.

If this were to continue, no matter how powerful the defensive formations might be, they would not be able to stop the continuously evolving demonic beings.

It turned out that the defensive formations Chu Feng had spent a year setting up were simply unable to stop those monsters at all.

“They are truly empty shells. If I had known this would be the test, I wouldn't have wasted all that time setting up these defensive formations. Instead, I would’ve spent the year training.”

Helplessness filled Chu Feng’s voice.

A serious expression also filled that little girl’s young face.

“Never did I imagine that they’d reached this level already. It would appear that they are able to evolve to a perfect form this time around. I am doomed,” said the little girl.

“You mean to say that their evolution in the past had not reached this degree?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mn,” the little girl nodded.

“In that case, once they evolve to this perfect form, would my final layer of defensive formations be able to stop them?” Chu Feng asked.

The little girl did not say anything. However, she shook her head.

“I am truly unlucky then,” Chu Feng forced a smile.

“Those demonic beings and I are unable to leave this place. However, you are able to.”

As the little girl spoke, a ray of light shot out from the imprint on her forehead toward the sky above.

After it reached the skies, it formed a spirit formation gate in midair.

“Child, what is the meaning of this?” Chu Feng asked.

“I have observed all that you’ve done over the past year. I know that you’ve tried your best. Go on, leave,” said the little girl.

“This is wrong, no? Earlier, didn’t you say that you were unable to decide whether or not I leave this place? What’s this now?” asked Chu Feng.

“This is a test for you. You’ve already undergone the test. Go on, leave,” said the little girl.

“If I am to leave, will they continue to attack?” asked Chu Feng.

“Of course. Although having you set up those defensive formations is a test for you, it's also a fact that they will come to capture me,” said the little girl.

“So that’s the case.”

“Child, I forgot to ask you this. Those things are trying so hard to come in here to capture you. Why are they trying to capture you?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s because… I am very tasty. If they are able to eat my delicious flesh, their power will greatly increase.”

“That is why they have spared no effort in trying to approach me,” said the little girl.

“Oh? So that’s the case. I understand now.”

Chu Feng smiled. Then, his body leaped forward and into the skies.

Upon witnessing that, the gaze of the little girl changed enormously.

She discovered that Chu Feng was not flying toward the spirit formation gate in midair. Instead, he held onto that crimson sword and flew in the direction of the demonic beings.

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