Chapter 3566 - The Real Contest

Chapter 3566 - The Real Contest


In the next moment, screams of panic began to sound nonstop.

Those screams came from the observers far away.

Like birds startled by the mere twang of a bow, the crowd all lost their ability to fly, and were falling from midair and crashing onto the ground miserably.

It was due to oppressive might, that black-cloaked individual’s oppressive might.

No longer contained by the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and Tantai Yinjian, the several million experts were akin to powerless ants that had absolutely no ability to resist.

With a single thought, that black-cloaked individual was able to dictate the crowd’s life and death.

“Never would I have imagined that you dogs would have your day too.”

Seeing the crowd lying on the ground, the black-cloaked individual let out an eerie laugh.

There were naturally a lot of unyielding individuals among the crowd. Prepared for death, those people began to lash out and loudly curse that black-cloaked individual.

They wanted to ruin his joy before their deaths.

Of course, there were also a lot of people that were scared witless by death. Those people began to beg for forgiveness while crying.

However, the more those people reacted in such a manner, the louder that black-cloaked individual’s cold laughter became.

“It’s useless to beg for forgiveness. Despicable animals, today… all of you shall die here,” that black-cloaked individual said with a cold voice.

Once he said those words, the voices begging for forgiveness actually really ended up lessening by a lot. The crowd knew that they were truly done for.

At that moment, even the surrounding air was filled with despair.

“I don’t think that would necessarily be the case.”

To the crowd’s surprise, at the moment when they were prepared for death, a loud voice exploded from the vast open space.

That voice startled everyone present.

There were only three people in that vast open space. They were the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Tantai Yinjian, and the black-cloaked man.

Yet, that voice was clearly not from any of those three.

“That voice, it seemed like…?”

“Could it be…?”

Many people managed to determine who the voice came from.

Yet, they were unwilling to believe that to be true. After all, they did not hope for the owner of that voice to appear.

“Sneaky little thing, show yourself!”

Compared to the crowd that were making guesses as to the voice’s owner, the black-cloaked individual directly attacked.


With a wave of his sleeve, surging martial power visible to the naked eye started to wreak havoc. It was imposing and terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, the boundless martial power took the form of a giant beast floating above the sky.

That beast was a thousand meters tall and a thousand meters long. After it took shape, it started to roar nonstop before charging toward the direction where the voice sounded from.


However, that extremely imposing giant beast only flew for a short distance before suddenly freezing up. Then, it turned into a vast amount of smoke that dispersed into the surroundings.


The crowd were all confused. They did not understand why such a powerful beast formed from martial power would vanish in a puff of smoke.

At that moment, that black-cloaked individual became the one that started to panic.

“Who are you? You’re actually capable of using the power of this place?”

The black-cloaked individual had realized that his opponent was not able to destroy his giant beast composed of martial power through his own strength. Instead, he had relied on the power of the Void Sacred Tree hidden deep underground.

“If I didn’t possess this power, how could I dare to speak against the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief?”

Chu Feng’s voice sounded again. As his voice sounded, a spirit formation started to appear before the crowd. As the spirit formation opened, Chu Feng’s figure appeared before the crowd’s line of sight.

“It really is Chu Feng?”

The crowd were all very surprised to see Chu Feng. However, they were not too worried. Instead, they were joyous.

After all, Chu Feng seemed to possess some sort of power. Otherwise, he couldn’t have diffused the attack from a peak Exalted so easily.

Thus, they no longer felt that Chu Feng had come to die. Instead, they started to view him as their savior.

“And here I was wondering who it was. So it was you.”

“I’ve heard rumors that Chu Xuanyuan’s son Chu Feng is a very thorny member of the younger generation.”

“Seeing you today, the rumors are true,” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief said after inspecting Chu Feng.

“Senior did not deny what this junior said earlier. It would appear that senior is indeed the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s current Clan Chief,” said Chu Feng.

“I even revealed our goal to you all, there is naturally no need for me to conceal my identity.”

“What I’m rather interested in is how you managed to control the power of this place.”

“Where are my clansmen?” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief asked with a stern voice.

“It would seem that senior is an understanding person. Since senior has managed to guess it, I will be frank with you.”

“Your clan’s clansmen, including the siblings Zhang Yanfeng, Zhang Boyi and Zhang Shirui, are all in my possession. It’s not impossible for me to release them.”

“Merely, I believe senior should know what to do,” Chu Feng spoke in a very casual manner. However, the crowd was able to tell that his words were filled with threatening intent.

However, right after Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, an extremely overwhelming power emerged from beneath the ground. That power was coming for Chu Feng.

That said, Chu Feng had been holding onto the pendant in his hand the entire time.

Thus, Chu Feng immediately activated the pedant to change the direction of the incoming power, forcibly suppressing it.

The bystanders were unable to see anything. Naturally, they were also unable to feel anything.

Only Chu Feng knew that the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief had quietly unleashed a fatal attack at him. If it wasn’t for his quick reaction, he would’ve already lost his life.

“Senior, no matter what, you are the Blood-devouring Clan’s Clan Chief. To mount a sneak attack is unbefitting of someone of your stature, no?”

Chu Feng raised his head and looked to the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief. His tone was filled with mockery.

“Humph,” the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief let out a cold snort.

Following that, Chu Feng was able to sense an even stronger power rushing toward him from beneath the ground.

However, Chu Feng was already prepared for it. Thus, he tightened his grip on the pendant in his hand and began to focus his control over the Void Sacred Tree’s power to unleash a counterattack.


Although this was truly a battle in the dark, the ground was violently trembling due to the intense power of the battle.

At the same time, everyone present was able to clearly sense the power sweeping forth from beneath the ground.

The earth was shaking violently. The surrounding trees and sky were all shaking.

Although the power from beneath the ground did not cause any harm to the crowd and its effects were not too terrifying, the crowd was able to sense how strong the power was.

“Amazing! Is this the power that young friend Chu Feng and that Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief are controlling right now?”

Even experts like Tantai Yinjian revealed a look of admiration.

Although Tantai Yinjian was a peak Exalted, he was able to feel how small he was before that power.

He knew that if that power was used against him, he would likely be completely obliterated in an instant.

“It would appear that all our fates lie with young friend Chu Feng,” Tantai Yinjian let out a sigh.

He was not the only one sighing. Practically all the people present were sighing emotionally in their hearts.

Chu Feng and the Blood-devouring Demon Clan’s Clan Chief should both control the same sort of power.

Although there was not a lot to what they were doing, the crowd knew that the two of them were having a real contest, a contest that would determine everyone’s life and death.

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