Chapter 3571 - The Dark Black Gate

Chapter 3571 - The Dark Black Gate

“Lord Tantai, what are we to do? Please think of a solution. We can’t possibly wait here for death.”

In a panic, the crowd turned their gazes to Tantai Yinjian, their pillar of support, again.

“Don’t panic. We must believe in young friend Chu Feng,” said Tantai Yinjian.

“Lord Tantai, this matter concerns our life and death. Are we really going to entrust our lives to a person of the younger generation?”

Tantai Yinjian’s words were no longer able to appease the crowd. Many people completely displayed how uneasy they were. Many people even began to call Chu Feng’s ability into question.

“If you don’t want to wait for death, you can think of a way to breach the formation yourself. Why bother spouting all that bullshit?”

“It's you who made the decision to come here. No one forced you to make that decision,” a mocking voice sounded. It was Zhang Yanfeng.

“Who the hell do you think you are?! Since when are you qualified to speak here?!”

Zhang Yanfeng’s words were immediately met with criticism from the crowd. Their attitudes were extremely vile.

Their behavior was understandable too. After all, the crowd felt great hatred for the Blood-devouring Demon Clan to begin with. Moreover, this matter concerned their life and death, and they were feeling extremely twitchy already.


However, right after those people criticized Zhang Yanfeng, they were all immediately forced to the ground. Not only did they have very painful expressions on their faces, but they were also bleeding from their seven facial orifices. They seemed like they were going to explode and die.

It was the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief!!!

However, at the instant when the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief unleashed his oppressive might, Tantai Yinjian and the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief also unleashed their oppressive might.

Because of that, the people that were suppressed by the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief’s oppressive might were saved.

“We can decide these matters in the future. Right now, we are still people on the same boat. It's not suitable to have internal strife at this time, no?” Tantai Yinjian said to the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Tell your people to watch their mouths. If anyone dares to speak rudely to my clansmen, none of you can think about saving them,” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief had a very cold and detached look on his face. He didn’t seem like he was joking at all.

Seeing such a reaction from the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief, the people that had criticized Zhang Yanfeng earlier all had expressions of lingering fear on their faces. One by one, they began to express their thanks to Tantai Yinjian and the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. They were thanking them for saving their lives.

“What this young friend said earlier is actually not without justification.”

“Since you all made the decision to enter this place of your own accord, you should take responsibility for your actions. It's wrong to blindly demand that others help you.”

“After all, if you are to obtain any benefits here, those benefits will belong to you, and not others.”

To the crowd’s surprise, after Tantai Yinjian took a glance at Zhang Yanfeng, he actually looked at the people he had saved and criticized them with a stern expression.

At that moment, the crowd’s eyes were flickering. Looks of shame appeared on their faces.


Suddenly, the dazzling light dissipated, and the surroundings became clear again.


Rumbles began to be heard nonstop. It was coming from the vast and boundless grand formation.

That enormous formation was crumbling. It was crumbling very quickly. In no time at all, the enormous formation had completely collapsed.

After the grand formation crumbled, the surroundings turned pitch-black. The crowd felt as if they were in the starry sky. Merely, there were no traces of starlight in their surroundings. Pitch-black darkness was all there was.

This caused the crowd to feel panic and unease. They were all thinking that death had arrived.

“Strange, it hasn’t been two hours yet, no?”

Soon, someone realized that it had not been two hours.

This caused the crowd to feel extremely confused while still feeling panicked


At the moment when the crowd were all confused, a ray of light appeared.

It was actually a piece of land. On top of that piece of land was an enormous gate.

That gate seemed to be made of gold, and was a dazzling sight to look at. It was truly grand and imposing.

The gate reached ten thousand meters tall. Seeing it, one would feel that it was extremely spectacular.

There was a figure standing before the gate.

Compared to the giant gate, that figure was extremely small.

However, the banner on the back of that figure allowed the crowd to instantly recognize it to be Chu Feng.

“Look! It’s Chu Feng! It’s Chu Feng!!!”

“Young friend Chu Feng succeeded? Could it be that young friend Chu Feng succeeded?!”

Although they were still uncertain, many people were wild with joy.

After all, they were all still alive, and Chu Feng was also alive. Furthermore, that giant gate had appeared before him.

The crowd were truly unable to help but think that the gate might be the gate that would allow them to enter the Sacred Palace Hall.


As the crowd cheered on with expectations, the giant gate started to slowly open.

However, what emerged from the gate was not a new world. Instead, they were dark gaseous flames. Those gaseous flames appeared very frightening.

This was completely different from what the crowd had imagined.

“Wha-what exactly is inside that gate?”

The previously overjoyed crowd were once again enveloped by unease.

However, right at that moment, an aged yet powerful voice exploded from the sky.

“Youngster, congratulations on reaching this place.”

“However, you will now be confronted with two choices.”

“Shut this Gate of Darkness, and you will be allowed entry into the Sacred Palace Hall. However, only you alone will be able to enter. The others will all die.”

“If you choose to enter this Gate of Darkness, you will undergo torment until death. However, apart from you, the others will not only be able to continue living, but they will also be able to enter the Sacred Palace Hall.”

That voice did not belong to anyone present.

After that voice finished saying those words, it went silent.

As for the crowd, they were no longer able to remain calm after hearing that voice.

They felt enormous despair. After all, a choice like that was simply one that no one would have to think over.

Anyone would choose to enter the Sacred Palace Hall alone. No one would be willing to sacrifice themselves so that others could enjoy the benefits.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng turned around and looked to the crowd, “Seniors, if I, Chu Feng, fail to return, I hope that seniors will be able to treat my Chu Heavenly Clan kindly.”

“Ah?” The crowd were all greatly alarmed upon hearing those words. Dumbstruck expressions filled their faces. They simply did not dare to believe their ears.

Could it be that Chu Feng was planning to sacrifice himself for their sake?

“Chu Feng, you cannot, you must not!”

Seeing that the situation was turning very bad, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief hurriedly spoke. He was extremely afraid that Chu Feng would choose to enter the Gate of Darkness, afraid that he would choose to sacrifice himself.

“Everyone, please!” Right after Chu Feng finishing saying those words, he turned around and leaped into the dark black gate without any hesitation.


At that moment, many hysterical cries were heard. Many Chu Heavenly Clansmen were snarling in grief.

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Chu Xuanzhengfa and many others even rushed toward the darkness in hopes of pulling him back.

Unfortunately, they were too late. Chu Feng had already leapt into the Gate of Darkness.

The enormous black gate instantly disappeared after he leaped into it.

The surroundings also began to undergo a massive change...

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