Chapter 3570 - The Regretful Crowd

Chapter 3570 - The Regretful Crowd

“Young friend Chu Feng, what are you saying? Are you perhaps thinking that we are cowards, afraid of death?”

“Besides, this place already indicated to us that all of us must participate. How are you supposed to breach this formation alone?”

“Young friend Chu Feng, stop messing around. We know that you are very courageous, but if you are to rashly enter without verifying the method to breach the formation, you will only be throwing away your life.”

At this moment, the crowd finally began to frantically dissuade Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng simply ignored the crowd’s dissuasions. With a slightly mocking tone, he asked, “You all must be afraid that I’ll waste your time and make it so that you all will die here, right?”

“Young friend Chu Feng, how could you be thinking like this? We are clearly considering your good.”

“That’s right… you shouldn’t overthink things.”

The crowd would naturally not admit to his claims. However, for some people, the guilty looks on their faces betrayed them.

Indeed, they were precisely afraid that Chu Feng would end up wasting their time given to breach the formation.

“Lord Clan Chief, Elder Tantai, Clan Chief of the Blood-devouring Clan, do you all have a method to solve this formation?” Chu Feng asked.

“Eh… this formation is too complicated. We are truly unable to determine how to solve it.”

The three of them all shook their heads.

“This junior, although untalented, is able to detect some clues by relying on my world spiritist’s observation abilities.”

“This formation is extremely complicated. It is not impossible to order everyone to breach it together. However, two hours will be far from enough time to do so.”

“Thus, this junior has no choice but to do it alone,” said Chu Feng.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you are, after all, a Saint-cloak World Spiritist. This old man is confident in your abilities. But, that hint clearly indicated that everyone present would have to participate,” said Tantai Yinjian.

Like the rest of the crowd, he too was afraid of death.

Most importantly, he did not wish to die in vain.

“The hint is correct. However, the way this junior sees it, since we’ve all entered this place already, our life and death are all determined by this place. Could this not be considered as us all participating?” Chu Feng questioned.


“If you say it like that, that’s reasonable too,” Tantai Yinjian gently stroked his beard and nodded.

“Chu Feng, go ahead and do what you have to do. I trust you.”

Suddenly, a voice was heard. It was Xia Yun’er.

“Young master Chu Feng, we also trust you.”

Following her, the Starfall Eight Immortals, the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Master, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master, and the various other experts of the two powers all voiced their trust in Chu Feng.

Earlier, they had all complied with Chu Feng’s request and taken refuge in the Starfall Holy Stone.

However, after Chu Feng notified everyone using the power of the Void Sacred Tree, they also received notice. Immediately, they rushed over to the vacant ground. After learning the truth, they, without hesitation, chose to follow Chu Feng in.

It wasn’t that they were not afraid of death. Merely, compared to others, they knew much better that the reason why they were able to remain alive was all thanks to Chu Feng.

Thus, they firmly believed in Chu Feng, and decided to enter to follow him.

After the people from the Starfall Holy Land and Ghost Sect Hall voiced their trust in Chu Feng, the others also began to do the same.

As for the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, they too supported Chu Feng.

In fact, even the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen voiced their support for Chu Feng attempting to solve the formation alone.

With the situation being like that, the remaining people, regardless of whether they truly believed in him or not, had no choice but to support him too.

With that, everyone agreed to Chu Feng solving the formation alone.

“I might lose my connection with everyone after entering the formation. Do not seek me out, and do not act blindly without thinking. Whilst it should be easy to enter the formation, it will be very difficult to leave it alive. Thus, it's best that everyone wait here,” Chu Feng warned them.

“Young friend Chu Feng, we’ll have to trouble you then,” said Tantai Yinjian.

“Chu Feng, you must be careful,” the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had an extremely worried look.

“I, Chu Feng, will definitely not let everyone down.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he pulled down the banner to breach the formation and tied it behind his back. Then, with a leap, he jumped straight into the grand formation.


At the moment when Chu Feng leaped into the grand formation, the grand formation seemed to awaken. Immediately, light started to shine brightly, and even the skies were illuminated.

With the situation being like that, the crowd were unable to see anything at all.

Suddenly, the crowd felt what Chu Feng had said to be very reasonable.

It seemed like that formation should be solved by a single person alone.

If it was a single person commanding the crowd to solve the formation, how exactly was one supposed to command the crowd with the situation being like that?

As for Chu Feng, his confidence did not come at random.

It was thanks to the Heaven’s Eyes.

Before entering, his Heaven’s Eyes were unable to determine anything about the power of the Void Sacred Tree. Even if he was able to see anything, it was only a miniscule amount.

However, after within the formation, after he and the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief both lost their control over the power of the Void Sacred Tree, his Heaven’s Eyes became exceptionally useful.

Through his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng had learned how to exit the maze.

That said, the maze was simply too big, unimaginably big.

Even though he knew the route very clearly, his speed very fast, and his every step correct, it was still very difficult for him to exit the maze.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng felt that there was simply not enough time at all.

This could really be said to be a race against time with one’s life on the line.

As for the rest of the crowd, their hearts were filled with suspense the entire time.

They were unable to see, and unable to hear any response from Chu Feng.

Their calls for him were akin to throwing a stone into the sea.

Because of that, the crowd were unable to help but wonder if he was truly unable to hear them, or if he had already died.

Even though Chu Feng had warned them that they might lose their connection once he entered the formation, and told them to not enter the grand formation, there were people that were unable to sit tight anymore as time continued to pass.

Finally, someone decided to go against Chu Feng’s advice, and entered the formation.

“Save me, eeaaahhh….”

However, right after that person entered the formation, he immediately cried out for help.

Not only that, but he was also screaming. That scream of his was extremely miserable. Hearing that scream, the crowd felt their blood run cold.

The miserable scream only lasted for a short while before disappearing completely. However, that only made the crowd feel even more uneasy.

This most likely meant that that person had died.

“Exactly what sort of place is this? If I had known this place to be this dangerous, I would not have entered it.”

Zhang Shirui had a look of regret.

It was not only her. The majority of the crowd present were all regretting their decision to enter.

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